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Lipotrim advice please

hi, i sometimes put some curry powder in. maybe someone knows if you can add,paprika..cumin or coriander.it's the aftertaste i hate....have youhad a flapjack yet??
As far as i know you're not meant to add anything to it.
I had my first soup today and couldnt even bring myself to finish it. I was holding my nose and trying to down it!
I'm curious about the flapjacks as well. I think they'd be good for when im at work. Are they really as bad as everyone says?
My Pharmacist said I could add black pepper, chilli flakes or paprika. All Pharmacists give different advice, but I know the people who do eat the soup on here add pepper etc and still have a good loss.
BTW I love the flapjacks, but cant stand the soup.


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I add pepper and paprika and don't think it's effected my weight loss.

Haven't had any this week though as they didn't have any at the pharmacist last week. I'm sure it's effected my weight loss this week :cry:
CHeers, its the only way i can manage the soup is to add stuff. Had first flapjack today, they are so gross its untrue.... Struggling today, really want to eat food altho not particularly hungry, Altho I also feel that having flapjack makin me feel more bloated than i did before it. X
Had one of each flapjacks and couldnt bring myself to finish them, they are inedible!!!! surely they cant be good for your body lol!! the peanut one leaves an aftertaste of nail varnish remover lol!!!


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i have the soup once a day and dont add anything to it.

i wouldnt dare incase it messed up ketosis.

all pharmacists say different - so i would get hold of LT and ask them directly.

but, you are better off not adding anything. afterall, thats how theyre meant to be "eaten" anyways.


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I love the soup :p haha I'm going to ask for some flapjacks next, so I can try them and see if they're really as bad as people say!
I couldn't stomach the soup...it tasted like dishwater. I was considering asking for 1 flapjack next time - opening outside chemist to try and then if ok swap some more shakes for them.
I add crushed black pepper and a little chilli powder to my soup and its yummy. My chemist said ok. It didnt seen to affect my weight loss so far. good luck

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