Lighter Life Lite - some thoughts


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I am returning to LL tomorrow to try and lose the stone and a half which I have put on since last May and also to try and lose another stone - making my total target weight-loss 35lbs.

Initially I lost 83 lbs which I was and still am very proud of especially as during that time I was nursing my husband who died in May. During the last few months life has been a hard adjustment for me and my eating has not been good. A holiday and Christmas were the final straws!!:sigh:

But I'm in a new place now. Wanting to finish what I started and get back to feeling strong and positive about my weight and eating habits.:D

My counsellor has suggested Lighter Life Lite which I think would be a great approach for me.

I came back to the forum to find out about how other people are getting on with it and was very sad to discover that firstly there is very little here and secondly that where there is something here, there have been comments that the people using the diet shouldn't speak about what they are eating because it would upset others who are in abstinence.

I am so disappointed and upset. I thought this was a place I could get support as I made my way through this difficult journey. Instead I feel a bit of a second-class citizen! It is almost as if those of us who are doing LLL should be kept in the closet.:eek:

I am sure no-one intended that but there must be some way that we can get support, talk about what our experiences are and also feel that what we are doing is just as difficult and demanding as those in abstinence. We are having to deal with food daily. When I did LL originally I always said it was easy as I didn't have to deal with food.

So come on everyone. How do you think we can get the support we want and need and not upset everyone else? I don't have anyone around at home to support me any more so I hope I can get some help here.
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Thanks for your reply. I agree with everything that you suggest. In the other threads, there were similar suggestions but they don't appear to have been acted on. :eek:

I know some people started the plan on 24th November so hopefully there are some people with about 6 weeks' experience of it and it would be great to hear how they are doing.

I think mentioning the fact that the thread related to LLL is good and agree that there should be a disclaimer if food is intended to be mentioned but of course it would be difficult to guess if anyone contributing to the thread will mention food if it doesn't start off with that intention.

Anyway, as I said, it was kind of you to reply. I really appreciate it.

As it is so new, it would be a pity to be hived off into a separate area too quickly as we would then be unable to get the kind of support I am desperately hoping to get.


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Thanks again for replying and also for asking the mods for help.

I quite agree about the food issues but I don't know if it is strictly necessary to discuss food when talking about any diet. As you say, it is not about food by and large.

The trouble is that I am still not convinced that abstince helps me deal with the food issues. I did 130 days on the Foundation. Lost a lot ofweight at a time which was the worst of my life and kept most of it off for about 6 months. But at the end of the day I knew I had to live in the world with food and having the counselling without having the food didn't allow me to actually practise what I was learning. Just me. No comment on how others deal with it.

So I am going to try LLL. I would be happy to get back to my original loss target which is just a stone and a half less than I am now.

I hope we can find a way that allows everyone to feel comfortable with what they are doing and not feeling that life is difficult here because of this new departure by LLL. I found the forum to be really helpful last time - although I didn't post much and hope I will find it so again. :)

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Yes. You can.
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Hi Scrapmouse - and welcome back. I would only say the same things LS has suggested. Just simply put a disclaimer that you are going to discuss eating, food, etc. That way, if someone is too sensitve to read about food - and some are - then they can skip it.

And you can always post on the RTM forum if you have any trouble.

It's easy enough to get around, and you will get support - we are all in this togethjer - we just need to be mindful that for some, a mere mention of food starts a very difficult struggle for them - and thats not fair - so we just have to be careful, thats all. Its nowt to do with making one feel like a second class citizen.

Good luck to you - I hope you find LLL is the solution. You've had a very hard time, and I hope brighter days are ahead for you.



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Good luck Scrapmouse! My manager in work has been doing LLL since November. I think that she's had some difficulties in that the rules aren't quite so strict - maybe I've not put that correctly, but I know exactly what I should do each day on LL. She, on the other hand, when she shops for what she can eat has slipped up and consequently not lost weight some weeks.

***Food talk below!!**

For example, she went to M&S and bought a salmon fillet, thinking that this would be fine, well, she didn't realise that it had something in the middle of it, predominantly made up of cream!! We had a buffet in work for someone retiring, and she only realised that night that she'd drunk three big cup fulls of fresh orange. I knew, on the other hand, that I could only have water or black coffee and my bar. Now I know that she could have made this mistake doing any diet, but it just seems easier that I have strict boundaries to work within and my personality likes that a lot!! I think I'd find it harder on LLL! But I do recognise that it would work much better for some people.

As for the food talk, it honestly doesn't bother me one bit. I still watch programmes about cooking and I love to watch "Come Dine with Me"! I just think that we can't avoid food, we have to cook it sometimes, definitely have to smell it and we have to be around it and I think that it's a good way of learning to deal with things when we are back in the real world of food 100%. What is the point of avoiding food and food talk? I don't know, but I respect enough that other people might be wobbling and one mention could set them off, but I don't fully understand this. I just don't see how we can avoid food in day to day life. Each time I go to LL there's a girl there that has lapsed each week and proceeds to tell us about her KFC exploits, paninis, etc, etc. This doesn't bother me, but I do feel sorry for her and the money that she's wasting on LL!

Anyway, I'll be delighted to read and respond to any posts you make on here and I think everyone will welcome you with open arms and you really shouldn't feel different, as you are still going through the same experience in my eyes, but with a little bit of added difficulty thrown in! ;-)


As BL said, so long as you prefix a

***Food Talk below!***

to your posts accordingly, then it'll be fine.
Like Poppy, I have no problem talking about food either so I'll always respond to your posts, and you can PM me anytime if you too :)


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Pete, WOW to the before and after pics!!


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Thank you everyone for replying and especially to Blonde Logic who was kind to me when I was doing LL and dealing with the death of my husband.

Good luck to everyone. I thought that LL would provide me with the essentials to get to where I wanted to be and it did. But living in the world outside of LL is a tough thing to do. I am not doing RTM at present so wouldn't want to post there. I shall post on LLL and hope that from time to time some of you may pop in there to say hello.

I am just hoping that by facing the problem head-on, this time I may learn to deal with it. I can't abstain for the rest of my life - much as I would like to - so I have to find a way to live that will allow me to keep a track of my weight but deal with the issue of eating.

Pete, you look fantastic. You have lost the same amount that I lost first time out and it is such a boost. Good luck for the next bit.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)

I was really sorry to hera your husband passed - you indeed have my sympathies and condolences. I was i such a hurry to post and get out for my walk earlier, I only focused on the diet issue - a commen side effect - so I shold have said so earlier.

Don;t feel you have to stay in the LLL forum only though! As said, most of us can and will discuss food - just those who can't can choose to look away. Its mostly the early starteers that find it the most difficult.

Once you are in and going, as someone said - watching cooking shows vecomes a favourite pass time. Foor Porn. :D

Its good to have you back, and if you olet it, LL can change your life - so only good things will come of this for you, an dyou are due.




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Hi Scrapmouse :wavey:

I understand some of the points you have raised in your original post, and am glad you have had some positive responses.

To Clarify:

The idea of a subforum for LLL is to enable members to speak freely about their programme - about those decisions that they need to make, choices, suggestions, etc. However, historically speaking the LL section has been 100% foodfree at the request of the members - the main LL programme is foodfree and they don't want to have to discuss food at this point in time.

Everyone is welcome to post in the LLL section, and can discuss food similar to the RTM section. But I would respectfully ask that any food talk is limited as much as possible to those sections. Yes, prefixing a comment with **food mentioned** helps, but if talk of food is limited to RTM and LLL then there is no need to remember the prefix, and it keeps the LL section food-free for those who don't want to hear about it (IYKWIM)

I know that some people are not affected by talk of food, but some people are.
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With due respect (and thank you for your post) I have never said anything about speaking about food. It wasn't what was on my mind when I posted originally. I was interested in good old-fashioned support in the form of "Come on, you can do it!" -stuff. This whole thing about discussing food hasn't come from me. :)


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I was referring to your first post with regard to not being able to speak about what you were eating. Most of my post was simply to clarify that the LL section should remain food-free and was not specifically aimed at you - my sincere apologies if it came across. that way.

I have editted my post accordingly.


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No problem.

Please could you explain how to send a private message. I wanted to pm you but couldn't which is why I replied on the open forum.


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At your level of membership, it's not possible to send private messages - you are able to do that once you have reached 50 posts or more. Please feel free to email me on d _ q @ minimins . com if I can be of any further assistance.


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Hey Pete,

I can hardly keep up. You are changing so fast.
You look great. Have a fab 2009.
It's amazing what LL and love can do!:love::heartpump::0chacha::bananalove:


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hmmmm.... i agree with Sally
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Glad you edited that MC. I was worried you had anger issues based on threads over 6 months old.