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Lipotrim brain or baby brain?!!!

Since starting this diet I have:

1)Broken the blender (put hot water in the jug)
2)Broken the dishwasher (don't know what I did!)
3)Left the freezer door open after getting ice for my shakes and ruined all the food. (It was completely full too)
4) Reversed the car into a wall

Now, I have been blaming my actions on the diet and having a baby, but between you and me I think I'm just clunsy!!!:sigh:
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Have to say when my kids were babies I did things like that as well.

When dd was just 6 weeks old, I went away and left my front door open all day and then on the same day parked my car and walked away with the door wide open.

Think it's baby brain !


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LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahaI think at some point in a mothers life, we all do things as you have just described. Maybe because our minds are ahead of our bodies??? Don't think it is the diet more like baby brain!!!


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Brings back memories lol defo baby brain, i went through it twice and the second time I was even worse lol


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My 2nd baby was 6wks old & I took her & her (then) 2yr old sister to the local shopping centre. Parked in the M&B spaces (i.e. right outside the door) and walked away leaving the car unlocked and the drivers window FULLY wound down. For 4hrs.
lol id say lipotrim brain as i was ok before i strted lol and i have 7 yr old 5 yr old and baby who is just 6 months i was really on the ball with things then i strted this diet and all went out the window im just now getting back in order lol im cleaning the house everyday just so i have something to do lol and breaking stuff all the while i hardly have any glasses left i get them out the cupboard ready for me shake and smash erm lol im terrible so your not on your own love xx

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