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i dont like the chicken soup, the strawberry, vanilla is good had my first chocolate 1 today an i gotta say yumm yumm it tastes like real chocolate milkshake. but id say just try some out if you dont like a flavour you can take the rest of the sachets back and change them
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There is not many to pick from so its best to try them all out yourself and take it from there, wishing ya all the best with your journey, take care
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I like the chocolate and vanilla, you can add coffee to both, have them iced, normal or warm so they are more versatile, I read tha someone puts mixed spice in their vanilla. I haven't tried the spice yet as I'm still on my first week... but I had to take my soup back it was fowl, but each to their own... Good Luck!!

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I like all 3 shake flavours and the peanut flapjacks but we are all different so I would get a variety and try them all. ANy you really hate the chemist should change for you.

Do remember though that they may all taste strange to start with coz all you will taste is the vits and minerals so do persevere.

Good luck. You have definitely made the right decision!



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I only like the choccie one! so have that for breakfast lunch and dinner!!

im sure i will get sick of this soon though and tolerate other flavours!

theres some really good ideas on how to make different flavours on here though, like adding coffe to the choccie an vanilla on to make latte and mocca!!

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i just do chocolate mainly and odd strawberry

hate the flapjacks if you can actually call them that


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I only have the choc and strawberry ones. I haven't tried the flapjacks yet so can't comment. Best to try all the shakes and see what you like. They do taste better the longer you give them. Good luck.


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it's best if you just get a variety and try it all - although if you know your not going to like say the vanilla maybe only get 1 vanilla just to try. Just like the soup and flapjacks - just get one of each and a mixture of shakes and most pharmacies let you go back and swap them if you dont like them :)

Welcome to the forum and to the diet :D
Good Luck x


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love chocolate and strawberry shakes. If you mix choc with less water till it is quite thick then bob it in the freezer for a while its lovely

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Only vanilla coffee and ice for me.XX

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