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Life on hold!!

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Hey everyone, just had a few thoughts today and thought id share them. Ive been thinking that sometimes it feels like my life is on hold until i lose weight! Does anyone else feel like that?? I mean, theres so many things i feel im missing out on. For example, i havent bought new clothes in like a year cus i find it so depressing buying big sizes/frumpy clothes. I wont let my boyfriend see me fully naked/have lights on in bed, i wont go swimming, i wont ever wear a sleeveless top, i wont wear jeans as theyr too uncomfortable,i cringe when people take photographs of me, i wont go on holiday to anywear sunny in case i have to be seen in a swimsuit etc etc. It just hot me thinking how ridiculous the whole thing is. I know its all about confidence but i genuinely feel like i cant get that confidence until i lose weight. Is this crazy?!
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I think to a degree you do put your life on hold, it was always a thought in my head that I could achieve so much more once I had lost the weight. It would give my the confidence to do what I wanted.
I am fortunate I have almost lost my weight. It has given me more confidence and the boost I needed. However the downside is that losing weight is such a huge driving force in my life, almost bordering on obsession. I am constantly weighing food, weighing myself, measuring myself, analysing the stats on the back of food, squeezing exercise in at every opportunity, minimins, MFP, etc. Do I have time to do any of the things I wanted / didn't think I could do? My problem is not confidence now, but learning to live without the dieting obsession, so I can enjoy life again. :)


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I've not really felt like I was on hold? But then I've not stopped doing things because of my weight I stopped because I've my situation? I also cringe at photos lol I haven't changed my FB profile in like a yr coz I am totally unphotogenic lol but I've got kids so life just carries on going regardless of how rubbish I'm feeling!!!

If your confidence is affecting you so badly it might be worth trying to adress that? Maybe sign up for something you don't think you can do! Like bungee jumping (lol), race for life, or even just a night class you've wanted to do but not felt able!! You need a few mini victories to give you a boost!!!

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I remember reading somewhere (it may have been my book by Marisa Peer - You can Be Thin - but I could be thinking of another book) that one of the most successful tools to losing weight is to envisage yourself as that thin person NOW. Live life as if you were at your goal weight.

I also believe that this may prevent issues with adjusting to a new, slimmer body. If you spend say, 3 stone of losses avoiding fitted clothes and sex with the light on, it's not as if a magic switch will be activated as soon as you hit that GW - you may find it difficult to adjust to your new body if you don't make friends with it now! Start making some baby steps, and personal body challenges - maybe in half a stone decide you're going to wear shorter skirts / better fitting clothes, for example, in 2 stone change in the communal area at a gym instead of in one of the booths, things like that which will help you come to terms with your slimming body :)
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I completely understand this as I feel so many things i wont do because of my weight, we will all get their, stay positive, msg me anytime if you want to keep in touch by facebook or text or whatever xx


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Yeah I think this is me too. For the last 6-9 months everything has been about me losing weight. For example... I ended a relationship that I'd recently started because (at least in part) I wasn't happy with who I was and wanted to focus on where I want to get to, I keep finding excuses not to go out on works nights out etc so I don't waste all the cals drinking, I've not bought many clothes since I started losing as I don't want to look 'half-way', I do obsess (a little, not loads) about what I eat but it can affect what I do in a day etc etc.

I think Fattack's post makes a lot of sense otherwise losing weight could be a never ending, unreachable goal. I could say more but I don't want to be hypocritical as I don't think I'm there yet either. I am much happier with where I am though than where I was.

Sorry, that all sounds a bit rambly. Stream of consciousness kind of thing!

Hope you all get to where you want to be. :) xx


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I think I need to put my life on hold while I get this weight off, because I always go over my cals at weekend and spend all week trying to pay them back with exercise and saving them up :-(.x
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Since I've been about 13, I've always been on the chubby side. I ate really healthy food, but just too much. I'm an only child of a mother who is a wonderful cook. She's the type who's constantly asking you if you're hungry and nothing makes her day more than making you a tasty dinner followed by a homemade pudding. Since this has been a life long thing, I've never ever been 'slim' and it only started effecting me when I was 14/15 ish and every girl around me was a stick. I wanted to be slim like them but I kept on putting dieting off like 'next week I'll start cutting down" then I'd go home to a dinner and I'd never get started. In a way I just didn't have a clue how to diet. I wasn't stupid - I was just a 14 year old girl. I didn't have any clue about calories, and to me at that time the only method that I associated with dieting was clubs like WW and SW and understandably I was far too self-conscious at that age to join such an 'adult' club. the things I put off were awful, I'd say to myself things like "You can buy a Kurt Gieger dress when you lose weight' - but the problem was that I'd never get around to losing this weight!

Now that I am 'slim' I'm starting to do all the things I put off in my younger days. It feels brilliant, but I do wish that I'd just bit the bullet and enjoyed these things when I was bigger. You only live once in life, and even if you do these things carrying a few extra pounds so what? Life is for living :D

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