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lighter life lite or LL total??

Hi All,

I am new on this site and i am loving it!!

I have recently researched a lot on the LL programme and yesterday i saw a client who went from a size 18 to a very svelte size 10 in three months-this prompted me to contact my local counsellor and i am booked in for next week for my information session.

At the moment i have approx 4 stone to lose. I am currently iterally right on the cusp of the BMI at 29.9 which means i would be OK for the LL Lite programme, which involves the meal.

It would be great to hear experiences from people who have tried both the lite and total programme and the pros and cons (if any) Is the weight loss still as rapid? The total plan does appeal to me as the hassle of food shopping is eliminated and i guess it is more of a strict routine?

Any help/advice etc would be greatly appreciated!
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Playing the Angel
Hey Kat

Welcome, and good luck with your choice. I think if you have more than 3 stone to loose they might suggest that you do Total. It certainly is easier in the sense you have no temptation, whereas with the Lite, you do still have food, so there is the option to over eat so to speak. I lost over 5 stone in 4 months on the total program back in 2009 and have pretty sucessfully maintained my weight since, I did put on a little over xmas, which has taken me out of my comfort zone, so am back on total for a month to loose a stone. I also obviously now that I have a healthy bmi etc have the option of doing Lite, but for me it is just easier this way.

Your councillor will be able to advise you better, and I am sure you will get loads of good advice on here, it really is the friendliest most helpful place on the internet!!



One last chance
Hey there Katkinsy, this diet is amazing, you will find so many people just like who and who will support you along the way.

I am doing Lighterlife Lite and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm someone who cannot diet with food what's so ever lol I always failed but this is actually not so bad. After the first week or so, you get used to what you're eating and you just get comfortable. In the beginning I was a nervous wreck, was worried if I was eating too much or too litte but in the end, I lost 8lbs in my first week :)

You can lose about 1st a month on LLL. Now total is different but again you get used to it. I've been on lipotrim which is similar except I had 3 shakes a day instead of 4 what you get in LL.

You don't need to worry about food shopping because you won't be eating that much so the food will last you much longer than on a normal eating routine.
Hi J,

Thats fab....many thanks for your quick response :)

I think you are right about the Total one.... to be honest i wouldnt want to be tempted into slipping into bad habits.

One more thing.... how do i get one of those great little weight clicker things????

Hi Pinkie,

I am a newbie so probably not the best one to answer this, however from what i can gather on the total programme you do not eat ANY food, its all made up of shakes, bars and soups. With the lite option you have one meal per day which consists of protein and veg/salad.
I am not sure about costs as i am yet to go to my information meeting next week, however from what i have seen the total one costs approx £70 per week and the lite costs less -not sure what though!
From all of the reviews i have seen on the net and on here it is certainly worth it...particuarly with summer approaching!!:)


Playing the Angel
Hello Pinkie 2

Lol sorry I am going to call you Pinkie 2 as there is another Pinkie on here too and I will get confused :)

Total is pure abstinence of food ( and obviously booze) you have 4 food packs a day, which for the next 3 months is back to last years price of £66 per week, which works out really well, I think at the end of last year it went up to £70 per week. Lite is for people with a bmi under 30 and with less than 3 stone to loose. It is 3 food packs a day and one meal which is based on protein and veg with a little dairy and fat, I think fruit too, but not sure as I have only done total. It costs about £48 or £50 a week not entirely sure, but then you will be buying food on top of that. The most important aspect, whatever you choose is the classes or groups where you learn about via cbt and transactional analysis, how you got to where you got, and how to maintain healthy weight loss and keep it off!! Trust me this works, it really does. I am a totally new person.

Good Luck whatever you decide


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hehe... "Pinkie 1" at your service! :airquote: Lol...

Welcome 'Pinkie 2'...

Someone above mentioned a weight clicker!! I've never heard of this, what is it??
See in my signature I have the weight tracking thingy? If you click on it you should go to a webpage where you can make your own. Then you can cut and paste the code into your signature and it should show up when you post!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Lol hello Pinkie 1. Sorry, I've used this avatar on other unrelated sites for donkeys years.
I didn't think to check that there was another Pinkie that was active lol

I quite like that there is another me in the world though, like my online dieting twin lolz
Lol... No probs Pinkie 2! Hehe... ;)

Exact same with me, although usually just use 'Pinkie'... but it was taken on here already... so thought Pinkie with a ':)' was nice and friendly and would do instead! Wonder who the original 'Pinkie' is on here! Lol... If they appear, they'll have to be 'Pinkie 3'... as 1 and 2 are taken now! Hehe... ;)

Oooh, I love the idea of being online dieting twins! You're on!

We're only a year apart age wise too... Lucky I didn't use 'Pinkie1972' or that could have caused a lot of confusion! GLOL!


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