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Literlife newbie!!

Hi all, I started my L.L journey Feb 25th 2010. I weighed 13.5, on my first weigh in last Sunday I had lost 6.16llb; part of me believed my counsellor had fiddled with the scales to make me feel better but the waistband on my clothing says differently... My first weekly meeting is tonight and I have been on and off the bathroom scales, the Wii fit etc to see if I can see further progress! My biggest fear is getting there tonight to be told that I haven't lost... or even worse - I've gained!!! Not a morsel has passed my lips apart from my four sachets a day and obvious fluid intake but the fear is still there! The constant thought in my head is what happens in maintenance? Do we begin on a lettuce leaf a week or what? Any experience in this matter would be gratefully appreciated. I'm forty at the end of June (three weeks after foundation is due to end) and my hubby, bless him, is trying to arrange a few days away but doesn't know what to arrange in relation to where I will be at with my new regime! In answer to a previous thread regarding the water flavourings, my counsellor stated that the amount per day was unlimited, hope that helps? I look forward to regular catch ups with you guys and hopefully we can exchange hints/tips and stories along the way :D, will post the result of my weigh in later... Cheers, Debbie.
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Welcome to LL and MM's!

Don't worry about maintenance for now, you'll get all the info you need about that nearer the time. Suffice to say you don't just get a lettuce leaf a day, it's a very clear and structured return to healhy eating :) but you've gotta get Foundation done first! :D

I know what you mean about feeling nervous, some people still do every week I'm sure. I was at first too but after a few weeks you quickly realise that so long as you stick to it 100% you are most certianly losing bodyfat each week - even on the rare weeks that the scales might stay the same you *will* have lost some bodyfat and it'll be additional fluid retention that makes your weight the same.

You mention tips and that'd be my first tip to you; remember the difference between overall weight and bodyfat - just because you weigh the same 2 weeks in a row on LL doesn't mean you *are* the same, just that some fat is gone and some excess fluid or bowel content remains :rolleyes:



I will do this!
hi Debbie - I was nervous like you when I started but this has been the best diet ever. I am at goal now and week 2 of maintenance, I can tell you it is definitely not just lettuce, I'm enjoying yogurt and jelly right now! hehe. But if you want more info, I found it here,
there's a complete list of foods and how they are introduced there. Some like to focus on abstinence, but I had a need to know so loved reading the maintenance threads.
Good luck tonight and for your journey.
Welcome Debbie.
I can see both points of view. Also when some people know you are doing LL they will tell you you'll put it all back on when you start eaing so you'll need to be prepared.
Pete is right. Get going with it, take a step at a time, week by week you will lose. It's usually about a stone and a dress size per month for ladies, sometimes more at the beginning. You will probably notice your hair, skin, nails will improve too because you are getting a good balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as drinking more water, which you probably weren't previously.
here is a definite feel-good factor when you are in ketosis. After a couple of weeks you will probably be surprised at how focused you become and how easy it seems.
For me I didn't really think about the re-introduction of food until it got nearer.
I had so much going on in my head and body already.
I just knew it was a gradual sructured re-introduction to eating over a 12 week period.
What really helped me athe beginning was looking at the success stories and seeing people's before and after photos. It was really inspiring to see that "real" people like me had done it.
Now I like to see that "real" people like me can maintain their weight loss. It makes me know I can when other people think:
"ah yes, you didn't eat for a year, you've lost the equivalent of a whole person, but we're watching and waiting for you to put it all back on!"
Let me tell you, it ain't gonna happen.
14 months now.
Good luck to all you people just starting your LL journey.
It IS possible. You CAN change if you want it enough. YOU are worth it.


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