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ummm thats not quite what i meant but funny though


Posts when she can
Yes Millie, i get that feeling a lot. I try not to stand up fast but its a bit scary when im home alone with the kids. Would hate to faint with baby in my arms. Drinking water really helps and space ur shakes out properly.....I havnt told anyone because i know i'd get more pressure to give LT up and i'm not quite ready yet.
Be careful though

rainbow brite

Take care hun x


on the up lol
This happenss to me, just change position, doggy is good :p
ROFL .......... men :rolleyes:

Im in week 10 now and yes i still get the odd headrush/dizzy :cool:


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Hi Millie, I've got up this morning and luckily not at work, i fell straight back down again, luckily on my bed, feeling really groggy today, not been right since Friday trouble with going the loo I'm also struggling with the water intake, going for my second wi today hope it cheers me up!!!!!!!!


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Hi samiann
i have not told anyone either as i will get told to stop it is quite scary and the last two days have been worse


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Hi Mille,
I was on it last year for six weeks and i had no problems.
I think mine is due to not going to the loo and i know i havent had enough water I'm really struggling.
Yesterday I went on my own scales and it looked like i had not lost anything yesterday I was well tempted to eat a slice of ham.....
I'm due to wi today and i've been to loo during the night (18mins)so i'm so glad i didnt eat anything..... Hope you are feeling better.


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i find it really weird but i just need to be careful let me know how you get on for youe wi x
I get them as well hun but mine pass soon enough, just have to grab summet to hold me up for a min or 2. Looks like its pretty normal tho, by everyone elses posts. I havent told anyone either tho cos they are all doubting the diet in the first place. Just more ammo for them I say x
Touch wood I only had this a couple times during the first week, and not since.
I do know that my father, who has also spent a few months on Lipotrim, had it fairly often though.

There might be something in the amount of water intake you have though. I've always drunk around 5 l/day, whereas I know father drunk far less.


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i drink around 4 and a bit so im going to try drinking more
Mille, it happens to me too, occasionally, although it also happened before LT. Just be careful and try not to get up too quickly.

Take care.


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