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  1. Lisajm

    Lisajm Member

    Hi everyone
    Ive been looking on this site for a few weeks and most people suggest starting a diary so here`s my attempt at one.

    So I`ll start with the basics, my name is Lisa and this is my first ever attempt at the Cambridge diet and hopefully it will be my only attempt at this.
    I have done many diets in the past some with semi success but have got into really bad habits and since my relationship broke down last year and now I live on my own these habits have got worse.
    I have an unhealthy relationship with food which ive had for years so im hoping that by restricting the choices I have to eat will help me break some habits and lose weight fast.

    My starting weight is 14stone 12 so I have about 4.5 stones to lose.

    I have decided to just try and take one day at a time and trying not to think about the long term as that's a bit scary at the moment. As I only have myself to cook for im hoping this makes things easier. I am doing ss+ as the thought of no food at all and not chewing anything didn't appeal to me.

    I have decided not to tell anyone I know about me trying this diet for at least a few weeks as I fear I will get negative comments from friends and family seen as its so low calorie.

    So I started this last Thursday so have just completed day 5 - so far have not found it too bad, had a couple headaches and mouth is very dry despite drinking 2.5-3litres of water a day - have no idea whether im in ketosis yet. I did have a works leaving do to attend sat night but I drove so stuck to water and then chose some protein with stir fried veggies but they came with a sauce so hope I haven't done any damage.

    Could really do with some support and motivation and if I can help you too then all the better so whether you are far into your own journey or just starting I would love to hear from you - any tips would be great.

    My first weigh in will be thursday evening so on my 8th day - heres hoping for a good loss.

    Feeling optimistic and in a good place at the moment lets hope it lasts (my track record isn't good)

    Lisa x :)
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  3. coggers

    coggers Full Member

    Hi Lisa, well done on taking things in hand and starting your CD journey, I'm sure you will enjoy success. Like you I have mostly kept the diet to myself with the exception of husband and BFF. I think most of us here have an unhealty relationship with food but like you are ready to fight the good fight and banish those demons. Dry mouth makes me think you are in ketosis as its one of the symptoms. Good luck with your first WI on thursday, hope you have a great loss.
  4. Candlewix

    Candlewix Down boy!

    Hi Lisa,
    You will be glad you started this diet, I think it is the best ever (Well, it is for me). If you stick to it properly the weight can literally just drop off!
    I am attempting this time (I have been on it before) to go through all the suggested steps, gradually adding food in when your counsellor thinks you are ready. Last time I just ended with milkshakes and went straight back to (ab)-normal eating!
    Good luck on your journey, you will find it well worth it.
    Oh, I never told too many people either, other's comments can be distracting and you will need to focus upon yourself.
    Look forward to watching your progress! :character00238:
  5. Lisajm

    Lisajm Member

    Hi all thankyou for ur comments/support, just finished day 6 and its gone surprisigly well - really hope im in ketosis now. Had no cravings today - really surprised!
    I am in the habit at the moment of weighing myself morning and nite (not good i know) and after the first few days i had lost approx 6 pounds but last 2 days scales havent budged!
    Probably tmi but i have only been to toilet once since starting this diet - has anyone else had this problem or how to overcome this.
    Had not so good news today that my mom has been put on waiting list to go back to hospital - nothing serious but may mean i cant get weighed thurs eve mite need to change it to sat morn, i do have enough packs to last til then, will keep u posted.
    Onwards to day 7 - feeling positive x
  6. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    The not going to the loo thing isn't unusual! Just keep up the water. That's probably why your scales have temporarily halted. Anyway now that you're not feeling the hunger you're probably tipping into ketosis. I find that if I really feel I'm struggling with the loo a decent strong black coffee sorts me out!

    Hope all all ok ok with your mom.

    Good luck!
  7. Ian1975

    Ian1975 Full Member

    Good luck Lisa - I'm sure you can do this.

    I feel "dry" with 4+ litres of water, but I guess it's the key to the loss.

    You can do it :)
  8. coggers

    coggers Full Member

    senakot is my best friend on this diet, it can be your BF too with a quick pop to the shops. ha tmi.
  9. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    Bisacodyl and senokot, twice a week sorts me out! Well done for sticking with it this far :)
  10. Lisajm

    Lisajm Member

    Hi everyone
    Well im not sure how ive managed to get to day 8 and still be on track but today ive struggled with cravings today and due to work couldnt drink as much as usual - had a stressful week work and home wise. Dad ended up in hospital tues nite (this was out of the blue) and moms still waiting to go in :-(
    However i managed to get to my weigh in tonite and really please to say i lost 7lbs :)
    Ive got my supplies stocked up again and trying choc orange this week too.
    Hope everyone else is on track, heres to a good second week and a bit - cant now get weighed til week sat due to both our work commitments x
  11. coggers

    coggers Full Member

    well done for staying on track! you could have easily used all that stress as an excuse to drop the diet and pig out. You can rock this diet!!
  12. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    You did amazingly well to stay on track, well done! And a fab loss too :D
  13. todssc97

    todssc97 Member

    hope you have a great loss.[​IMG]

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