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Lipotrim Longterm

Hi Everyone,
I have been reading a lot about VLCD's and TFR diets. I was doing a bit of research online and lots of sites have advised not doing a TFR for more than 12 or 16 weeks at a time. Now I really don't know anything about this, I just would really appreciate if there were any long term LT'ers out there or any very knowledgeable people who may know if this is in fact true. I really don't want it to be because the TFR really suits me and I don't want to refeed and then start TFR again. I have another few weeks to go and don't want to break it (and if I'm being honest I really won't unless I'm told it will affect my long term health) Does anyone know about this?
Thanks everyone
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There is a thread explaining it somewhere, I'll try and dig it out.

From what I can gather...how certain VLCD's get around this NICE guidance that 12 weeks is the max you can do it is by doing 'Add a Meal Weeks' every 5 weeks where you have a small meal in addition to your shakes. I did it when I was on CD and also now I am on Exante its part of the guidance (although I will be doing a CD based AAM instead of the Exante one).

I didnt do LT for long, only 5 weeks before my wedding so I cant comment from a LT POV but they dont have the AAM in it. However, this is the only VLCD available from Pharmacists and GPs. There are longterm LTers on here Im sure who will tell you that they didnt AAM and they were fine. Considering Pharms and GPs are also more closely allied to NICE who publish these guidelines, I think I would be happy to carry on for more than 12 weeks on a TFR myself.

I was actually not going to AAM whilst I was on Exante but I going to because I enjoyed it so much, it gives you something to look forward to every month. But then, that's just me!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I did LT for 26 weeks straight and others on here have done it for even longer. When I finished, I had blood tests done and the doctor was very pleased with them so no damage done for being on TFR for 26 weeks.
However, you are right acording to NICE guidelines etc TFR should not be for protracted periods. As long as your pharmacist or Dr are happy for you to stay on it and you follow the rules it should be fine.
Hi Princess, Hi Molly,

Thanks for posting that, after reading it I am now even more confused...according to NICE it is possibly damaging to your health to do a VLCD for more than 12 weeks, I would have also thought that the benefits of losing the weight I was carrying would outweight the risk but now I'm not sure.
Irish Molly fair play to you for being on it 26 weeks, the doctor must have been amazed at the weight loss and its great all your tests came back clear. The only thing that worries me is that the girl I do LT with, while she is lovely and has done LT herself, she isn't medically trained, she works there 2 days a week and doesn't deal with the medicine side of the pharmacy, just the cosmetic and LT side.
I think I'll ask the pharmacist himself, even though he always just says to ask the girl she is the LT trained expert...hmmm.
I wouldn't like the idea of having to take a break because I don't feel like it, I don't feel like eating I feel like getting to goal and doing re-feed to the letter then being as healthy as I can whilst maintaining my weight.
Thanks you guys for taking the time to reply, now I'm going to have to ask my super over protective h2b to look into it for me from a biological perspective to see. (He is a biologist, not a doctor, I don't want to go to the doctor because I remember when my friend did LT that our GP was very anti it) I'll also sit and wait to hear from other longterm LT'ers. I feel fine, fantastic even so I'm not suffering or anything I'm just afraid I'm doing any damage!
(Another big reason I'm doing this is because I'd love to try for a baby later this year and I don't want this diet to have any negative effects)
Thanks again lovely ladies xxx
Hey MrsD2B.

Im a Doctor myself (qualified 3 years, 2 years from being a fully-fledged GP). I plan to prescribe LT should my patients wish for them because I am a HUUUUGE fan (obv) of VLCD's and wish I had heard of them years ago. They are awesome!

Although Im medically qualified, Im not an LT official person so I would email Lipotrim themselves and just present the evidence you've found and ask them the questions, just to see what their official take on it is.

The NICE guidance has been out since 2006, so LT must be aware of it by now but perhaps because it is monitored by 'proper' health professionals instead of lay-people trained by the companies (like the other VLCDs have) then should you be at risk of any of the side effects of a VLCD then you are under the care of someone more knowledgable to advise you if something was 'up'.

I dont know anybody who's done LT to have done an AAM on it, after all there are plenty on here who certainly have been on it for more than 12 weeks and are fine. If you wanted to AAM though or if your pharm does recommend it, dont worry because as long as you stick to their guidelines it doesnt stall weightloss...in fact it often boosted mine!

Just see what LT say and stick to what your pharm tells you. Its obviously worked grand for you so far so dont worry too much. VLCD's under the right circumstances and monitoring dont do any damage! That's why I love LT because its so much more safely monitored than the others. I loathed my LL counsellor which is why I switched to CD after one week. I loved my CD counsellor but I felt the safest with my LT pharmacist. Now Im doing it off my own back on Exante and technically being the supervisor for my OH on his Exante journey but my experience, plus my training is helping us there. Im enjoying it!

Incidentally, I note we are the same age, had a similar start weight too! Plus Im doing this so we can TTC at the end of the summer too!!! Im 5 weeks behind you and I hope I do as well as you have done! Today, Im struggling to see past getting under 13 stone and its driving me loopy! You've done so well hun, keep it up!
Hi Princess,

Again thanks for the advice, I think you are right, I will email LT in light of finding the NICE document (via you, thanks) Well I think you will be an invaluable source of comfort to your patients who will come to you with weight problems so your empathy :) and experience will help so many other people who just want to lose weight!
Its so exciting making plans for a baby!! We're just moving into our first house and getting ready for our wedding and I was sick of being FAT! I had carried around the extra bulk forever and decided enough is enough. I am a few weeks ahead of you but I'm sure you will have great losses too...I remember 13 stone...I also remember the morning I stood on the scales and it said 12:13, I also remember the morning when it said 11:13...I can't wait until it says 10:13....9:13 seems like such a far off place but really its not. You are doing excellently, your OH sounds so supportive and you will lose all your weight (and keep it off through sheer determination and a desire for the best possible natural health) Thanks for all the info, good luck with your weigh in this week
Thankyou sweetie, my weigh in is tomorrow morning. I weigh in every day so Im hoping to hit that final 0.4lbs to get to -3lbs this week!

I remember saying to my CD counsellor 'when I get to 10 stone something Im going to cry like a little baby'....and I did. AND I WILL AGAIN RAH! Lol.

Im definately thinking about running a sort of 'obesity clinic' at my practice in years to come. Not just with VLCD's but general support for my patients who struggle with their weight. I do think the lack of support people get from health professionals really doesnt help. It saddens me when I hear a lot of people saying their GP is anti-VLCD because the research and guidance is there...they work...they're safe...they're awesome!

Planning for a baby is UBER exciting! We've been taking vitamin supplements already cuz of doing VLCD and also because we're so excited! Wedding planning is so exciting too and just think of the gorgeous pictures you can post on here in your SIZE 10 WEDDING DRESS! Yay!

Anyhoo, Im offski to bed. Night night all!

Laura xxx
Hi Laura,

How did your weigh in go? Thanks for all the advice yesterday. Basically I called into my pharmacist and they called the LT rep on my behalf and she told them like it sounded as if I was trying to eat!! I mean the cheek of it, I'm thrilled with this diet and I was more upset that I would have to break it. I don't want to and I was hoping she would reassure me that it was ok to continue. However my pharamcist told me that she said that I was dedicated to the diet (which I am) and my intention was not to break it but I had some concerns about the guidelines. She told the pharmacist that all the information I needed was on the website so I had a trawl through it and all I foud was a small video clip that LT submitted to NICE in 2009 but the website didn't actually provide any clarification as to whether or not it was safe to continue 100% TFR after week 12.
I really want to be in the best possible health for baby time later this year and I will be annoyed if I don't get to the bottom of this! I will speak to the pharmacist again about this and get an actual answer at weigh in on Tuesday.
I know what you mean baby plans are so exciting, we have been picking out names and birthing plans already...I know sad but we are excited.
I think the idea of an obesity clinic is excellent. I know a lot of super obese people who won't go to the doctor when they are sick because the doctor just knocks the self esteem out of them by attributing every ailment to their weight problem. I think if there was a sensitive and empathic health care profesisonal to support them it would be wonderful. Education is key to preventing people from getting obese also I think, different attitudes to food and cooking skills are required.
Enjoy your Saturday night xx
OMG, I cannot believe the cheek of the woman! How rude and nasty! Thing is, at the moment LT is a non-add a meal VLCD and plenty of people have done so, so you know I wouldnt worry too much though I applaud your being sensible about it. That's put me off LT to be honest, if they cant be bothered answering genuine questions from dedicated LTers about safety...well, then it doesnt reflect well on them.

We've picked names. I havent thought too much about birthing plans yet though.

Take care MrsD2B (and mummy2b!)

Laura x
Hi Laura,

I spoke to my pharmacist today at weigh-in (I was down 4lbs and out of the obese category!) and I showed him the thread on the NICE guidelines and I the recommendations in the NICE document which states that you shouldn't be on a VLCD for more than 12 weeks without an 'add a meal' now I assured him, as this is truly my wish, that I really wanted to remain on 100% TFR and it suited me so well. He accepted that and understood my concerns instantly. He was unaware of this and as a pharmacist who ran the programme he has an interest in knowing the exact official guidelines to follow. I told him that I had asked the girl who I do it with to call on my behalf and she had basically made out that I was a messer who wanted to not do the diet properly and she fobbed me off with a video submission that LT had made to NICE. When my pharamcist called the LT pharmacist in Ireland he directed him to the same website and told him to watch the video, when my pharmacist told him that the video didn't deal with any of the concerns raised he got a bit nervous and told him he couldn't answer that concern at present and would have to get back to him! I thought this was outrageous, so did my pharmacist. He said he would like a definite answer on it by tomorrow for me. Yikes, I really don't want to stop TFR but to be honest those NICE guidelines are there for a reason and my health is very imortant to me. I hope that they come back with some clarification on this that would allow me to continue with TFR until I reach BMI 25, then I can do refeed. I will let you know what happens.
A few months ago I was suffering for really bad dizzy spells along with low blood pressure. I mentioned this to my pharmacist, who then said I may need to refeed (I really didn't want to). She phoned her contact at Lipotrim to ask how much longer I could continue, and was told that I could continue as long as I was happy to. I was advised to drink a little less water to stop the salts etc leaving my system, which can cause dizzy spells.

Hope this helps
Clair x
Hi Charliesangel,
Thanks for sharing that. I'm not feeling dizzy or weak or anything, I'm a little tired but thats because I work for myself and sometimes don't know when to stop. I only brought it up because I read that being on a VLCD for more than 12 weeks without a break is detrimental. I really love this diet and don't want to take a break but I'm not willing to compromise my health etc. I would love to continue but would like a definite response from LT about the NICE guidelines and how exactly LT as a VLCD follows those guidelines.
I'll update this as soon as I have a resose from them
Hi Mrsd2b,

As I had saw many members on here continue for longer than 12 weeks, I assumed Lipotrim was safe to use past 12 weeks. It was only when I felt dizzy that my pharmacist was concerned and told me I should refeed. Now I am onto week 41 and feel better than I have in years, and have recently had blood tests and a check up confirming that I am fine. I totally understand your concerns, but I know that my pharmacist would have made me refeed if I was at any risk. I look forward to seeing what response they give.

Thank You!
Clair x
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Thanks Clair,

I really want to continue and I will wait for the response. Again you are very inspirational wow 41 weeks! You are nearly at goal!!
Hi Everyone,

I finally got a response from the LT pharmacist in Ireland via my pharmacist. He said that although LT don't adhere to NICE guidelines on not following a VLCD for more than 12 weeks, they had never been sued and nobody had ever had an adverse reaction to being on it for more than 12 weeks. Hmmm...although I accept and understand where LT is coming from I can't help but feel that it seems more about making money than safe guarding peoples' health. I know this is controversial but so is not following health guidelines. I think the benefit of losing weight and improving health far outweighs the potential risks of staying on it for more than the recommended 12 weeks. I believe this to be true in my case, I have never felt as healthy and strong since I've been on TFR but I can't help but feel that LT is not being open and honest about the guidelines that they don't adhere too. I think they should let people know for themselves and then allow the individual user to discuss their options at 12 weeks with their pharmacist. It seems to me its quite money driven...its a controversial opinion but it is my honest impression of LT, having encountered their response to my concern.
Hi MrsD2B!

Thanks for keeping us updated. I must say Im really shocked at Lipotrim's attitude and Im a bit concerned. I mean, Im not on LT obv, Im on Exante now but I do think with such drastic diets, sticking to the official guidelines is important.

I agree with your impression on the money thing. When I go into practice I will have to have a word with LT when I prescribe it to my patients!

Hope you're ok!

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