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lipotrim v Cambridge

Hi all.

I am on day 1 of LT and going well so far apart from a headache and feeling hunger lol.

Hopefully I will lose a stone in a couple of wks and will be able to switch over 2 the CD.

Am curious in what the differences are between the two, does CD shakes taste nicer. LT r ok and I'll get used to them lol. or is it the fact u get one 2 one counselling with a CDC..

Like I said just curious to be honest and would like any info for my nasty doc..

michelle x
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hi michelle, i did lipotrim once and found the shakes vile. I stuck to it for a week and lost 7lbs then stopped. I only found out about cd this jan and cudnt wait to get started. This forum really keeps me going. There is alot more variety, bars, tetra's and diff flavours so i think anyway it is a lot nice that LT. Hope fully you will lose quick and will be able to switch to cd without that nasty doc's sig

becky xx


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Friend of mine has tried both and she said cambridge tastes a million times nicer than lipo trim. Plus the one to one councilling was good. IN ireland to be on lipo trim you need to go to your loacal pharmacy which can be a bit emberrassing. CDC's are more personal
something to look forward to. nicer tasting packs..I don't mind LT shakes but they are bland and I just drink them quickly. the flap jacks are revolting though yuck!!! tried 1 today..

and I agree, yesterday when I was in chemist signing up I did feel self consious when I was being weighed esp as the girl taking my weight was like a size 0...

but am determined to show my doc and will stick with LT until I can go on CD without docs sig..

michelle x


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Very useful to know, I considered the 2 as well and am due to start CD on Sunday, good luck with your weight loss!!


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i started on LT at first and stayed on it 4 weeks before moving over to CD.
Best thing i ever did. As much as u do get used to the LT shakes (could never get used to the cardboard flapjacks though, cereal boxes have more flavour, lol) the CD has much more variety and definately more flavour.
Also on CD u can have orange or summer berry flavouring for ur water and can even make jelly and ice cream :).
Not sure i could go back to LT now as i really like the variety of CD and of course there is the bonus of having the one to one with the councellor (who have done the diet themselves, rather than a stick thin pharmacy assistant who probably last got weighed when she was a year old, lol)
gl with getting that stone off quickly and then whatever u decide to do from there i hope the journey is successful. :D


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
I was also on LT for about 4 weeks before moving to CD. Seriously the flavours and variety in CD are so much better plus they are so more convenient!! I bring a tetra with me to work everyday and its so much less mess and means that everybody doesn't have to know I'm on a diet.....

Plus the bars are choc coated mmmmmmm,

Oh and there's more than one flavour of soup.....,

And you can make mousses out of the shakes, I think Strawberry tastes like Angel delight!!

So best of luck :)


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I too started on Lipotrim I really quite liked the Chocolate and Strawberry shakes, but I detested the "Chicken" soup and that's the only reason I moved because I wanted to be able to have something hot for my dinner!! On CD I stick to Strawberry and Chocolate shakes with the Vegetable soup for an Evening meal! XX
Am even more determined to lose this flippin stone to get onto the CD as it sounds much nicer than the LT not sure i could cope with the bland chicken soup for 2 many mths. Although I made a nice minty hot choc added a sweetener to the choc shake and added a peppermint tea bag..

michelle x

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