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Lippy on way back to size 12!

started my SW journey this morning, cos you always have to start on a monday monday morning dont ya? lol

B 28g special k (nearest thing in the house to a HEX b and just for today, as been shopping now!) with skimmmed milk(HEX a)

L went to waitrose and got some bits, so just picked up a mixed fruit bowl and muller light for lunch

D all in 1 egg and chips SW style with beans ~ strawbs and grapes for dessert

(bit low on veg today, but had to go shopping lol.... veggies start tomorrow!)
1/4pt skimmed milk extra 2 1/2 syns

dont think there will be anything else today, but will update later if necessary!

made a SW quich for tomorrows packed lunch, and prepped some fruit, and got meat out to defrost for dinner

feeling very prepared, which will help i hope! have planned out a whole weeks meals, and will be adding in some syns too, just wanted a clean start for today!

please let me know if i've done/am doing anything wrong folks!
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Hi Claire,

Well done for beginning your slimming world journey I've been doing green days for 3 1/2 weeks now and am feeling really good. It's great that you've planned your meals for the week as that way you're more likely to stick to plan. All I'm gonna say is try and keep your meals varied so you don't get bored and always have low syn alternatives to the treats that you enjoyed before slimming world that way you wont feel deprived.

Good luck!
ok, day 2

b choc weetabix (hexb) + 2syns and skimmed milk (hex a)

l sw quiche (cheese and chive ff cottage cheese so maybe 2 syns?)
strawberries and grapes

d not sure yet, was gonna be spag bol, but just found out i have no pasata or toms, only a dolmio sauce lol

edit: made sw cottagey pie type thing... el mince, peas, sweetcorn, carrot and mash
and rest of strawbs and grapes!
extra milk for teas 2 1/2 syns
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day 3 started very late today lol, well it is my day off....

b/l 2 small slices whomeal (hex b)done as sweetend french toast with a banana and a muller light..... very yummy!

even though i am doing EE, i am trying to keep carbs slightly lower cos i do better that way. last time i was on SW i lived on SW chips and pasta, and muller lights, so while i'm still having them this time, i am trying not to LIVE on them.
am not very good with veggies, i do enjoy fruit so am aiming to keep the fruit high to counteract the lower veggies
so hopefully it will all workout?

my hex a today as always is milk for teas

d is going to be other half of cottagey pie i made last night, followed by some frozen summer berries that are currently defrosting

am going shopping late tonight, 10 oclock ish lol, and have till then to decide on my midweek treat to use up some syns
finshed off wednesday with a crunchie 9.5 syns.... yummy!

thursday, day 4

the plan for today is

B bacon, egg and quorn sausage with an apple and a banana

L w/meal roll (hexb) with ham, vlf mayo 1.5, lots of salad, fruit and a muller light

D broccoli mac n cheese 4.5
banana and custard 2.5

hexa milk for tea

long shift in work today, so wont be back till about 9 to update any changes
Went to weigh today as I haven't weighed for a week and half. So one week of Cambridge and 4 days of slimming world and I've dropped 5lbs. I'm really chuffed cos you can easily put weight on after Cambridge as soon as you start eating!
well todays plan went completely out the window! lol
got called in to work early, so no time for cooked brekkie.....

so a revised plan for today was....

B 2 choc weetabix(hex b + 2)
milk (hex a)

L w/meal roll 6
muller light

D bacon
quorn sausage

huge fruit salad

extra milk for tea 2.5
so today was a red day.... think yesterday could have been too...

B 2 choc weetabix (hex b +2)
milk (hexa)

L tuna
spring onion
el mayo 1.5
w/meal roll (hexb)
muller light

D sw quiche
3 ww sausage 1.5
200g beans

milk for tea (hexa)

syns today 5
syns total 37.5
so today is an EE day, cos its chinese night!

B french toast with a banana

L sw quiche and fruit, poss a muller~didnt get time for the yog!

D chicken curry 6, boiled rice, synned prawn crackers 3, and a synned dessert~tunnocks caramel bar 6

will update it all later...

syns today 15
syns total 52.5
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really late start to today lol


B/L 2 choc weetabix B+2 milk A banana

D Chicken breast, 227g new potato B, broccoli, cauli, leeks and courgettes. 3 mini yorkshires 6
not sure about dessert yet, but plan on a nestle cappuccino later 4

extra milk A

syns today 13
syns total 66.5

dessert ended up being kiwi, grapes, mandarin, with fat free yog, and a 10 cal jelly pot 1
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Day 8
Red Day

B 2 choc weetabic B+2
Milk A

L Wholemeal Roll 6
Muller Light

D SW quiche
2 WW sausages 1
200g beans B

extra milk A

cappucino 4

todays syns 13
total syns 79.5
day 9
red day

B 2 weetabix B+2 Milk A

L sw quiche 2xww sausages 1

snack fat free yog

D ham, eggs, 227g sw chips B
10 cal jelly 1, muller

syns today 8

syns total 87.5
day 9
red day

B choc weetabix B+2 milk a, banana

L tuna, onion, Lf mayo 1.5, apple

D diet coke chicken, new potatoes B, courgettes, leeks
banana, muller

extra milk a
crunchie 9.5
cappuccino 4

syns today 17
syns total 96.5
evening all, bit of an odd day today due to working silly times, but hey, i think it was ok

day 10
red day

B muller and banana

L w/meal roll B, ham, salad, muller

D sw quiche, 3xww sausages 1.5, onken ff yog

supper quark and options 2

milk for tea A

so only 1 a and 1 b today

syns today 7.5
syns total 7.5 (start of new week today)

might have a cappuccino in a min to use up some syns, will update if i do

edited to add, yup am having cappuccino now lol
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