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Little losses ?

Hi everyone, I am new on here and have been on the cd for 9days and lost 7lb.
I've been reading your stories and taking in all your advice and wondered how you cope when you have little weight losses like 2lb? I started the cd as a faster way to get me nearer to goal any suggestions and should I prepare myself:eek:
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Serena A

Can't think of a title
2lb losses are brilliant,and you boy adjusts better.Weight loss shouldnt be seen as a race ..it should be about healthy loss. 2lbs is a hell of a lot of fat to lose..... keep up the good work


Stubborn tortoise
I had one week with only a 2lb loss and my CDC looked at me as if she expected me to be upset - but I knew I hadn't cheated and I was just glad that 2lb more were gone. You have to be philosophical about this and look at the big picture. It makes sense that your body needs to adjust from time to time, so don't ask miracles of it... already its doing amazing things with the help of CD!
Like many of us, I secretly want fast results... who doesn't? But I also know that getting there is what counts... and keeping the weight off counts even more. So CD is not a quick fix, it's a great tool for losing weight & in the meantime sorting out the reasons we got that way to start with, so we can make different choices in the future.
I guess STS weeks and gain weeks are even more challenging, but if we get our heads switched on about all this we can handle it! As Serena says, the winners here are those who stick with CD through the ups and downs... they're the ones who get results!

dont worry about small losses a 2lb loss is just as good as a 10lb loss
youre still losing thats all taht matters.

good luck xxx
Hey a 2lb loss is good, do what I do and convert each loss to raw sausages i.e. 8 sausages equal lb (approx) so a 2lb loss and hey presto you just lost 16 sausages.
well its my 6th weigh in today and guess what, ive only lost 2lb!!!!!
i am gutted, :( i use to lose more on SW!! but will stick to it, i might get a bigger loss next week.
well its my 6th weigh in today and guess what, ive only lost 2lb!!!!!
i am gutted, :( i use to lose more on SW!! but will stick to it, i might get a bigger loss next week.

That's the spirit, stick at it this week and you might get more reward for your hard work next week. 2lbs though, whether you think of it as sugar, lard or sausages is still good - well done.


Trying very hard!
My CDC is only coming to me every two weeks now, I thought I'd mind as I would have to wait an extra week before finding out how I'd done. I am now quite glad as I'm hoping it will help even out any little losses.
Hi, 2lbs is great at least its not 2lbs put on! every little helps :) keep up the good work


Stubborn tortoise
Vamp, don't be disheartened... look at your overall losses and keep it in perspective! I used to do SW too and sometimes got 2lb loss on a good week... NEVER ever got 11lb loss in one week though!!!! CD won't let you down if you keep your head in the right place and stick with it. Go, girl!
Thanks for that guy's I never really thought about it like that 2lb off is better than 2lb on. Its great to have some support keep it up WE can do this xx xx


I will get into that wedding dress!
i did that a few weeks ago moaned to a friend at mums and toddlers and we were making tea at the time and i said oh i only lost 3lbs this week am gutted and she turned round and shouted "hey ems catch" and throw a bl00dy full bag of sugar at me!!! i replied with teh normal "oh bl00dy hell what did you do that for that hurt!" and she said "thats how much weight youve lost this week" really put it into perspective! try throwing and catching a bag of suga its actually quite heavy and just think thats how much LESS you weigh this week!!!!!!

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