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life of a sw wannabe part 2


So im back from a 12 hour day at work, where my cold is much worse and im losing my voice..not good in a phone job, i work bloosy hard and exceed targets. He meets me and then proceeds to tell me im a drama queen when i cant speak and then mimics me like a childhood bully. Angels give me strength to find my way...*
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I hope you told him where to go. Do you ever ask him to listen to how pathetic he actually is having to intimidate a women to make himself feel better.
Aww Linda you deserve so much better don't put up with it hun :(


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Linda, keep telling myself to keep my opinions to myself, but this guys a moron! I really want to drive up and tell him to pick on me and see how far he gets!

On a serious note though, if you're not in a place where you're ready to get him out of your life, do you have other positive outlets? I feel like you need something about you, that is awesome to look forward to. Like time out with friends, good film, coffee, time to b!tch about said moron.

You can't have it that the majority of your life is spent being put down by this idiot


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I don't know why you're still with him :confused:

Why moan about someone but still stay with them :confused:

I've been there, bought the t-shirt then binned it, just woke up one morning, lifted my 1 yr old out of his cot, packed my things and left!

Your life is how you make it, if you allow him to treat you like this and you're going to continue to let him treat you like this then I don't see any point in any one trying to offer you advice because you clearly aren't going to listen, I may sound harsh but you only get one chance at life so why spend it with a moron!!


I can haz cake?
It's not her boss she's talking about!! It's her boyfriend!!

I realised that after I read it again and cant be bothered to change it ha ha :p

but it just goes to show that there are all kinds of laws in place against that in the workplace, yet people put up with worse at home. :(

I feel like driving over there and kicking his ruddy arse for being such a nob, but I dunno if my car would cope going through the irish sea ;)


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Well, if people are in mentally abusive relationships, part of the nature of that abuse is that it brings your esteem and confidence so low and your fears so high, that it makes leaving an astronomically difficult prospect. It's not as simple as just leaving. The fact she has a forum to complain on here is a positive thing. It means she's not alone and it gives her lots of fresh perspectives that that it ISN'T her fault. I bet this is the first step towards her gaining confidence and eventually leaving


Im sorry everyone, i dont mean ti moan or complain...i guess i see this site as my diary and you all are my conscious....daft as that my sound. To me slimming is 90 percent in the mind 10 percent in the body. Whilst my mind is occupied by stresses...im on the bus without a seat...i will try jot to moan so much folks, as always i appreciate your thoughts. I dont have "friends", i dont get close, have one lifelong friend..over 20 yrs and havent seen her 8 months.....sorry if i say too much *


has a thin girl inside!
You've got plenty of friends on here :) xx


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Might be worth setting up a daily diary in the diary subforum where you can jot down your food, emotional state, plans, hopes, fears etc etc. Then you can look back every now and then and check progress, find common trends etc etc


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Hi Linda,

I'm not sure from reading the other threads/posts - have you seen your Doctor about how low you have been feeling, for his/her input?


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Hugs hun. Start a diary and people can follow it and support you. Don't appologize sounds like you need us. X


Sorry folks dont get on much. No home internet. Just basic use on phone. Got bad cold and laryngitis...food doesnt taste nice right now..and god knows the syns in the meds im taking. Thankyou again for your very kind words everyone *


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Hey Linda I think it's a great idea to set up a diary for your self.
I know you will get plenty of support here hun, it's so sad that yr bf has such control that u don't have friends, I really hope you feel strong enough soon to sort this situation out xx