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Little Miss Mini Refeed Diary :-)

Mmmmmmm chiiiiiiicccckkkkkennnnnnnn

Just after my first supper ;) My goodness it was flippin aaamaaazzzzzing. Lol I had been reading everyones reactions to their first refeed meal and hoping I would enjoy mine as much............boy did I!!!!:D

Was nervous all day and even when I was preparing it I felt like I was being naughty or something, or that I was putting the wrong foods into the salad, but once I sat down.........well all that went out the window and it was chow down time :p

The first bite was crazy with all the explosion of different tastes in my mouth. I actually was sitting there just giggling!!! Feeling really good now, a satisfied full and not the usual bloated full I tend to get.

Heres to a good rest of refeed.....please wish me luck.....Im still a lickle scared...;)

Day 1:
Breakfast: TFR strawberry shake
Dinner: 5oz chicken breast, seasoned with pepper and a small breakfast bowl of lettuce, cucumber, green, red and yellow peppers, baby spinach leaves, brocolli, cherry tomato. Tiny drop of balsamic vinegar.
Evening: TFR chocolate shake

Drinks: 2.5 litres water
1/4 mug of tea with soya milk (I was so full I couldnt finish it lol)
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maintaining since June'09
Glad you enjoyed you first day! x
Thank you Jan. Chicken never tasted sooo good lol :D
Oh Bev it was pure heaven. I just realised how little I actually used to taste food before. It was just like chew....swallow....what can I have next...? I havent properly enjoyed a meal like that in sooo long.....and it was so simple lol just grilled chicken and a salad :)
Oooh it will be Sat before you know it....are you looking forward to it? I was freaking out a bit before hand but now Im good and loving deciding what to have.

Thank you Mary, and welcome back :), today was even better cos I had relaxed so much since yest and wasnt worrying too much so Im already looking forward to seeing what the scales say next week lol I know I should prob put it out of my head til then but really hoping to keep losing ;)

Day 2
Breakfast: two mouthfuls of watered down maintenance summer fruits (yuk!!). Had a strawberry TFR shake instead.

Meal 1: Cod fillet
Two tablespoons peas,green and red pepper, courgette, mushrooms, mangetout.

Meal 2: Turkey Breast 5oz
Small breakfast bowl of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, green, red and yellow peppers, brocolli, baby spinach leaves, peas. Two drops of Balsamic Vinegar and some black and red pepper.

Drinks: 2 litres water


Here we go again!
As you've probably read on other threads, I've been so looking forward to refeeding now for weeks! I really can't wait. I'm ready to start eating again now, feel as though I've done long enough on this. It will be 24 weeks on saturday without breaking it once, so think I deserve to eat again.

Glad you are enjoying refeeding and not so stressed about it. Keep going cos you're doing great!
WOW 24 weeeeksss and not one slip up??? My god you defo deserve to have some chicken ;) :) Thats fantastic hun. I felt like I hadnt eaten in years so you must be sooo excited to get going. Have you decided what to have with your first meal?:D
Was just weighing my turkey breast there and its 2oz cooked......is that ok?? I weighed it raw and it was 5oz. Or are we supposed to have 4-6oz cooked weight.... just want to make sure lol. :)
It's 4-6oz raw! :)

I've never weighed it after it's cooked. Interesting how much less it weighs, must be all that water! Gosh, imagine the amount of chicken we'd have to eat if it was 4-6oz cooked!!! Irish Hobo x
Phew!!! lol thanks Irishhobo, haha was getting worried Id be sitting here til Xmas trying to finish me turkey for tonight hehe ;) I bought myself a digital scales today so was trying out my new toy lol :D and the turkey was the nearest thing to hand. And then of course I starts panicking that Im doing things wrong.....oh I needs to relax dont I hehe :rolleyes:
Thanks hun :)


maintaining since June'09
Ooops! I weigh them cooked - usually have between 3 and 5 ozs .... not that big IMO :eek: xx
Your welcome Missy! :)
Yeah I think we'd all be sitting there till xmas trying to polish it off!!! Oooohhhh new digital scales... I'm jealous!!! Might invest in some new scales, I'm loving shopping for anything now! After feeling and living like a hermit for 16 wks! Lol!

Trust me u can't go wrong with the refeed, well unless u eat something bold that is! Just enjoy the new tastes and smells!!! Mmmm.. FOOD!!!

Irish Hobo xx

P.S. Jan I'm sure the extra bit of chicken hasn't done much harm! It's not like you've been eating extra carbs! Hope you're enjoying your holiday! x
So you weigh everything uncooked? Fish, rice, pasta? I was wondering about that... I've been weighing my fish after it was cooked but then i weighed the brown rice uncooked...it's all so confusing...:confused:
I personally weigh chicken and fish raw as they shrink when cooked. Pasta, rice and potatoes are weighed after cooking as they absorb water and will weigh more. It says on the sheet to weigh pasta and rice when cooked. I could be wrong bout the fish and chicken, although the average chicken breast usually weighs between 4-6oz raw.

Hope this helps! :)

Irish Hobo xx
Oh Im in love with my new scales, it even has an alarm for some reason! Got all excited when it kept beeping at me earlier lol. I was like a little kid :p. Swear it was my old norm scales that made me put up weight and not chocolate and chips!!!!! Honest!!!

Jan I wouldnt worry about that at all, you are doing brill, and 3-5oz wouldnt be very much over.

Ooh MissJ you just reminded me I can have a potato tomorrow mmmm. All nummy and fluffy :drool: ......which actually leads me to another newbie question....if rice/pasta is weighed cooked.....does that include the monster of an 8oz spud??


maintaining since June'09
deffo weigh the spud raw x
Thanks Jan xx hmmm bake or boil....bake or boil....decisions decisions ;):)


maintaining since June'09
Oooo definitely bake IMHO! ;) x

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