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Lipotrim from the GP? Advice needed please?

Hello all,

I was hoping there would be someone out there who could tell me how to get Lipotrim via my GP?

I live in Germany, (but within the British Forces). If I could get help through my GP that would be fantatstic! (I have British GP's here)

I have done LL when in the UK, and then CD through the German net, but it was so limited, and there is no support whatsoever, just buy from the website and that was it! Plus the Germans dont believe in VLCD and their CD is 800 kcals a day. And of course I failed....:cry:

I hate being out of the UK, but got at least another 2 years out in Germany. I have even considered leaving my husband just so I will be in the UK and have access to LL or CD!! As you can tell I am desperate and so down about my weight and how I look.:(:tear_drop:

I really need to lose weight, have been doing WW for 5 weeks via the internet and lost a pound!!!! Its so ridiculous as I have 6 stones to shed!!!

If I can get Lipotrim through the GP, I would have weigh ins I guess, and I would have that incentive each week to be weighed by someone else.

Any help or advice would be so gratefully received,

Thank you,

Kelly xxxx
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weighs a lot less
hi silver shoes i think you can get it from you doctors if you need to lose more than a few stone but im not sure how it works in germany have you contacted lipotrim maybe they could help xx good luck


weighs a lot less
your welcome have you got contact details for lipotrim phone 01223 812812 or mail @lipotrim.demon.co.uk x
Getting lipotrim through the GP in Germany might be a little difficult, as the GP fills a private prescription which you take to a participating Pharmacy that stocks lipotrim. GP's do not hold stocks of lipotrim. As suggested above, it might be worthwhile contacting lipotrim direct - lipotrim web page. Hope this helps xxx
Thanks Cheryl, I have just emailed lipotrim so maybe they can advise me further. Thanks for your information, you're all very helpful.

Kelly xxx


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Hiya Silver shoes, so sorry to hear how your feeling hun.. I hope you get some good news from lipotrim direct. Failing that, do germany not have weight management classes like we have in the uk? Its sounds to me like you need the weekly support? I get my packs from a chemist but get no weekly support, its simply in, pay my money, get weighed and away I go again! I suppose I have just accepted that at the end of the day its down to myself. Is your hubby supportive? If you could get the lipo packs would he weigh you weekly and keep you on the straight and narrow? I know its easy when your not getting weighed to think 2 no one will know"xxx
Hi pineapple, thank you for your reply. I'm waiting for a reply from lipotrim to see what their advice is. As far as I am aware, there are no classes like LL CD etc. I think their laws do not allow VLCD, their version of CD is a minimum of 800 cals a day. I dont think the sausage loving nation are big on diets and health to be honest...especially as they smoke like chimneys..even in well known fast food places!! I'll be honest, I am not a fan of this country, and I've lived here for nearly 8 years in all, just 2 to go!(sorry, off on one there lol):rolleyes: Oh and try being vegetarian in this country.........:p

Yes you are right, I do need the support, and someone keeping an eye on me! My husband is supportive, but he's never had a weight problem, and just stresses me out so much which makes me eat! This is why I thought Lipotrim would be good to get it through my GP and for him to keep an eye on me. But it looks like once again, because I'm where I am, it wont happen. I really dont want to go down the ebay route to get packs of any sort, but I really want to do a diet which takes food out of the equation, and I am so ready for it!:D

Anyhoo, thanks again,

Kelly xxxxx

P.s I love this site!


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Loving your sexy pic of wentworth miller hun lol xxx
I totally agree, brightened my day!! xx
OMG hes double of me:px
Ha he wishes;) xx


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mmmmm wentworth... wat i wouldnt do :drool:
lol i think any girl would be mad not to want a bit of wentworth lol x
Girls....put Wentworth down...now....he's mine! LOL:p

Just to update on my situation, I have had an email back from Lipotrim, and it seems thay can help me! I am so relieved. As long as my doctor is supportive and will monitor me, they will send the packs to me through the BFPO (British Forces Post Office). I will call Lipotrim tomorrow and they said they will send an info pack to my doctor if he wants it. So fingers crossed it will not be too long until I can start.

anyhoo, thanks for listening, this is such a GREAT place!

Kelly xxx
Brilliant news hun. I did wonder if something like that would be possible, I was going to contact my chemist to see if they would be able to help, but it seems that its all been sorted out now. Good luck hun x


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Awh Silvershoes im so happy for ya :D
you'll see results almost straight away!!
Ya ready to board the train to slimville CHOOO CHOOOOO
Thats great news Kelley, good luck hun! Wentworth will be yours!! x

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