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light headed

This is very comman. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. Tea/coffee will also help but make sure to take in lots of water throughout the day and not in big amounts a few times daily.
Also, when you go from sitting, kneeling or stooping posotion, come up very slowly and leave your head bent so it's up last. This prevents it most of the time for me. You may have slightly lowered blood pressure either.
Sometimes I think I'm going to black out but I never do so just keep going with it. I'm starting week6 tomorrow so a bit of dizziness is worth it still.
Good Luck.
Aw thank you i.ll try that! Think i have got a bit lax with the water and do try and cram it in in big amounts rather than constant. See how i go :) well done for week 6! That's what i.m planning before re feed then back on x
i feel light headed and dizzy a lot of the time but like lostit says just take your time getting up and moving about and drink lots of water, asked chemist about it and it just because we so few calories in our body.
Very true. I even posted a thread because I was scared that something is wrong as I feel dizzy (doing LT for 3 months now..). So the solution is WATER + standing up slowly...
glad its got easier :) x

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