Lipotrim v Exante


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I've done both, pretty much the same weight-loss wise but Exante is much cheaper than LT and has far more choice of products. There is support from the pharmacies with LT, which you don't get with Exante, but experiences on here would suggest that most pharmacies are actually pretty clueless.

Good luck whatever you decide!


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I was looking at exante and really thought I was going to go for it. I ordered some online (eBay) just a few days worth to see if I liked the products and although as nice as they were, I found myself thinking 'noones keeping tabs on my weightloss - ahaaa cheese in the fridge' and kept picking at stuff! On LT I either stick to it, or I dont. If I dont, the pharmacist will find out and be on my case, might even stop giving me the products! So for me, it was LT, limited it really is but I *need* someone to weigh me and give me a kick up the rear. It really is up to you. You get the same losses but dont have the support as sandra says :)


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Im currently mixing both diets together. I must admit the Exante products are much tastier and more fulfilling than the LT ones. The soups and shakes are much thicker (ice cubes actually sink it's that thick!) and there are more flavours.

If all you're after is weightloss and money is an issue then Exante isa good choice since its much cheaper and has more choice. LT has less calories and less carbs but will result in pretty much the exact same weightloss. If choice is not something you need, especially if you are starting out and want to really cleanse your palette etc then go for LT. Also, has been mentioned, if you need the weekly WI's then LT is monitored, Exante is not.

Good luck!