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Lightbulb Moment!

I hadn't really stopped to consider yet what my new reaction to stressful situations is (rather than stuff face), but I've noticed today that I automatically reach for a glass of water! Now that's a definite improvement on automatically walking to the cupboard and eating random food, even though not hungry and not enjoying it:p Not having food in the equation has completely changed everything, in the best way. Now I do realise that that's all going to change when I hit RTM, but for now I'm glad I CAN cope. I've also found I can switch off cravings before they take hold, I'm not even letting myself go there!
:D Happy Girl (wearing top I couldn't wear 4 weeks ago :D)
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Bet you feel great, fitting into that top! You're so right, you know. We quickly change our automatic response to stress, don't we? I just want to run a bath now and lie in it with my book. Had a bad couple of weeks with my hubby's health and some of it was really scary. I just kept thinking that eating wouldn't help the situation at all, it would just make me feel bad. AND I'm wearing a pair of crop cargos that I couldn't fasten 4 weeks ago!!!
Excellent, well done Karen! I know I wouldn't have adapted so well if I was only losing 1 or 2 lb a week. It's because I can see and feel this is working that I am confident I will not lapse. We can do it!!!
Great thread Lucy. Well done that girl
Hi Lucy - I'm going to choose the next item of clothing I want to get into. Have you done that? Got a pair of jeans which I can sort of get up but there's no way on earth they'll fasten (as opposed to another pair which will only come up to mid-thigh!!). Going to try them on again in another 4 weeks and see if they fasten. What's the next item you want to get into?!!
One item??! I have 2 binbags of lovely clothes waiting for me to wear them again! It seems I could never throw anything smaller away "I'll wear that again one day". I have even arranged them, largest sizes at the top so I don't miss anything on the way down! Next are two pairs of jeans (get them on but major muffin-top) and two lovely plaid shirts (bursting buttons) which I would like to be in soon! I shouldn't need to buy anything (apart from undies) until I'm at goal. At which point I will go wild!!! Within reason ;) Great fun :D
Haha - I know what you mean. I have tons and tons of clothes which don't fit but I'm kind of focussing on my 'favourite' jeans in the next size down!! I also kept my size 22 jeans from before I did Lighter Life the first time and was horrified to see that I could actually wear them if I pulled the waist in with a belt. When I got to goal (and stupidly decided not to do RTM!) I could get the jeans on and off (over another pair of jeans!) without unfastening them. Oh well, at least I'm back again!!


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Lucy I'm just like you - have a wardrobe full of all sizes going from a size 20 down to a size 10! Nothing got thrown out as I always thought I'd get back in them some day - I know if I stick with LL that day will be some time this year :D
Too right AJB!!! We may be TOTALLY out of fashion, but at least we'll be slim, hehehe!!! And there will come a day when we will be a constant size-whatever, and then we can really shop :D


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Never thought I'd be grateful for gaining weight in a short space of time - all of my stuff is still fashionable and the classic pieces can be brought up to date with this season's accessories - sorted :D


i bought a new (smart) jacket on saturday....size 14, it does fit me but is a tad too small, i decided to buy the 14 as i know hopefully in a few weeks it will fit me :)


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Oh I have two wardrobes full of clothes that don't fit me but I have a pair of black jeans that I used to wear when I was at my slimmest (4 stone less than now). I cannot wait till I can fit in them again. I have kept them for all those years JUST as a reminder of how slim and gorgeous I was! They are one of the few items of clothing that survived a house fire 2 years ago. Now if that isn't a sign I was meant to wear them again I don't know what is...
Yeah Magic
When you wear those jeans again YOU will set the world on fire!

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