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Good luck with your first day. I am on day 5 now. You just need to stick with it, believe you me! You will find all the support you need on here, it has been my saving grace over the last couple of days. Have a look on "I have made it to day 5" I was really struggling and the girls on there are fantastic. Would you like to ask me anything?
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hi and thank you im sure i will be fine just got to remember why i want to do it. im glad ive found this forum always good to hear other peoples experiance of it. not at moment but i might do as i get into it. glad to hear your doing ok on it been told your first four days are the worst.:)

Minnie Me

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Hi Sarah, I felt the same as you at the start and I'm now in week 4 with 18lbs down :) You just have to take it one day at a time. you will have tough days along the way but it does get easier. good luck.


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Hi Sarah,

I started the TFR on Monday and didn't think I'd get to day 2 but am now on day 5 and it does get easier. There is some really good tips on here and the support from the lovely people here will help you through.
The things that have helped me get through is like everyone says *water, water,water* Also making the chocolate shake into a hot chocolate is a fab idea. The strawberry shake with ice cubes and a canderal tablet is really nice. I have decided next week I am going to have a strawberry shake at 11am every day then chicken soup at 4pm (I really like the chicken soup, think I may be the only one) :p and then a hot chocolate at 8pm.

Good luck, you've taken the first step so things will get easier xxx
S: 17st4lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st11lb(4.55%)
Hi, day four and five were my worst days so far, I am on day six now and never thought I would get this far, It is not easy but no one said it would be right? push yourself and I guarantee you will be glad that you stuck with it. I am glad that I did not cave in last night, so glad. Water, water water!!!!
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Hi Sarah and welcome
When i first started I wasn't too sure would I last. When you see a loss each week and clothes getting looser it makes you more determined. I am 6 weeks so far and a total of 28lbs gone forever. I am now 11 st 6 but I'm going on hols in 2 weeks so have to refeed next week. To be honest now I'm dissapointed I didn't start sooner and now have to come off it. Have arranged with pharmacy to go back on it when I come home and I intend to be good on hols.

To make the shakes taste nicer I suggest using an electric mixer and add some icecubes but you probably know that already. Stick to it so worth it and come on here for support. Good luck with it


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I agree with all of the above I am on day 4 and it's been a hard day, I particulary find it hard cooking for the rest of the family while on lipotrim the smell of cooking drives me bonkers,I tend to give them there food and then go for a bath while they eat,and then after my bath have my shake in peace!!!! I find the drinking water fine it's the constant trips to the loo that's a pain!! I have no hunger pangs,still got tummy rumbles,however have been cold and tired!!! Focus on ur goal. And keep coming on here, the support and encouragement is superb!!! :) good luck xx
S: 20st7lb G: 10st0lb
well thank you ladies its nice to hear about everyone else journey. ive just finished day one and ready for day 2 dont like the vanilla though and not so keen on strawberry so maybe just living on the soup. yes its very hard cooking for the rest of the family but ive made a point to sit and watch them while they eat makes me more determined

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