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Light headedness

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Jo B, 28 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Jo B

    Jo B Well-Known Member

    Well, nearly 11 weeks in and I am starting to get the light headedness that people sometimes talk about. I didn't think I would be getting it yet as I am still a bit of a lump and nowhere near goal yet. Does it happen to most people? I don't think it's low blood pressure as mine has always been a bit on the high side and 3 weeks ago was fairly normal.
    Does anyone have any tips for it? I try not to leap up out of bed or anything like that, but, standing doing the ironing at the moment and feeling a bit woozy - it's very odd, one minute I feel fine and the next a slight wave of it
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  3. Snorks

    Snorks Well-Known Member

    I've always had this, but it has been worse/more noticeable since starting LL. I think if I'm properly hydrated it happens less, and if I space out my packs it's better too but it still happens daily. The nurse at my surgery thinks my BP is a bit low but she says she can't really confidently say that because she can't get a decent reading.

    To be honest, I've just accepted that it'll happen. I think some people have said that milk week helps, but I didn't do it so can't confirm or deny that.
  4. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    The light-headedness can be dangerous if allowed to continue long term. You have Milk Week coming up on week 13, and I do urge you to do it properly... Everyone is affected differently by a VLCD, and no matter what LL head office actually say: please be careful.
    Make sure over the period of time that it's not getting worse; such as lethargy (weakness of muscle), lack of concentration, absent-mindedness, drifting off into daydreams...
    Be safe, follow the guidelines, and you should be ok. :)

    Plus, with the extreme heat, you may very well be getting dehydrated easier. So up your water intake a little also.
    Could also be a touch of aenimia. When my OH and I were finishing LL after about 9 months, we found that we were both aenimic and lacking folic acid. See if you can perhaps get a little supplement pill for it: ask your LLC. :)

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