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Lite After Foundation

I've been lurking around in this section for a few days now and I'm finally posting :D

I've been on LL full abstinence since January and tomorrow night is my last meeting of Foundation.

I still have 25lbs left to lose and I'm considering losing it by following the Lite programme rather than going into Developers.

A bit of background is that I lost 6 stone on LL in 2006 and unfortunately I wasn't able to follow RTM and over the last 3 years the weight has slowly creeped back up.

Last time after Foundation there was no choice to go into Developers as LLL didn't exist. Being honest I wasn't keen on Developers as it just went from week to week and had no real structure. LLL appeals to me because of the 4 week modular structure.

Our LLC has obviously given us the option of carrying on on full abstinence or by moving to LLL. I originally single mindedly decided on Developers but I've been learning a little more about LLL and I'm waivering towards giving it a go.

My LLC says she sees LLL as a good stepping stone between abstinence and RTM and I can see her reasoning as I am quite scared of not being to control myself around food. Not trying to be flippant but I find full abstinence easy, you just don't eat - nothing but packs and no choices or need for portion control. I think LLL will be a HUGE challenge for me (I'm a little bit scared in fact :eek:).

Another reason is I am now missing flavours in a BIG way. I share a house with my Brother and when he cooks I am practically salivating over the smells of garlic, curry and onions that he cooks. I think I'm right in saying that these condiments are amongst those allowed on LLL aren't I?

My biggest concern however is my weight loss slowing right down because I don't want to extend this journey for a great deal longer than I have to!

I would be grateful if anyone can give me any thoughts on LLL, info on what the allowed foods are, how they find it, what they think of the modules and what their weight losses are like.

Many thanks in advance :D
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I may fill in on my answer later...

But in my experience and seeing people jumping from Abstinence into Lite - it doesn't last longer than a week - people usually seem to go into Lite with all the good intentions of losing a little bit more on it, but I honestly don't believe their 'brains' are ready for such a jump - and they get off the whole thing ready to take the world on their own.
If you intend to do Lite as a further way of losing weight, I do suggest actually considering doing the 12 week RTM first, then living and adjusting to your new body, mentality first, and then if you feel like you want to lose some more weight, go onto Lite (after all the excitement of food has worn off).
Trust me. After abstinence food (no matter how much you believe it won't affect you now - it WILL) will seem like a big deal. It will be too far a jump.

I never reached target on abstinence, did RTM, lived a couple of months "on my own" and finally food lost all that appeal and "forbidden fruit" feeling. I was ready for Lite for many reasons.
1) I still wanted to lose a little more
2) I had worked out why I gained in the first place
3) I knew why I was losing the weight this time: to be happy.

I am living the Lite diet and it doesn't feel like a diet at all; because I am actually not looking forward to having any type of food at the end when this "diet" is over. Lol. The novelty has passed. ... and I'm really scared for you going to Lite straight after Abstinence. ..

Have a think.
Thanks for your reply :D

I have been thinking of nothing but this for the last couple of weeks so it's not a rash decision to "jump" from abstinence into food. I reached goal on abstinence last time but I am not at goal this time yet. I'm not doing this as a way to say "yippee food" and then think I can go it alone. I know that I will need my LLC, the group and this forum's support more than ever. I feel I am not challenging myself at all at the moment. Like I said - abstinence is easy.

I have committed to LL to lose and maintain my weight so I'm here for the long haul ;) I have learnt valuable lessons from my previous failures :(

My reasons for doing LLL are varied - from the 4 week modules, to the better class times (developers is a rubbish time for me), the variety of tastes and also the challenge of learning something about me which abstinence is just not giving me.

I don't think I could do RTM and then go back to LLL - I want (and need) to lose all my weight now as an interupted journey will not help me. I have had so many stops and starts over the last 2 years (most of them on CD as there was no LL here) and the "magic" of food is not the main reason for the jump.

I hope you're not right and that I will not fail, but I have made a commitment to stick to this until the end and that's what I intend to do :D

I hope I'm putting across what I mean properly because I don't think it's coming out right :confused:


...we're sinking deeper.
I really hope I didn't come across as being negative and putting you down... Was not my intention at all! I didn't realise you've had considerable experience with abstinence beforehand, and know your relationship with food quite well (or rather like all of us: you are wholeheartedly working on it). :)
Maybe as a way of easing your way into Lite, could I suggest doing maybe the first two weeks of mainstream RTM programme? It would be a much more gentle transition into it since the Lite menu is quite intensive to begin with; the protein portions are larger (example: 100g on initial RTM weeks of chicken; 200g of chicken allowed on Lite), and the vegetables choices and quantities could be a little overwhelming to begin with!

Just a suggestion of course. I'd be happy to give you any support you would like along the way. :D You may spam this forum away!
Thanks for your input. I didn't realise that the portion sizes are quite so large. I'll give what you say about easing in consideration as I have the old still RTM book with details. It's my last foundation class tonight so I'm going to chat to my LLC and get her advice and raise all my issues with her.

Thanks again for posting and your support is grateful appreciated :D
Just an update.

I had my last Foundation meeting last night and I've definately decided to go onto LLL instead of Developers.

I am a bit worried about introducing food but my LLC is so supportive (and has faith than I can do it, and if she has, then so do I ;)). She said not to consider the amount of food overwhelming, but I need to listen to my body - fair point I suppose. :rolleyes: I have to face food at some point and I'm ready for the challenge.

Thanks for your help Minerva, I'll be spamming away, don't you worry :p


...we're sinking deeper.
OK! I will keep you on the straight and narrow!! :D
Because to be truthful - Lite ISN'T as easy as it seems. It is so easy to dole out an extra portion of vegetables, an extra spoonful of meat (trust me - by week 5 it is very very easy to do)... to sacrifice a foodpack for an extra 50grams of meat in your evening meal. Trust me, it is so easy to start skewing your mind that way.
I had a huge wobble like the one I mentioned above (sacrificing foodpack for bigger meal - which in the end cost my weight losses severely) from about week 5-8. Yes 3-4 weeks of crazy psychobabble in my head I needed to fight.
I have finally taken control. I guess for us abstinence girls Lite really IS about learning to take control over food. A lot of people doing Lite have never been obese in their whole lives, they just gained a few pounds because it crept up... This isn't a bad comment about them! I'm glad they are taking control over their weight gain: however people like me who really do have a deeply rooted psychological food addiction: Lite can be eye-opening, and quite difficult.

Westie : I'm not gonna lie. This is where you will learn a) portion control. b) self-control. c) how food makes you feel and what is the right quantity for you.

Eat slowly. Put down your fork after every mouthful. Listen to your stomach. Listen to your heart and mind. And I do mean... properly listen. Because there will be times when they call for an 'extra' veggie (because one can't hurt right?)... Hmmmm... I listened to it and ended up having 2 weeks when I'd binge on vegetables every night because I had allowed myself - and it does add up in the end.

I don't mean to scare you. Just making you prepared for what's ahead. You will do great, I know it. :D I know you have the determination and the will to keep going and to see your target come.

Well done on taking this step. ...!!
Minerva, I really thank you for your honesty, and believe me you can't scare me anymore than I already am :eek:

I know exactly why you're concerned, if you've been there yourself, it can be quite worrying to see people travel a path you've been on and know is hard yourself. Heck I've even expressed the same concern to people on here if for example they talk about planned breaks. I know that mucks you up and is difficult to recover from.

You are spot on about learning portion control and self control. That will be a big big challenge for me. I'm partly doing this because I am not learning anything in abstinence. Like a good adaptive child, I follow the rules to the letter and for me there is no challenge and therefore I am not learning anything about myself at all.

So I am petrified, yet still looking forward to the challenge of LLL and I will definately be requiring as much support as I can get and I thank you for taking time to reply :)
hi westiegirl

I am currently on LL foundtion programme which will finsh on the 20 of june. I still want to carry on loosing more weight but don't want to go on to development stage.

I was thinking of doing LLL to loose the extra weight.

I justed wanted to know will I gain weight if i jump from foundtion stage to Lighter life lite?




...we're sinking deeper.
Technically you shouldn't gain weight Cyber Girl - Lite still works on the 'ketosis' principle, and I have read some studies that a person will lose weight whether they are eating 500 calories or 800 calories.
I mean, obviously be careful with portion sizes and expect maybe to stay the same the week you come on Lite - but your body will very quickly adapt to the new regime and you'll carry on losing the weight.


How are you doing by the way Westiegirl? :D
I can't answer any better than Minerva has I'm afraid.

I haven't actually moved to LLL yet. I finished foundation on Monday but my first LLL meeting isn't until 22nd so I'm still in full abstinence until then.

I'll report back once I've started with an update and a report on the weight situation :D
Not sure on the answer Sunshine Chick. My LLC said that LL Lite was run on 4 week modules - each one covering a different topic based on either CBT or TA. Once you've finished one you just move to the next until you've got to goal and then you move to RTM. As I've not actually started yet I can't say exactly what the correct answer is but I'm sure that someone else should be able to help :)


...we're sinking deeper.
Hi, people talk about a 4 week module on LLL? Ive been doing this since 23rd Feb now and I dont think Ive done any modules? Sorry to ask what that is! Also do I just keep going til I loose the weight I want THEN go into RTM? What are the other choices please?
Each "module" essentially is a booklet which should be given to you at the start of each 4 week slot. :) Ifyour LLC hasn't given you more than one since the 23rd February you should ask her! Each booklet covers different areas of the 'counselling' techniques which Foundation (abstinence 14 week module) covers in greater detail.
There are activities and probing questions in each booklet, some are quite fun to do...! :p


...we're sinking deeper.
You should have a new booklet every 4 weeks I think. :)
Talk to your LLC about those, since you do find them useful! They're really good to be honest, I enjoyed doing all the counselling stuff in Foundation last year. :D
And a little better thank you SunShine! :hug99: How are you? :)
Hi all :)

Am following this thread with great interest as I am also thinking of going onto LLL when I've finished Foundation.

I was offered LLL when I first started but chose abstinence, and now I think by then I'll really *want* the challenge of having to prepare one meal a day myself, to show myself that I *can* do it (it's the challenge rather than the food that's driving this, if you get me; 150g of chicken doesn't sound very appetising even back here in abstinence!).

Anyway, I have about 10 weeks to go of abstinence so I may change my mind before then, but I am finding this thread really interesting.

Good luck everyone! :)
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