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Limit to amount of times you can do tfr?


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Hi all,
Im nearing the end of my 4 wks tfr. I would love to stay on it for at least another 4 wks but have a wk hols and a weekend away coming up. Start wk refeed next wk, then hols the following wk where Im going to do maintenance for 1-2 meals, gonna continue this for another couple of weeks to take me up the weekend away. After the weekend away I have 4 wks free of any social outing. Can I go back on the tfr for 3 wks then do wk of refeed before I have my next social outing? I really want to shift another 2 stone.
Also on the maintenance can you snack healthily between meals - was thinking sugarfree jelly, special k bars and some fruit?
Thanks for all your valued advice.
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i think ideally they want you to work from start to finish on LP finishing at your goal but i dont think ive read anywhere that says you have to! just a bit pointless to stop and start, stop and start because of the ketosis, in principle it takes a week to get into that but never seen anything that states you cant come off and go on again several times, besides we have to live and if you can cope with the first week again and again, then why not, at the end of the day your doing this for you and you know how you work so if you can cope with that why not. jxx


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yeah you enjoy yourself you gotta make the most of hols, dont no much about rf alot thow, but havin fun is still important xx


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Think I read somewhere cant remember where that you can do tfr twice in a 6mth period (or maybe I dreamt it). I personally found the first wk easy to deal with and wasnt tired at all, just the odd headache which I took paracetemol for so I would be hoping that I would have the same 1st wk if I was to do tfr again. Im prob going to wait and see if I can lose on the maintenance before doing tfr again. Im so happy with my loss so far and raging I cant stick to it for another few wks


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Well I am interested in the answer to this one as I am on tfr 3 weeks and will do another 3 but then I may have to travel for 5/6 weeks and would like to resume when I come back. It would be impossible to keep while away. I am going to an African country and tbh I won't chance eating meat away (so protein is impossible) and salads are not a good idea either.

What to do.....what to do.....what to do????


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Not a good thing to keep coming off and going back on LT tbh...i understand about the holidays and travelling... you are really going to have to watch what you eat so you dont pile lbs back on!
As for social events? and weekends away .....do you really need food to enjoy yourself... could you not take LT for the weekend and not eat on your social event...i suppose you have to work out which is more imporatnt to you EATING or being slim???? i am sure you will have plenty of other oppurtunities to enjoy social events after LT!

I suppose the big question is what does your chemist say? they can be a bit funny about people not taking this diet seriously and can stop you at anytime... i would fully discuss it with them first and think long and hard about their answer and you priorities.

xx Cathy xx

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I did LT this time last year for just over 2 months running up to my 21st. I kept the weight off for a while but Xmas thru to March was a really horrible time for me (my friend killed himself and I was spending so much time away from home due to band committments things got bad between my fiance and me) so keeping my weight down was the last thing on my mind. Started again in March and found it really hard. Had to come off in April for 3 week due to social events, one of them being my grandads surprise 80th so didn't want to miss it, and came back on afterwards. Surprisingly I got back into ketosis really easy this time and wasn't hungry etc. You shouldn't really switch back and forth but this time i'm on as long as poss. I want to get to 11st before my wedding so I have extra willpower. At the end of the day its your choice.


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Its not the food thats bothering me at all, as I said in original post, I would stay on this for longer had I not have a hol coming up and surely everyone is entitled to enjoy themselves on holiday, as for the wkend away its a hens and would like to have a drink so thats why I cont be going back on it just then. I had originally only planned to do this diet for 4 wks so feel Im commiting myself even more by attempting to do it a 2nd time when time allows me. I just think I started tfr at the wrong time, I have too much happening socially.


Says it as it is!!!
Never said you werent if you read my post i said i understood about the holiday...was the social events... like you said maybe you just picked the wrong time...but tbh hun you dont have to drink to enjoy a night out


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lol just reading your footnote


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Why couldnt you stick to tfr while away, is it cos it wont be monitored by chemist or are you going on hol?

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