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Lizzi's Diary!

A little intro about me...

Hi guys!

Ok, so I'm new to this forum so I"m going to do a quick copy paste from my intro thread into here so you all know vaguely who I am etc....

I'm Lizzie, I'm 20 in April and I've decided I want to reach my 20s slimmer and stay that way!

I'm currently 10 stone 10, pretty much the heaviest I've been, and at only 5 foot 3, that makes me quite rounded! My BMI is now officially in the overweight category, and it's scared me!

I managed to slim down to about 9 and a half stone before I came to university, but still wasn't happy about my weight and was going to try and lose it - but somehow (or should I say, through too many tubs of ben and jerrys, takeaways and portions of chips), I put all the weight back on.

I carry most of the weight arround my stomach - and I have extremely weak stomach and core strength muscles due to a back injury years ago (it's all better now, but a year of a pulled out back ruined the muscles!) So basically, by the end of this, I want to get rid of the pot belly (urgh) and get as flat a stomach as possible, then tone up those muscles.

I'm currently a UK size 14 (US size 12, European size 42).

My aim is to reach about 8 stone 7, and approx a UK size 10 (US 8, Europe 38)

My diet plan
So, now I've whittered on enough about me and my aims, I'll tell you how I'm planning on getting there (decided today after eating a cheesy chicken baguette. Oops...)

My basic diet plan will consist of variations on the following:

Breakfast: Glass of fruit smoothie

Lunch: Salad + some form of protein (a few kidney beans, or if I'm getting it from the local sandwich bar, turkey)

Dinner: Something low cal - e.g. jacket potato with tesco light cottage cheese, or vegetable ratatouille...

As for snacks - I'm going to try not to snack, but if I do...hmm, I guess fruit.

I might try using hoodia to help supress my apetite a bit.

Oh, and my daily treat is a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks...only 98 calories, hoorah!

Finally - as a little bit of extra motivation for me (and because my "Doing it for myself" theory didn't work!) - I've decided to give £1 to a charity that's very very close to my heart for every lb I lose! So maybe now I'm doing it for charity, I'll have a bit more of a kick...

Food diary for today!
Today's food has been pretty dire really. I had a cheesy chicken baguette for lunch and dinner's going to be chicken again (found out from my parents that we're going to Nando's AFTER eating the chicken baguette) - so maybe I'll get the pitta bread with ratatouille as a side dish. No chips though, I definitley won't nee any more carbs!!

I'll post again tomorrow with my progress....

Lizzi xxx
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OH! I forgot to mention, my biggest downfall is sugar. I bloat up like anything when I eat it (seems to run in the family!) so my biggest challenge is to stay off the sugary snacks and drinks. But especially snacks.....has anyone got any tips to stop sugar cravings??
Day 2

I've not been too bad today. Got up really late though....

I ate a bit more than planned last night - had a couscus and chick pea salad with chicken at Nando's with my parents, then had half a low-fat hummous sandwich after the concert I played it (was starving and exhausted!)

Today I got up ridiculously late, and managed to hold off eating (apart from a 3 dried apricots) until late lunch - parents took me to a carvery, so roast turkey, cranberry sauce, rost potatoes (fatty, yes but so good...and an occasional treat these days!) and lots of fresh veg. Then an orange just now...

Going out with the girls later, anti-valentines-girls-night-out thing...so I'm going to try and avoid the drink as much as poss. Maybe I'll stick to the low cal G&T option.....
Ok I need some support from someone here, I've slipped (already) - I've had the worse couple of days. JUst stupid dramas with friends and guys and I just ate a big bag of doritos. And I've had a big vanilla latte today, and a skinny blueberry muffin....argh!! I need a bit of advice/support/kick up the arse.....anyone??
Hi Lizzi, take a breather and remember what you were doing this for. Everyone falls off the wagon, that's easy, it's climbing back on which will be your test of strength!
Thanks hon, I had a massive lie in this morning (oops) and sticking to smoothies salads and soups I think!

One of my biggest problems has got to be comfort eating....need to break that cycle if anyone has any tips? x
I can't believe how good I've been/feel today! After a tremendously **** day yesterday, I decided to bounce back, put my favourite clothes and perfume on, started the day (well, afternoon) with a smoothie and then bounced into college listening to the cheesiest, happiest music I own. Weirdly it worked, and it only took me 25 minutes to walk into town today, instead of the usual 35. I had a medium skinny (sugar free) vanilla latte at around half 4, then just ate a very healthy salad - rocket, soya beans, peas and sugar snap peas, with an olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chilli and corriander dressing. Sounds weird- but it's really yummy! I'm just polishing off the last of a pack of melon, and then I'll be off to a gig for some dancing and fun times...so hopefully it'll keep me going- and I'll burn some calories too!

OH, forgot to say, also walked back from town too. So feeling very good today.... :eek:)
Ok so my plan hasn't entirely worked - came home starving after a couple of G&T's...but I'm eating 3 bean and sweetcorn soup (home made) and some fat free yoghurt with a little bit of tinned salmon. Weirdest mix ever, maybe, but possibly a tad alcohol induced...
Oh god. I was doing so well, I'd lost 3lbs....
then I STUPIDLY ate like a pig over the past 2 days when my friends have been here, and probably put it straight back on. OH well, I won't weigh myself for a few days and just cut on the calories and make me feel better. And go for a looong power-walk tomorrow :p
I won't even say what I've eaten, it's just not nice....
Hi lizzi i'm new to this forum so bare with me , my name is fiona and i'm on day 4 of the lipotrim diet :) all going well today after a shakey one yesterday. Cheered myself up by doing the wii fit tonight and found i've lost 4 pounds already . They say i'm supposed to lose a stone a month so hope i can see it through for three months and i'll be happy. Only thing is your not aloud to eat normal food just what they give you, i am keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you success with your diet, my tip is to you to register for the walk for life this year and train hard it has helped me put my energy into something else and i want to look good in my shorts when i do it ;).good luck.
Hmm, that's an idea, and I"ve been wanting to do it for ages! Thanks! I'll take a look at it and see...meanwhile, I think I"m going for a long walk now get some exercise and hopefuly not eat the crap today and get back into my healthy eating! Fingers crossed!
the trick is not to diprive yourself whilst on the diet maybe eating a little less than you would usually if your going to eat treats, hope you do well.

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