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Hi Lisa

I have been on Dukan for over 6 weeks now and at times have found it boring and have been very tempted to cheat. All i can say is to draw a line under your naughty week and start again. It really is worth sticking at and the results are fab!! Also this forum is great for advice support and recipe ideas.
Tracey x


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This diet can be incredibly boring! The first time I did it I didn't vary my menus nearly enough, ate a lot of plain roasted chicken and eggs, and bored myself rigid (lost weight quicker, mind you!).

Now I'm more inventive, thanks to Vicky's marinades, and try to vary my menus a lot more and do more cooking.

I'm sure that's why Dr Dukan recommends cooking from scratch more as it does improve the taste of things, and keeps us motivated because we like what we're eating.

So a tip would be to cook more (if you don't currently), post your menus here each day, and (if you've time) join in with us. There's usually someone around to prevent hand being lifted to mouth at a crisis moment.

Good luck!


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I love it, but I can understand your boredom, Its fine just now, but I worry that in winter when all I want is hot thick soup and comfort food then I will slip. There are loads of great recipes in the recipe thread. There are also loads of things I love eating like mullerlights but tend not to have many so that I dont sicken myself of them, same with chicken. Already though I can feel my self overdosing on spices, so next week I am going to get Italian type herbs . But I think if you really feel you are cracking and are heading for a fall, then plan what you will eat, like buy a pan au chocolat, make a hot chocolate buy a bag of crisps, get a movie out and have a glass of wine, all in one night, really enjoy it and savour every mouthful, but also know you are enjoying it, but tomorrow you are back on track. I think the good thing about this diet is that the attack phase is pretty quick at undoing naughtyness lol. I only started properly this week, but last week I was 'practicing' as I didnt have all the right foods in, but at the weekend my friends came round and we had wine & snacks, loads of them, and I weighed more at the start of this week than I had for ages, but now 1 day before my first weigh in I am back to last weeks pre snack weight which is the weight on here in my profile thank goodness, so maybe tomorrow I will be less.
But even that has given me a good feeling, knowing that I can go out if I am invited out and theres no chance of me having Dukan food, then I will just do a couple more PP days.

Dont loose heart though, keep cooking and keep posting.
Should be able to have dukan friendly soup.

Its easy to get stuck in a rut. Am forcing myself to stop buying some things to make myself have more variety.


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Gosh yes... it's not difficult at all to make yourself Dukan friendly soups! In fact, there are several in the book, and he swears by his "miracle soup"! I made pumpkin soup quite often last year, as neighbours kept giving me them and I had no idea what else to do with them!

Ref Cathy's post above - I agree with everything EXCEPT the middle bit... when you think you might crack, prepare a fabulous DUKAN dessert... have a second dose of sons... go for a long walk... distraction tactics. We have the "tolerated foods" also which we can call upon at these moments...

This diet does have a limited "shelf life", and those who restart usually find they never quite get the same results or motivation as that first time... so don't spoil your first time... if you want a "pain au chocolat", make a Dukan friendly one! There are some amazingly inventive recipes out there...


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p.205-206 of the book...
LA SOUPE MIRACULEUSE (miracle soup) - PV

4 garlic cloves
6 large onions
1 or 2 tins peeled tomatoes
1 large cabbage head
6 carrots
2 green peppers
1 bunch celery
3 litres water
3 low fat beef cubes ) far too many. too salty... use fewer + taste
3 low fat chicken cubes )

Peel and cut the veggies into equal size pieces. Put them in a soup pot with LOW FAT stock cubes and cover with water. Let them boil for 10 mins, reduce heat and continue cooking until the veggies are tender.

This soup is extremely filling and the chunky pieces of the veg are the reason for its weight-loss properties [so don't whizz it up!!]. The liquid and the solid elements go through the digestive tract at varying speeds. The solid pieces remain in the stomach until they are totally digested; they fill you up and produce a physical feeling of being full. The liquid goes through the stomach more quickly and arrives in the small intestine, where its nutritional ingredients stimulate the intestinal walls and generate a feeling of satisfaction. bla bla!

This soup is highly recommended for those people who arrive home starving after a long day at work. Such people can't resist snacking on something right away. bla bla

<copied to recipe thread>


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Thats the same soup as is in the cabbage soup diet. Its nice if you use savoy cabbage


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is it really?
<I find that, on occasion, this diet makes you "smelly" enough without adding in cabbage soup!>
Yup, been there done that lol, didnt bother with the t-shirt though
yep i thought it was from the cabbage soup diet I think i lasted 2 days on theat couldnt bring myself to go near a bowl of it now
I didnt mind it, but when you make it in such a huge quantity you get bored looking at it after the 2nd bowl, plus in this warm weather it goes off quite quickly starts fermenting