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Total Solution Lily Cherry's Journey to Slim!


I'm on day two of Exante Total Solutions and finding quite difficult (I'm not actually hungry, just battling an urge to eat anway!) at this exact moment so thought I might as well keep myself busy and start my diary.

I've been struggling with my weight for about 3.5 years now, it started after an extremely stressful time in my life and even though at that time I was a healthy weight I think I used the idea of being slim/dieting as something to focus on instead of the dificulties I was going through and unfortunately that messed up my relationship with food and I just became bigger and bigger. I think I tried every diet going. I'll list them;

Slimming World
Weight Watchers
Tesco Diets
GI Diet
Various 'suppliments'/diet tablets
Juice Diets
Cutting Out Sugar/wheat etc
Magnets to wear on your wrists :8855:
Herbal suppliments
Various Books/cds
Pete Cohen Website
Intuitive Eating (which is great if you can stop binging long enough to feel hungry :eek:) There are probably more...

When I think about all the money I've spent on diets that I didn't last more than a few days on it makes me sick!

I seemed to have no willpower but the truth is I didn't really care about what I looked like anymore, i just wanted needed a distraction and it worked! Between binging constantly and obsessing over diets I successfuly managed to fill all my time and forget about the real problems in my life - I just didn't stop doing that when the problems (thankfully) stopped!

I feel like now I'm coming to a point where I can draw a line under that time and say to myself "thats how you coped then, it got you through that time but you don't need to do that now, your ok!"

I just want to rid of this extra weight and 'start fresh' I know VLCD's aren't a magic cure and I'll have to deal with my food issues too, I've been working on that too. I think seeing a loss will prove to me that weightloss is possible - I seem to have been stuck in a mindset that says "i can't do this, i can't stop myself, I'll neve be slim" and I think I need the evidence that weightloss is possible and Exante seems the ideal method of proving that to myself.

I feel slimmer already and it's only day 2! :p
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Well, I think I made it through day 2!! I've had so many thoughts about sneaking food (sneaking from who??) that I can't do it, that I could just have a bit of something keto safe but I've managed to talk myself out of it again!

I haven't even really been that hungry, when I stopped to check in my body if I was hungry or not - I wasn't, so it was all just in my head!

I didn't enjoy the Chocolate milkshake or the Mushroom soup as much as yesterdays Strawberry shake and Vegetable soup but they were 'ok' and I'm full after my soup. I'm doing quite well with my water so I'm pleased about that.

I'm hoping it gets easier soon.
Well it looks like i've made it through day 3 too :eek: I'm amazed!

I'm hoping for ketosis soon and that the rest of the week is a little easier.
Day 4!

I feel great today! I don't think it's ketosis, I just feel good! I don't have any ketosis symptoms at all - other than not feeling particularly hungry, maybe tomorrow? Although I don't mind if I don't get the yucky breath at all!

I don't feel like I've lost any weight though, I know it's only day 4 but I thought I might be feeling a little bit slimmer - especially if I was headed for a big loss! I have an awful feeling I'll step on the scales on saturday and weigh just the same - it feels too good to be true at the moment!

I'm not going to peek at the scales because I haven't got any, I have to go to Boots to use the one there if I want to weigh myself so I'm not tempted to look yet. I'm trying to be realistic about how much I could lose - seeing people losing over a stone in the first week makes me secretly hope I'll get a loss like that too but I don't want to set myself up to be disappointed!

I would love a 9lb or more loss as that'll get me into the 15's.
Thanks DustQueen, I know I need to get that out of my head. It'll be nice just to step on the scales and see a loss instead of a gain for a change!
Hi, how's it going today? I'm still not sure if I'm in ketosis, still feel hungry just not all the time!!....I was going to be like you and just weigh in once a week in Tesco as my scales don't work...but found a pair in my daughter room....and took a sneaky peek....very old and probably innacurate but said 8lb off....don't want to jinx myself though official weigh in on Friday. Hope your doing well too.
love and positive thoughts
Clare xx
Lily_Cherry said:
Thanks DustQueen, I know I need to get that out of my head. It'll be nice just to step on the scales and see a loss instead of a gain for a change!
There will be a loss hun :)
I feel great peacedove, I was a little lightheaded earlier but I realised I hadn't had my second pack yet! Perhaps we are in Ketosis - otherwise wouldn't we be starving all the time?

8lb is amazing, if I had access to scales i'd have peeked too! are you going to stick to those scales now? Or go with what the Tesco ones say on Friday?

Thanks DustQueen!
Great to read such a positive post :) I'm looking forward to your weigh in already! I wouldn't cope with no scales in the house, it keeps me on track to weigh in every morning!

Oh, and I LOVE Eric!!! I've recently finished reading all the True Blood books and now I love him even more :D
Day 5 already!

Eek I really feelm like I could eat something today but I'm not sure if it's real hunger or not??

I still don't think I'm in Ketosis! My diet was very carb heavy though so it might take me longer.

I think my stomach has shrunk a little bit, it doesn't seem to be sticking out as much as it did and OH says he thinks I've lost weight around my waist so hopefully I have lost something! It's TOTM though so I'm a bit worried!

Have to get through today!
Every time you doubt that you can do this, re read that first post!
I can identify with it I'n so many ways you are a strong woman you can do this!!!!
I argued I'n my own head for several days before i managed to start and now I'm on day 9 and my first weeks loss wS 7.9 lbs i was well happy with that and you will be too when you get through your first week Hun .
Good luck babe
Thank you so much Christmas fairy, I did re-read my first post and it did help!

I realised what it was I was struggling with today too, it wasn't an urge to eat out of hunger, or even just to taste food/eat it was/is an urge to 'break the diet' to stop before I've lost any weight/to not change/to give up.

It was quite shocking and sad to realise that - whats going on in my head? I wont though, I wont give up!!
Well today has been hard, it's been a battle to resist food but I think I've got through! Phew!

On the other hand, though I wouldn't quite say I've got tonnes of energy, I'm definitely having bursts of energy!

It's a bit of a rollercoaster with mood/enrgy/hunger being up and down at any given moment. :eek:

I hope it settles down - at this rate i don't know how long I'll cope, just need to scrape through to weighing day and hopefully the scales will give me a push to keep going! :D
You know what lily i really think you are stronger than you think you are, keep saying to yourself, it's not forever, the food will still be there when I've reached my goals,
It's such a head journey being on a diet and i totally 150% empathise with you i argue with myself continuously throughout the day , it's getting less and less now as I've resolved myself that I'm I'n this for the foreseeable but it's soo hard.
Hang on I'n there pm me if you are near to cracking, you CAN do this Hun
Abi x
Thank you so much for your support Abi, it means a lot! and ditto - PM me anytime if you need a virtual kick or hug!

Well i managed to get through yesterday but I did end up having another bar in the evening as I was close to cracking but I'm ok with that.

I don't know how I've got this far without having a single pick at anything, it's amazing really! Today I've been busy so it's kept my mind off food thankfully. I STILL don't have any signs of ketosis! I wonder if I'm just not going to have any symptoms??

I might weigh tomorrow, even though its a day early and I might not get the best result it's easier for me to weigh on Fridays when the kids are back in school, I'm not sure yet.

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