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Liver damage caused by ketosis?

Having been very ill recently (jaundice/fatigue/fever) I went for a scan on my liver today and it is not good news. It's not gallstones. There is scarring/inflamation and a couple of 'growths' and they're really not sure what's caused it.

From recent blood tests it's shown that I've got glandular fever (hence the fatigue) but apparently it wouldn't cause the kind of liver damage I've got. I haven't drunk alcohol for over 6 years so it's not caused by that. Nor have I ever touched drugs apart from prescribed pain killers which I've not had for about two years since my back surgery.

The dr suggested the damage could have been caused by being in ketosis for such a long time but I need a biopsy (really looking forward to that one!) to find out. I wondered if anyone else has heard of this being a problem?

Hopefully i've not got permanent damage although they've said my liver function is significantly impaired. It seems that being slim has brought more health problems than I've ever had before. I swear LL has saved me from all the illnesses caused from obesity. I'd never have lost the weight any other way. But could it have done damage to my liver?

Don't worry, if it does turn out to be LL that's caused the problem I'm not going to start slating it. It's the best diet I've ever done and given me my life back in so many ways (so long as I can get better from whatever I now have!)

Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated xxx
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hi there
sorry to hear this - i hope everything works out ok for you.

don't have any suggestions or advice sorry, just wanted to send you some positive vibes!

how long have you been on LL/were you abstaining for - you have lost a fantastic amount of weight
daisy x
I was on abstinence for 8 months all together. Started eaxaclty a year ago on Sunday. Can't believe how much I've changed in just 12 months.

Thanks for the positive vibes! Trying not to worry too much until I get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Just frustrating as things were all going so well and now this. Ah well, what doesn't kill you ...
I have heard about this on different threads on other sites in the past, it seems to effect some people, particularly if they have been on the diet for a long time, im sorry i dont know much more than that, but I hope evrything goes okay for u. xxx


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Oh huge hugs Rachel!! Doesn't sound as though you're in for a fun time.

Nothing to offer in the medical department either just a bit of etheral support. But I would like to think that, just as some people have blonde hair or long legs or have allergies, some are more susceptable to certain ilnesses than others. Just because you have been on this diet doesn't mean that it's the diet's fault and everyone is going to fall over with it. Like you said, the bad things that come with obesity are an even bigger mire to get stuck in!! I truly hope they find the answers for you. xxxxxxxxxx
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Did they explain why it might be ketosis, diabetics are in permanent ketosis and I have not heard of their livers being damaged by it, the disease affects so many other things I know.


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I was on abstinence for 8 months all together. Started eaxaclty a year ago on Sunday. Can't believe how much I've changed in just 12 months.
Hi Rach - Happy Anniversary and I hope your enjoying your new body.

Have you spoken to the LL Medical advisors about your liver? I'm interested in your diagnosis as I have about 9 stone to lose and, like yourself, expect to be in abstinence for 8 months or so.

I do love this diet as it is really working for me and I really believe I can lose ALL the weight - a first on any diet.

Hugs hon and I hope things improve quickly.
Did they explain why it might be ketosis, diabetics are in permanent ketosis and I have not heard of their livers being damaged by it, the disease affects so many other things I know.
Diabetics only go into ketosis (and it's a different kind of ketosis to the type we're in) if they don't take their insulin! If someone was in ketosis the rest of their life they would be skin and bones and they wouldn't live very long. My best friend is diabetic and I've talked with her about it in the past.

Long term ketosis changes the acidity levels in your blood and can therefore damage your liver and kidneys (although they seem ok at the moment)

I don't know if it is LL that's done this. It's just a possibility the Dr (who supported me throughout my weight loss) suggested.

Don't let my predicament put anyone off starting LL. I'd still do it all again! xx
I was 'only' in abstinence for the 100 days and also 'only' lost less than four stone total and I had a problem too. I had a set of blood tests before I started and at the end of manangement and although my cholesterol came down (which is good) my liver function suffered quite badly and I was at significant risk of gallstones. I had never had anything like that before and was retested about 8 months afterwards and it had gone back to normal, thank goodness. It was definitely the LL, nothing else had changed in my life at all, BUT being slimmer outweighed any risks to my health that being overweight posed, I wouldn't change what I did, I am now on LLL to lose a bit of excess (a stone) and am going to be monitored by my very understanding Doctor :)


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I read this on a different forum in reference to this; it is 'severe' ketosis that could cause this problem (of course there are exceptions, some people are more susceptible than others). Someone pointed out that we are not in 'severe' ketosis since there are carbs in our shakes... However it is important to keep hydrated to keep the ketones flushed and diluted.
Also, if you are feeling unwell, or just want to make sure nothing is going wonky you can also get a blood test every month to check your liver and kidneys. :)

This diet really isn't scientifically tested for such side-effects, but bad things do happen to good people. Poor RoundRachel, I really do sympathise. :( I hope they can find out what caused this and you can get better.
It may be a coincedence, or you may have had a more sensitive liver to begin with... Who knows? BL did LL for 10 months if I recall correctly, and I did it for 9, but *cross fingers touch wood* we didn't seem to develop any effects like you're experiencing.

((sending hugs)) Stay strong!
thanks for your get well wishes everyone! It could really be anything. As you say minerva, could have had a problem with my liver beforehand or it could just be coincidence.
I've got glandular fever too and that can cause liver damage in the form of hepititis but I don't have that so not really sure! I'm a medical mystery and need Greg House and his team to sort me out (love that programme-and Hugh Laurie!)

Just interested to hear if anyone had any other similar experiences. Don't want to put people of LL though. Far from it. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me! xx


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Yes they say Ketosis can cause liver problems, its the drain on the water and the liver shrinks. This is the biggest criticism of another well know low carb diet called aitkins. However i stress that these are all theories and unproven.

Dr aitkins was recognised for his work after he died and he lived on th diet for years. Its all theory so it could be something else. If it turns out in the future that ketosis is the cause then a lot of us are going to think twice about dieting this way


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Wow, how scary for you Rachel!! I hope you get thet treatment you need quickly, oh, and great attitude about it all I say!

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