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Lipotrim and excerise


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I called the lipotrim helpline and asked if i could excerise while on the diet and she said if i used to before the diet then i can then otherwise i should wait till i finish. Seems a bit unfair if u ask me. I know i would have to start slow but i really do want to start, what do you all reckon?
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I would give it a try and see how you feel . Dont do anything too energetic as you wont have to energy to do it or anything dangerous like cycling ( you may fall off !) . I am hoping to start soemthing low impact after xmas to try and minimse loose skin and tone up a bit , but I know at the mement I wouldnt have the energy for anything like the gym . We have also just bought a dog so I am going out walking at least twice a day too :)
I cant see why a steady paced walk would be bad for you, but if you wanted to do an hours aerobics now thats a bit too energetic!!


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I can vouch for the introduction of some low intensity exercise, in fact my pharmacist suggested I ought to since my week 2 and 3 WI's were a little on the low side. Since I have been a bit more active (just walking and energetic housework hehe) my losses have increased so I would definitely go for it but listen to your body and stop when it complains!


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I've had so many mixed feelings towards excersise on lipotrim. You see, for one thing, we are only consuming 342 calories a day, from doing our normal everyday activities and with our bodies normally burning calories, any extra calories we expand could result us into going into starvation mode, making weight loss slower.

For me, I don't feel that I have the energy to do the excersise that I desperately want to do, it's more of a fear of going into shock.

I find that walking is one of the best forms of excersise you can do, if you usually take a bus or whatever, opt for walking instead. After I've finished LT, and after refeeding, I'm going to up my excersise. I really need to get into the habit and I now know that excersise is for life if im going to stay slim.

It's up to you, just don't put too much strain on yourself, maybe do some light weight lifting, just some dumbells weighing at 3lb each should do.

Take it easy :)

I think it's up to you! I've signed up for personal training & I have got a little light-headed when they made me do squats (but then, I'd be light-headed leaning over to pick something up...) but other than that have found it fine. Ultimately, if you give it a go & it's not for you, you don't have to continue, but, if you want to do it, I think you should at least try!

Good luck :)


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