Literlife - should I do it?

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  1. Hils1

    Hils1 New Member


    I have been to see the general induction video (last Sunday) and am just thinking about starting the diet. I have just over 3 stone to lose but so tired of being the "fat" one of all my firends and desperate to feel trim again. I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday morning to agree to me doing this diet. I really want to lose this weight but so unsure as to what to say to my doctor if she refuses to sign. Really nervous about it. There is a new group starting on May 31st which would be perfect if I can get sign off.

    I hear lots of people are doing so well on this diet. I have been researching for ages on the internet and so worried about people yo yoing after being on this and putting the weight back on - is this true? Is it common to pile it back on or easy to keep off?

    Can anyone help with what to say to the doctor on Thursday as my BMI is between 29/30.

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  3. harri

    harri Full Member

    i was really nervous about seeing my GP too. When i actually got there she wasn't at all interested, filled out the form and charged me £25 for the inconvenience!:mad:

    I felt angry at my GP because i felt that they weren't interested in my mental or physical health and they have never actually offered me any other kind of help with my weight ( which I have seen them about on and off throughout my teens and early twenties.
    Other people in my group had different experiences with their Gp's, some really positive which made them feel more confident about the diet. I don't think there is any reason for your Gp not to sign the form for you unless there are health issues which they feel would become worse on a VLCD?
    Lots of people in my group worried about this but all of us said afterwards that there was no need!:D
  4. Hils1

    Hils1 New Member

    Thanks for this - makes me feel a bit less nervous. Although I still won't sleep properly until its all signed off!!! You are right surely even if she doesn't sign it then I can argue I wil find a doctor that will and there is no reason she shouldn't. I believe I will be better losing this weight in this manner rather than continuing on overweight.

    Best of luck with your own journey - wow 16lbs! I can only imagine!
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  5. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member


    Yes, Yes, Yes - you should do it!!!!! i lost 3.5stone in 9 weeks and went into management early and have been on management for 11 weeks now and feel the greatest I have ever felt.

    i was always the "fat friend" but now my confidence has imroved 10 fold, i feel healthy, happy and so so content with my life, all this after losing my job and moving house. It's amazing what this programme does for you, and not jst the weight loss.

    My hubby thinks he has a new wife and my daughter, a new mum.

    Having said all that, it dosn't suit everyone!!!

    This forum is amazing for support, i would have been lost without it!!!

    have a look at the before and after photo thread (my pictures are on page 31)
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  6. jackiem38

    jackiem38 Member

    The programme is not for everyone but out of 12 starting our group only 2 dropped out. 9 of us have now moved onto development together having completely transformed ourselves in 14 weeks and feeling enough faith in the programme to continue for a bit longer. (You might not need to if you only have the three to lose. I had about 10 to lose and am very close to losing 6 in 14 weeks! Hope your doctor signs off the form- some are a bit funny about it. Good luck.
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  7. Sez

    Sez has started again!!


    Go for it! It is not always the easiest diet, but then again sometimes it is, as there is absolutely no deviation. I had a BMI of 48 (!!) which was utterly shameful, but after 12 weeks I had lost 4stone 6lbs and have a BMI of around 38!

    I have along way to go, but I am staying the course, although I do struggle at times!

    My GP was neither enthused nor negative, I had the briefest of check-ups then was charged £20 for the privelege as "its a commercial business and we are obliged to charge". (Never mind there had never been any help offered despite my huge obesity.)

    Any advice or help you need, chances are you will find it here on Minis, so def give LL a go!!
  8. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    My GP refused to sign it but if they won't you can always see someone privately which is what had to do.
    Although I am now in management after losing 4st and I know it will be hard work it is totally worth it!
  9. Sammy2

    Sammy2 Full Member

    I have just started this week so can't give much insight into it. All I can say is that already things feel loser on me - loser then they have in a long time. Thats gotta be good
  10. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    I went for it and have never once regreted it!

    I can totally relate to all your concerns though. I started LL in Jan 2006 and have recently been reading my old diaries from that period. The entry where I first heard of LL and booked my info session says:
    "the counselling sounds fantastic but I have discovered it is a diet that uses food packs, ie no real food. It's a very low calorie diet and the thought of it scares me. I'm not sure I can handle it. I suppose I have nothing to lose I am desperate".

    A few days later is wrote:
    "I am scared that the doctor won't let me do it. Although there are ways and means to get round it".

    I was very nervous about going to the doctor but he was fantastic. He was very supportive of me being proactive in managing my weight. It might not be traditional but as I said there are ways and means. Please don't stress about it though, you will be ok and will never look back!
  11. carla

    carla Full Member

    Best decision I ever made! As for the doc thing, I was really nervous about seeing my GP too. (I also started with only 3 stone to lose). Turned out the LL counsellors had a doc who signed off LL forms, so I saw him instead. Maybe you could call your counsellor and see if they can recommend someone? Good luck - it really is worth it.
  12. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    My doc was completely adamant that rapid weight loss = rapid weight gain! Having said that he signed and didnt charge me as he was 'pleased I was doing something to tackle my weight problem'. When I went back for my 1st BP check up he was a little shocked that he had made a commitment to checking my BP every 4 weeks (not my fault he didnt read the forms properly!!) I thought he was going to be really difficult about it but he soon changed his tune when I went back for my 2nd check. We had a fantastic chat about why I was doing this, my goals and overall mental approach going into this and since then he's been amazing. He's told me I've inspired him to start a weight management clinic at the practice...and guess who's his 1st 'inspirational' speaker? Oh yes, only little old 64lb lighter me!!! I've also written some papers for him, on his request, for distribution to local GP's in my area.
    He's had a complete turnaround!
    Apparantly I am his only LL patient. I was a little shocked at this as I'm in London, but there you go. It does make me chuckle that 12 weeks in and I'm a published author in the medical world on the subject of weight loss!!!
    :D :D :D
    Hils - If your doc wont sign just go to a walk in medi centre and they'll do it for you, for a fee.
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  13. Hils1

    Hils1 New Member

    THanks everyone - I feel so much better about tomorrows appointment with the doc. If she doesn't sign off then I will find a doctor who will as am committed to losing this weight. Wow will definitely be logging in once I start the programme to keep me motivated. What a great website.
  14. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    How did it go Hils?
  15. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    Ooooh Def go for it :D

    Not sure if you're going today, or went yesterday ;) Let us know how you got on :p
  16. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member

    Hi Hils

    Doc will probably give you the speil about you putting it all back on once you've finished but the people on here are testament to the fact that that is not the case. I am restarting (yesterday), my daughter got married 7 weeks into the plan last time which threw me completely, just not the right time I guess. Determined this time.

    Good luck

  17. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    How did it go?

    I've come to realise that some people do put the weight back on - but then some people put the weight back on on any other diet!!

    My counsellor told me that LL had some research done recently which apparently shows that VLCDs are significantly more successful at helping people to keep weight off after finishing. Obviously research supported by a provider of a VLCD is likely to be somewhat biased and IIRC the "definition" of keeping weight off isn't keeping it ALL off - it's keeping a certain percentage off. BUT to my mind, you stand as good a chance, if not better, given the counselling aspect with LL as you do with anything else!!

    For me the key has been to find a good counsellor who - even if I do regain weight - will help me put it into perspective and not destroy myself with self-loathing and hatred!! And since that's half of my vicious circle challenged with extinction right there - I reckon I stand a decent enough chance!! :D

    good luck!
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  19. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Hope it went well for you. Doing this diet has been one of the best choices I've ever made and I've got to say I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone.

    Best of luck.

  20. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    Hope it went well. Like everyone else says, just do it because you won't regret it. The forum is fantastic as we're all going through the same thing.

    LL is simply life changing, particularly if you stick to it and take it day by day.

    Wishing you luck and hoping the GP was enthusiastic.

    Keep us posted.

    Mrs L xx
  21. Lorna

    Lorna New Member

    Literlife diet

    No! No! No! Do not go anywhere near this diet. It is VERY dangerous to only have 500 calories a day. My daughter did this although it was extremely hard for her and most of the women who started with her dropped out before she did. She lost 6 stones in about 6 months but has already put back over 4 stones in 5 months, is very unwell and cannot stop eating. She has had to give up work because of the stress. She is awaiting the results of blood test for possible thyroid malfunction, anaemia etc. What happens to the body is that 500 calories a day is starvation food so when food is available the body tells you that you are hungry all the time, you can only think of food and makes the most of every calorie that you eat. This is a medical fact. Please don't do this. Over 90% of people put the weight back on very quickly and yo-yo dieting is very unhealthy.
  22. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Hi Lorna, I can understand you feeling upset because of how your daughter is - however I don't believe that doctors would sign us up to do this diet if it was unhealthy.

    There are plenty of people here who post who have lost significant amounts of weight and have maintained at a healthy weight after they have finished the diet.

    I do hope your daughter gets the treatment she needs very soon.

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