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I'm in the middle of my 7th week and time has flown by so hopefully it will with you. Some people find the first week the hardest but I actually found it the easiest so you may do too! :) Stick with it and your sense of achievement at the end makes it all worth while!

Good luck!

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Welcome and good luck!!! Don't beat yourself up - things in life happen and we end up how we do. You are now doing something about it, so good for you!! :)

If you follow the plan exactly you can count on at least 1 stone per month. SO you can calculate your end date - roughly. It may seem a long time - but I promise you - the time will fly, and this is a great experience - believe it or not!!!!

Good luck to you!!

I agree. Don't look at the past. You are doing something positive, you will never be that size again and you will feel proud of what you achieve. hang on in there. It is a great diet and very successful. I lost nearly 5 stones in about 4 months so you can expect to lose at a similar rate as most of our group did. So looks like a good summer ahead for you!!! :)


nearly there!! :)
well done on taking such a positive step in getting to where u want.
ull love ll, and it def does fly....ya wont be able to member NOT being on ll soon!!

and the weight falls off so quick, use it as inspiration to keep goin!! xxx
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Hi, I've also got a lot to lose! I've lost 4 and half stone already and have another 6 stone ish to go, but like the others say, time really passes quickly and the weight just drops off!
I have my mind occupied at the moment trying to find something to wear as all my clothes are beginning to drop off me. I think another visit to the charity shops is in order!!!
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Well done for taking control, the past is the past but you're on course for a healthy slimmer future.

Check out the Jan starter thread if you want to share with those of us who start(ed) this month.


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it will flyyyyyyyyyyyyy by for sure!

i lost 8st, been on it for nearly 10 months. and it is all worth it!
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You will do fantastic- just stay focused- drink loads of water and keep going to the meetings! Good luck! x


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Pj I am day 2 as well and have a similar amount of weight to loose....hope you are finding it ok...I think its defo easier than day 1 :).

Turn your "crossness" (is there such a thing :confused:) into determination to do this and become what you want to be. As everyone else has said, well done for getting here and now you have everything you need in terms of help and support.

Good luck xx
Good luck PJ

You must have had your reasons to put all the weight on. Just as you now have your reasons for wanting to lose it.
LL will help you sort it out.
Good luck.
I've lost 12stone since last mid Feb. The time goes so quickly and you haven't got so much to lose.
You'll be fine. Good luck

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