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lil press of the self destruct button

Afternoon all, hope everyone's weekend is going well, i nearly blew my diet last night i had 8 lil squared of dairy milk but then looked at myself and thought why are you putting yourself in self destruct mode and keept pretending to yourself that you will be slim even if u eat crap so i stopped eating it and put it away and went to bed. Woke up this morning with a nasty headache which is undoubtedly my body detoxing again from all the water i've been drinking and lack of sugar from the huge intake of choc i was eating this last week in fact my bodyy feels all hungover and juddery today so i'm just gonna keep glugging on that water and try my damndest to have a great weight loss this week as its the last one before christmas and i want to lose at least 2lbs to get my officially at 3stone. I'm also even more determined just to have meat and veggies at christmas as i want more than anything to be slim for my wedding. I also want my inches to be considerably different than they were yesteday when i go back in April to try on my bm dress for my friend's wedding as at the min i'm 8-10inches larger on the boobs waist and hips of the other 3 bms so i think i'm gonna need lots of motivation and kicks up the bum to keep me on track xx
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Good for you hon'. You did the right thing putting the choc away.
You'll be gorgeous for your wedding. XX
Thanks Kila.....did u really put a frog hat on your kitty?????????
Oh nina, I could have written this post.

Chocolate-gate happenned on friday night, then last night was works Christmas party and I ended up having some horrid full sugar Coke to drink (I don't know why, I never drink that stuff). Now I have the hangover from hell. I've even been questioning if my colleagues thought it'd be amusing to spike me with vodka. That's what my fiance thinks happenned...

I'm so desperate to get back into ketosis; when you've been there for a while you forget how great it does feel. I'm now doubting whether I ever want to eat chocolate and sweet stuff again - this diet has destroyed my sweet tooth.

I was planning to eat normally on Christmas eve night, Christmas day & boxing day. I really wanted pizza on Christmas eve, but now I feel soooooo terrible from this carb hangover that I'm yearning for a nice chicken salad. I'm doubting if i will manage any roasties or pudding on the big day itself. I NEVER thought I'd say that.

I guess we've both buggered things up a little bit short term and had a bad day, but getting it into perspective we will have only delayed things by a couple of pounds max (which is nothing in the grand scheme of things), and it'll put us off returning to those bad habits which landed us in this mess to start with.

So, chin up chick, keep getting that water down, take some painkillers, and sit in your pjs for a cosy night in under a blanket on the sofa. That's what I'm planning.

And lets roll on when we can swap wedding dress pics!
Thanks for that Pony i think it's hard to remember we're not alone on this diet and infact everyone here is in the same boat as us albeit with different desires andgoals ultimately we all want to be slim and healthy. I think we could do with a lil guru person to shout at us when we waver and keep us on track and like you say you only feel good at the time you're having it then have 2-3days of hell when it comes out of your system. You know i think ive been screwed on this diet since the week i was 1000000% and only lost 1lb then the week after i didnt stick to it properly and yet lost 3lbs and i've only been weighed once since then and in that 2 weeks i decided well what the hell if i can eat crap and lose weight i might aswell do it and that set me for a fortnight...how i only gained 1lb i'll never know but i think in retrospect i was just luck and i'd better not scupper all the hard work i've done so far.

I'm going to see my cousin this evening who's also a larger lady and battled with weight all her life but she's been in Australia for 3yrs and is over for Christmas so it'll be interesting to see if she notices anything seeing as this is the lightest i've been for almost 5yrs oooo also if i can by some miracle get more than 4lbs off this week i'll be in the 16s now i cannot remember that last time the scales said that!!!!

My new years resolution i think is going to be to give up chocolate and crisps until my wedding and i'm gonna make my OH force me to put £5 in a jar every time i break it so i'll either be rich by my wedding or slim lol
i can live with that pony teehee. Hows the slouching about going? I'm now watching flog it and evil OH just offered me a chocolate and i said no :-D


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:D:DNo, I didn't, but someone else must have!! I just found it on the net and it made me smile. Poor little kitty! :)
it's SO cute though lol i think i'd have been lacerated if i did that when our cats were kitties lol


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well, well done on resisting the temptation !

There isn't one of us here (and that includes the biggest of losers that are around) who hasn't gone through that battle several times - sometimes giving in a bit then fighting back to get back on track.

Its amazing how an inaninmate assembled bunch of molecules and atoms that contain proteins, carbs, fibre and fat (food) can make a self determining intellignet lifeform (us - well it applies to most of us LOL) its slave - and there's the clue, becoming the master and these battles when won, help the master gene inside us grow until (hopefully) when we get to goal we are able to achieve a balanced aproach to food.

My achilles heel were and still are Kettle Crisps - the food of the devil - chocolate, no problem, could look at it all day and not get tempted - I drive past Tescos and the blinking kettle crisps cause my car to swerve dangerously towards the entrance LOL.

I even have to walk past them to get to the Vodka (oops sorry, meant to say diet tonic water) so 3 or 4 times a week I have to fight that urge - and I've done okay so far but it still isn't easy.

Nah, being serious for a moment - I intend to not put a pound on over Xmas. I had a blast 2 weeks ago - big party 10 days starting with the Cambridge Do - and truth be told didn't give a stuff and before you know it - voila - nearly a stone back on. Got my weigh in tomorrow but know that over 3/4 of that has been removed (again !!) but its such a downer to have this happen, you keep kicking yourself and wonder - WHY?

if you gave in, it would be the same - WHY? - i hope you are able to have a good and healthy xmas eating sensibly as I intend to try and do

meat and veg but no tatties or stuffing or pud - after all, its only another day and the joy comes from the family and the togetherness of the family for once all together and (if lucky) being nice to each other.

good luck

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