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Light headed!


Silver Member
I'm feeling so light headed at the moment and I'm sure it's mostly down to the heat! :(

I love being able to go outside and do things as a family but sometimes I wish it was bloody cold! :eek:

I'm just not enjoying the sunshine whilst being pregnant!!! I'm too hot too uncomfortable and it's making me flipping grumpy!

I'm just a big grump today!:wave_cry:
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Just to check, are you eating enough? I took a walk to the supermarket last night and felt faint / light headed whilst I was there (I've found I get this after being on my feet too long at the moment too). I knew I'd not eaten much yesterday so my blood sugar would be a bit low (a mini milky way soon solved that!).

But yes, the heat probably doesn't help either! A cool shower/bath might help a little, or perhaps just an icepack on the back of the neck.

Hope you get comfortable soon.


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Do take it easy in this heat......and some sweets carried around may help when you get like this.......I always had sherbet lemons in my bag.....and if felt giddy would just suck one......
Dont forget to drink plenty too...xx


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That's probably it actually....I'm not at all hungry in the daytime but come late afternoon I could eat a scabby horse!:D
Which in fact I have been doing.....not good for the weight!:eek:

I'll have to try and drink more too.....I was doing so good with drinking more a couple of weeks ago and now i'm doing rubbish:(.........will try harder!

Plus I'm finding my tiredness is coming back......the joys!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
poor , you , i know how you feel unfortunately !!
im just a few days behind you and i am experiencing the same thing.
hows youre blood pressure doing ? ive checked mine when feeling dizzy and it tends to be really low at those times .it could also be a touch of aneamia so if it keeps up get it checked out. i have to be honest , i dont mind it too much (very weird i know LOL) but having had severe pre eclampsia last pregnancy which meant an emergency section for the delivery of my little girl at 30 weeks low blood pressure is much more preferable :D
anyway , h:Dope youre feeling well otherwise , although this heat is draining :0)


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Hi sukie,

It's not to fun feeling like this is it!!! I have no idea what my blood pressure is like i'm afraid, but I will have my 26 week mw app next week so will ask to be checked then.

It is draining! I must be the only person cursing the weather some days!:D

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oh no mummy tummy im there cursing with you :0) xx

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