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  1. roxi

    roxi Full Member

    Hi there.
    I am about to embark on a long term VLCD and have used Lipotrim previously. I am hearing a lot of good things about Exante and wondered if any of you have any further guidance as to which you would personally recommend or your results on either? Any info would be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks :)
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Haven't tried LT but I tried Exante and am now doing Slim & Save whuch imo is by far the best
  4. Miss Demeanour

    Miss Demeanour I.P. Freely

    I did lipotrim in the late Nineties (so I'd like to think it has been vastly improved since), and Exante about 4 years ago (aside from an expanded range, products look much the same). At the moment am with a different company, and may yet change still.

    Lipotrim, if it's the same as recent reviews, is the lowest calorie of the lot. However research suggests that once you dip below 800 cals or less (the medical definition of a VLCD), there is no statistical difference in weight loss whether you are on 420, 600 or 800 calories. (On that basis I've opted for an 800 cal plan, to alleviate a few side effects.)

    I found exante quite tolerable - but is it, or lipotrim 'nice'? not really, IMHO. when you have to shove a third of a day's nutrients into a product, I suppose one has to compromise somewhere. However if you approach it from the viewpoint of 'taking your medicine', that tends to work. I quite liked the exante bars, and took the shakes hot as a breakfast.

    Am now with one of the several new-fangled firms internet, whose products are an improvement, but are all much the same across all the new brands. on that basis, I've gone with cost, but won't have an issue with jumping ship if anyone has a sale on...

    Good luck with whichever you choose. :)
  5. roxi

    roxi Full Member

    Thanks peeps, God I wish I'd seen this site before. There's so much info and lots of encouragement. Really appreciate it all. Thanks again. Never felt so positive.
  6. Miss Demeanour

    Miss Demeanour I.P. Freely

    Cool. That's not what the last person said! lol

    Seriously, do hang about, it's nice to know how people are getting on. :)
  7. jellybellies

    jellybellies Full Member

    ooh Miss Demeanour do tell what the diet is your doing? i'm the same in that i tend to just swap between vlcds for price reasons, none are nice so might aswell get them cheap haha
  8. girlsbig98

    girlsbig98 Silver Member

    I agree with Starlight, im also on slimandsave and i love it. The packs are much cheaper and you get a better variety in meal packs. Id try out there taster pack and see what you think. xoxo
  9. shazzerb

    shazzerb Member

    Price is a leading factor for me too, fair enough if i lived on my own and ws single then to most VLCD's work out the same if not chepaer than conventional shopping for food etc but since i have a hubby and 2 kids who i still buy just as much for with me excluded, then yes price is a major factor for most women on diets now. I'm getting a good deal with my provider
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