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Limited Edition Muller Light


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Ditto - the berry one is nice, but nothing exciting. Loved the lemon one though - it was really unusual. Ho Hum, at least hey are still making the choc multipacks - I love that choc orange one (although I do have to feed hubby the cherry one as it has syns :rolleyes:)


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:sigh:can't get them in the town where I live - it's only a small wee town. Still - I'm going to Glasgow at the end of the month, so will look in Sainsbury's there:rolleyes:
oh thanks for the heads up on this ladoes.. i will have a look tomorrow.. there is a muller light that has some sort of chocolate sprinkle on top in it...not a corner one the normal round tubs... does it have any syns..

Gems xx
That sucks!! I have never seen Lemon mullerlights, they sound yummy.

I can't even get the choc multipacks from our local sainsburys, it sucks.

Im lovin the toffee ones though, always have! xx


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I'm not that keen on yogurts but I liked the lemon one, but my fave was the orange and dark choc sprinkles, it was so scrummy. When I bought the pack my hubby had to eat the other four as I don't like cherry flavoured anything and I didn't like the vanilla. Will look out for the berries one tho xx

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