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Lisaberry's journey to the real me!


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I'm just starting day 2 so thought I would start this so I have something to read back on.

I went back to Slimming World in September 2009 when my daughter was 10 days old. I was confident I'd get the weight off quickly as I lost 5 stone 4 to get to my target of 9 stone 3 back in 2006/2007 after my son was born.

10 months on and I've only lost 2 stone. SW just isn't working for me this time...I'm not sure why but I just can't stick to it
So.....I've decided to try something new to get the remaining 3.5 stone off
I think the only way I'm going to stop myself eating the kids leftovers or nicking chips of hubby's plate is a total ban. Hunger isn't really going to be my problem, it's the boredom in the evening or the missing out on social things but I want this so bad I'm going to get over it!

Day 1 was fine...hunger wasn't an issue but I kept forgetting that I can't eat for the forseeable future....I'd hear someone talking about an omelette and I'd think 'mmmm might have one for tea' then it would suddenly hit me that I couldn't!

I love black coffee and peppermint tea so I reckon I'm going to be ok!

Roll on next weeks weigh in, I'm aiming big!!!
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Welcome Lisaberry
Good luck on your weight loss journey.The first few days are the hardest then its gets easier honest.
Just remember to drink lots of water and take it one day at a time.
Good Luck.


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So, here I am at the start of day 3

Yesterday was a bit of a pig! I was alright until lunch time when I had to make lunch for the kids. As my daughter is only 10 months I have to feed her....I always try and cook her tasty meals rather than relying on jars and it was hell!
I was then in serious doubt mode all afternoon and it got worse when I cooked their tea. I really didn't think I could hack it
Once the kids were in bed things got much better. I made the soup for tea in a bowl and sat down with dh to eat it (god it tastes awful though). I then fell asleep quite early on the sofa, went up to bed and feel quite refreshed this morning.
Fingers crossed for a good day!


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Start of day 4 and according to the scales I'm 5 pounds down!
I'm really pleased as that's all the weight I put on at Butlins last weekend gone (there is not 1 healthy place to eat there) plus a bit more for good measure!

I still don't think I'm in ketosis though. I do feel less tired but my breath isn't any worse since it's been since day 1.
I really hope I get there soon!

I haven't woken up feeling hungry and my black coffee tasted so nice I kept having to remind myself that it's not naughty!

Got to face Tesco later, hopefully it won't be too bad!


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Well done on getting to day 4 .
Be strong in Tescos.Keep thinking of how good it will feel when you get on te scales.
5lb wow thats great.
Take care


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Tesco was fine in the end.... All of a sudden I hear someone calling my name, I turn round and it's my pharmacist! She asked how I was getting on etc so that distracted me for the rest of the trip lol! Didn't want her seeing me drooling over the naughty stuff!!

I'm really not feeling hungry at all, I do feel weak close to shake time but by 30 mins after having it I'm fine.

When I cooked lunch today I actually felt comforted by the smell. I didn't want to eat it, a good sniff was enough!


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Well done.
Half way through week 1.
Keep it up.


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What a lovely day!
Woke up, got on the scales and another pound gone....that's 6 now and still a few days until weigh in!
I had a half day at work and then the rest of the day to myself CHILD FREE!!
I have spent the whole afternoon window shopping, and instead of looking longingly at the nice clothes then feel down and grumpy I felt excited that I would be able to buy them in the not too distant future!!
I was so busy I forgot to have my afternoon shake!!! Just had it now!

I think I can safely say that day 5 has been a success!!


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So, week one done with a 9 pound loss. Think I can safely say that that was a result!!

I'm still thinking about food a fair bit but I'm thinking about my waistline more so no plans to stop yet!

If I start feeling hungry then 99% of the time it's because I'm behind on my water.

Onwards and downwards!


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Well done on a brilliant weight loss

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