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Lipotrim to Atkins? Can it be done?

:wavey:Hi I wanted to ask peoples opinions please. Im in week 3 of Lipotrim at the moment lost 9lb week one, 1lb week two and looks like scales are the same this week even tho Im beinf good. So Im a bit disolusioned with it to say the least....plus it costs so much! As Lipotrim and Atkins are all about being in ketosis is there anyway to come over to Atkins? Has anyone tried it?
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Hi Annie, I can't comment personally, but we do have people here on the Atkins forum who have come over from other ways of eating.

xx Cathy xx

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Hi Annie I did Lipotrim from Jan-May this year and lost about 54lb on it which was fab, then I got poorly with an un-related illness so decided to come off it. I'd been planning to do Atkins as a maintenance programme but I've still got a couple of stones I'd like to lose.
For me personally its taken my body a long time to adjust and I ended up gaining about a stone in a couple of weeks and this is only just starting to go down even though I was in ketosis and not having anything illegal foodwise (carby) but this could be affected by the length of time I spent on lipotrim.

My advice would be to take it slowly adding a little at a time and keep it simple to start. Your stomach will have shrunk so don't just jump into big portions and eat plenty of leafy greens so you don't get constipated. As you know being on LT you don't "go" as often so if you eat loads it can cause problems with going.
Also you'll have got into the habit of drinking plenty of water. On LT I used to drink at least 4 litres a day and I've kept this up on Atkins as it helps flush away the byproducts of being in ketosis.

Hope this answers a few questions and I usually pop in here most nights if you need any help, best of luck with the switch xx
:confused: Hi Cathy thanks for your reply. I am in a dilema at the mo...just cant decide what to do. Wanted to loose this weight quickly cos I'm fed up with it always being on my mind. I lost 9 lb the 1st week and 1 the 2nd and this week doesnt look much better! Im being good but this isnt going how I thought it would. So my dilema....do I carry on with Lipotrim or swap to Atkins :sigh:. At the mo I am still using the shakes but cant justify that expense for a ppound a week!!


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I came over from Exante once I got to 25 bmi as I want to do Atkins for maintenance and I am enjoying the food, after so long on so few calories I am having to be careful how much I eat or the scales do go up a bit but am more or less stable at the mo and hoping to start losing the last few pounds very soon. Will not tell you it will be easy but you have not been on LT long enough to have dropped your metabolism too much yet. And you can have food lol
B xx
Hey Annie, I started on Lipotrim about three weeks ago... I lasted about a week - I wasn't hungry - just couldn't stand the lack of variety! Hated the soup - was warned about trying the 'flapjacks' and found that the strawberry and vanilla tasted very malty and really only enjoyed the choclaty one. I lost 12 lbs with Lipotrim the first week... Was kinda worried about moving to Atkins - but lost 4 lbs in the second week. I get weighed Friday for my third week. I'm still anxious so we'll see how I go...

You're right though - it's about staying in Ketosis. I think I made a good choice so far in moving over to Atkins. But - you have to weigh it up for yourself. It seems to be working for me at the moment, but I'll see how it goes for me tomorrow!

Welcome anyway - Brian...
Thanks Quak and Brian appreciate your replies. Yeah Quak only been on it 3 weeks lost a stone now so its definately kick started my weightloss, but now is the time to eat again :eat:. I am def going to do Atkins and Brian looks like you might be my role model having moved over yourself ;) Gonna look after my ketosis like a baby :8855:Thanks again
Well - only lost a pound his week... :-( So - don't role my model out too much! lol... All the best.

It's not ONLY a pound Brian, it's a whole pound gone mate.

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