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Lighterlife round 2.. 5 years later!


I started Lighterlife again on Tuesday so I'm currently on day 4. I'm finding it really hard not drinking alcohol and I'm constantly thinking about food! Arrghh!

I completed 100 days back in 2005 and lost 3.5 stone but then I went off to live in Ibiza for 6 months and put it all back on, I was 20 at the time and found the diet really easy.

I'm finding it more difficult this time round as I'm getting upset stomach and feeling quite lightheaded and don't have much energy- don't remember feeling this way last time. I'm really determine to do it as my brother gets married in Oct and I'm maid of honour so want to look nice. I'm currently a size 16 so want to be a comfortable 12. I'm already finding it hard though!
I feel like I literally can't go out or make plans as nearly everything involves eating or drinking! Feeling too knackered to do anything at the moment. Did anyone else feel like that at the start?

I also got quite bad leg cramps last night- not sure if that's to do with the diet. Just really hope I feel better soon as I can't see myself being able to do it if I feel like this for the next 100 days! Feel like I need some support and people to talk to about it as no one really understands. My counsellor is on holiday so not doing the week 1 meeting so can't talk to any of my group. I'm in a 'refreshers' group as I did it 5 years ago but all the other people in my group have been on and off for the last year so think I'm going to struggle the most seeing as I did my first time round 5 years ago!

Would love any advice, tips or just a chat!!


Natasha xx
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Hi Natasha
Welcome back. Sorry you are finding it difficult this time. Was it summer when you did LL before?
Are you drinking enough water? Some of the things you've described sound as though you may need to drink more.
It will get easier as you get into it - honest.
My advice-once you are into it again - don't cut yourself off from a social life.
You will be able to join in and just have water or coffee and still see your friends and enjoy an evening out.
You will be stunning as a maid of honour, I'm sure. Good luck.
Thanks hun.. It helps to hear things like that! Think I started around Feb time last time so wasn't this hot- prob not helping! I'm drinking about 4 litres a day but I drink about 3 normally anyway so maybe need to try drink more. Feel slightly better than last night so hopefully will feel ok tomorrow! Not that hungry so that's a good thing, just dreading going out with friends and not drinking. Went to a party last night and only lasted half an hour before I had to come home- oh well at least I didn't cheat! : )
Well done you - good start.


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Try adding extra salt to your packs for the cramps. The more you drink the more diluted your salt stores are, in this heat you will also be sweating which gets rid of salt. It's dangerous if you haven't got enough salt in your body.

(I'm re-starting too and also finding extremely difficult!)
Don't really like the savoury packs so might just try and drink some salty water (yuck!) getting the cramps at night along with restless legs. I used to eat slot of salt (my mum was always telling me off) so probably body probably isn't used to it!

Thanks : )
Day 5- feeling a bit better today. Not hungry at all but not sure whether that's to do with the heat or not. Drunk loads of water today seeing as it's boiling!!
I hate a little bit of water with a pinch of salt in it last night and had no restless legs or leg cramps woo hoo! Went out to meet some friends in the pub. Struggled not drinking but just stuck to water & green tea. (actually cooled me down?)
Made one of my chicken soups into crisps tonight- I know they tell you not to but I couldn't stomach a soup. They were ok but literally had to force them down- bit dry! Gonna make some
Choc ice-cream later! My boyfriend says I've lost weight already.. Made me feel good today! First weigh in on Tues! Fingers crossed. X


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Wow! That great. I wish I could get stuck back into it like you! I just can't seem to get into the rhythem. Mind you, I'm not going to meetings at the moment :-(
It is really hard, I'm still struggling. I can't imagine doing this for the next three months. So I am just taking it one day at a time. This is day 7 for me- my counsellor is still on holiday so not getting weighed until next Monday!! Eeek!
I still haven't lapsed. I'm not gonna lie- I think about it all day. I think "what can I eat that won't take me out o ketosis" and even look on the net. But so far I haven't actually eaten anything. I'm sick of being the big one out of my friends, sick of not being able to wear the nice clothes or going to the back of the rails for a size 16. I actually work in fashion so am surrounded by skinny beautiful people all day. I've always been fine with that- I'm always the 'curvy' one but recently I've caught sight of myself in shop windows when I'm walking along with my size 8 colleague and I just think I look awful.
I really really want to do it this time. I just really hope I can and have the will power to do it and keep it off! It's scary!

Sorry for the rambling- hope it makes sense?!
Day 8!!
My counsellor had to cancel my pop in so not getting weighed until tomorrow now (she has only just got back from holiday so have missed a meeting) I'm gagging to
Find out how much ive lost! still think I feel a bit hungry sometimes. Not sure if thus my mind playing tricks on me? Not getting much support from friends or my boyfriend so feeling a bit disheartened today.
My boss at work keeps telling me to eat and 'stop being silly' she took everyone out for lunch today- I didn't go. Felt really left out. When they got back they were like 'ahh you missed out on pizza!' I felt like telling them to shove their pizza up their a*ses! Ha! Some people can be so insensitive! Still stuck to
It 100%! just want this over & done with! Swapping all my savoury packs for sweet shakes tomorrow, goin to get some
Moose mix and water flavouring for little treats!
Really hope I can stick to this...


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That's really harsh from your workmates Natasha! How cruel?! Don't you be put off by that kind of attitude, you're doing it for you, not them. I guess boyf's and mates don't always know the best thing to say? They'll be right behind you when they see what a positive thing it is for you. At least you can come on here for support from people who know what you're going through :)
WOW - now you remember why LL rocks!!
Well done you x


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Well done natasha!! Whenever people done that to me (telling me to eat, and making it hard) it used to spur me on!! I have been to many a meal with my packs. I felt so proud and righteous that I had stuck to it, but still enjoyed the social side.

The next time anyone says anything stand up, tell them you would appreciate their support, not their negativity and walk out (even if u just go to the loo) it will give them a chance to reflect on what you just said. With regard to your friend and boyf. Maybe you can sit down and tell them how it makes you feel when they belittle your choice. They may not realise just how important it is to you and how much easier it would be with their support.
Yeah, I'm with Mel on this one. Whenever people are negative or try to sabotage my efforts it makes me more determined.
It was all worthwhile this evening when I dropped my OH off in town, he was going for a drink with his mates. I could feel how proud he was when they were all looking into the car to see if there was still a slim gorgeous woman in there - there was !!!!!
Stick with it Natasha I'm sure your BF will change his tune when he realises how serious you are about this .
I'm having major problems with my boyfriend and think I'm going to have to move out of our flat. All I want to do is get a bottle of wine & cry : ( but I lost 11lbs in a 8 days so I will
Not let him drag me down.. Why is it always the people you love the most that let you down? I'm going to concentrate on sticking to this and proving everyone wrong. This will be a real test for me.. If I have to move out and move into a flatshare with strangers.. At least I'll be skinny! .. Just hope I don't lapse because of this. Some people are so selfish...

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