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Link to Atkins official newsletter info on calories

I never bothered with either. :)

I'll have to go and repost one of my legendary Sunday breakfasts. ;)
I think the calorie issue matters a lot more if you are female. We are smaller and have less muscle tissue than men, who are usually much taller.

It all counts!
No Linz, stay as you are love, you're doing fine.


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Yes Linz you are doing really well. If you find you are stalling in loss then have a look at it. x
Have any of you read the part of the atkins book about Keckwicks diet? Basically some people are very metabolic resistant, which I am, it tells you how to work this out in the book. This diet is 1000 calories of extremely high fat food eaten in I think 5 portions per day. Atkins uses it for people with extreme metabolic resisitance to prove that they can loose weight. I think calories is exactly where some people fail on atkins. Let face it most of us can eat and eat and eat thats how we got fat, and yes Atkins does stop your hunger but we all have days when we want to eat and not usually cos we are hungry just cos we want to and I think some people mistakenly think on atkins you can eat and eat so long as you count your carbs. I know I can't I have to be really strict with myself or I wouldn't loose. I know Jim can eat a lot and its not just that he is a man I would think he has a good matabolic rate. I think its a very individual thing and you have to find for yourself how much you can eat comfortably to loose weight.

Hmm, that's an interesting point Em, I suspect you are right about my meatabolic rate. I didn't read the bit about the "Meat Fast" as I never needed too love.
Very interesting indeed. I have often thought that for some people calories must come into it. Sadly it looks like I am definately one of those people. I have lost 7lbs in the last 3 weeks of low carbing but 5 of that was in the first few days. I am an old hand at this and have been srupulously keeping my carbs below 20g. Very little alcohol, no fake products and loads of water! So it must be the calories.

I do feel fantastic, have much more energy and I am sleeping so much better. But the main aim of this for me is to lose weight.

I have a stinking cold at the moment but as of Monday I am going to have to start looking at portion size and see if that makes a difference.

The last three weeks have been great as I have really enjoyed the food and I feel very nourished. But I now feel it's definately time to get this weight off. However the really good thing is that the last 3 weeks have shown me that I can eat lovely delicious food, not feel hungry, not feel deprived and not GAIN any weight.
I think jacsprat you will still find full even eating less. i try to nibble through the day bits here and there rather than a big meal cos if i do that I seem to eat more. Not sure if thats the right way to do it but works for me. I think thats the important thing atkins is about finding what is right for you I definately know more about my body now and feel more in control of it

I agree - Atkins food is filling and the ketosis helps such a lot. You don't get that starving hungry feeling. But old habits die hard as Emma says and we got big, before, by eating too much. And, usually, big portions too!

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