Light headed - advice please

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  1. AllyLL

    AllyLL Full Member

    The last few days I've been really light headed and a dizy, especially when I stand up. I've been exercising and following the plan. Has anyone any suggestions on how to stop this?

    I'm staying with my family this week and don't want them thinking badly of this diet if they see me woozy (I'm 12 weeks in).
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  3. Alibongo

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    I would make sure you are drinking plenty of water, especially when it is warm, and make sure you aren't doing too much exercise.
  4. AllyLL

    AllyLL Full Member

    Thanks alibongo. I'll up the water intake.
  5. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Ally, I had a terrible time with this... my GP said it's called postural hypertension...the answer is to drink even more water and stand up very slowly!
  6. AllyLL

    AllyLL Full Member

    I hope you are ok now? I'll drink some more....
  7. MizGaram

    MizGaram Member

    I have the same problem and it does not help that i suffer from low bloody pressure so may be get ur blood pressure checked. Unfortunatley their is is no cure just take it easy and take ur time when u feel like this
  8. helturner

    helturner Member

    I have the same problem. Talked to my LLC and she had experienced it too. Very few people get it but its nothing to worry about, I was told I will never faint or passout that its just a side effect of a VLCD and when you go to eating normally on maintainance it will disappear. Hope that helps, I've never passed out despite the diet and training for a couple of races.
  9. toller-girl

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    Not sure how she can tell you you'll never faint. I've had the same symptoms and have fainted twice.

    It's not a minor thing, and can have potentially serious effects.

    IF it's low blood pressure (and that's not to say it is) then there is less oxygen getting to your organs, in extreme cases it can cause a heart attack or you to go into shock, as well as possible kidney damage.

    Other things it could be include anaemia, hypoclycaemia (however you spell it!) and even diabetes.

    I spoke to a few medical people I know unofficially, and against their advice have decided to stay on the diet a little longer. I plan to go into RTM a little earlier though.

    The decision is up to you, it's your health and your life!

    I made the decision to take a risk (albeit a relatively small one) with my physical health, for the benefit of my long term health (being overweight is hardly a healthy lifestyle option) and my mental health (being big has stopped me living) but it was not made lightly.

    I was very disappointed with the way my LLC dealt with it, playing it down as though it is nothing to worry about. The chances are I will have no lasting side effects, BUT it is certainly not risk free.

    Make your own choice, but do a bit of research, maybe speak to a doctor (and have blood tests if necessary) but make it an INFORMED choice.
  10. AllyLL

    AllyLL Full Member

    Thanks. I will get my blood pressure checked and ask some advice informally.

    Good luck with the early rtm.
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