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Lizz's "to Inslimity and beyond" diary


WILL be Slim!
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I've pondered whether i wanted to start up a diary, and then i have started to enter a phase of my journey where i feel i need to record where i have been, where i am, and where i'm heading!

I know i'm not on the maintenance plans (Yet) but the reason why i have started this here is because i now feel mentally prepared for maintenance so i hope you dont mind me starting this here...

Just a brief background on me:
I'm Lizz, 30, married, 1DD! I meet DH 7 years ago at a size 16.....and the weight went on like there was no tomorrow! Bad habits, comfort eating and laziness took me from a size 16 up to a size 22. I then lost 2 stone on WW to then conceived my DD.
6 weeks after my DD was born, i was 21 stone 12lbs...i dread to think how much i weighed at the end of my pregnancy!

i lost weight via various methods (that included a very unsuccessful 2 week attempt at CD) and managed to get down to 13stone 12lbs and a size 14.

By April 09, i was back up at over 17 stone....my mate had been doing CD and lost loads of weight...inspired by this, i booked into see her CDC and started straight away.

For 21 weeks, i have been on SS (apart from my 810 week), and lost just over 6 stone taking me down to 11st 3lbs, a size 10 and 10lbs away from goal.

Today will be my last day on SS! Not becuase it has to be, but becuase its the right time to start moving on. SS has been a wonderful tool, but i need to go to the next level now, so tomorrow i will be going onto 810....and staying on that until i get to goal.
I am determined to give this plan as much dedication and respect as i have with SS. I know the plans are there for a reason, and i have no doubt that at some point, there "might" be bumps in the road, but i will not collapse and be beaten!

I WILL get to goal!!

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Welcome over Lizz (just posted on your other thread)! I think you are right to move up and start a diary. I found it really helped me through the first weeks of moving up (though my plans then changed).

Hope you not feeling too rough if you are off for another couple of weeks.

Enjoy your last day of SS and then roll on 810 tomorrow (mmmm, fruit!!!)

Good luck lady, but am sure you don't need it x
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Well done Lizz on being so positive, with that attitude I am sure you will soon be at goal. I have found that as I moved up the plans the weight continued to come off, sometimes even speeding up to SS, eventually our bodies need more to speed up our metabolism to help us lost that last bit of weight. Congrats on you brilliant journey even if it has been a bit haphazard, you have done remarkably well, good luck with moving up each level of maintenance, I know I couldn't wait to finish CD, and you know what, even though I am no longer on CD I actually had a choc mint mixamousse today because I like them so much.... lol


Plod, plod, plod.....
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Well done Lizz, you have done so well and will continue to do so I'm sure. Your comments on other threads have been helpful to me. We all learn from each other.


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Welcome over to maintenance hon..
You have done amazingly well and lost a remarkable amount of weight in 21 weeks... You have always been a true inspiration..
Hon, you should be so proud of yourself and you are definately making the right decision.
I know you will do just as well on 810 as you have on ss and you will be at your goal before you know it.
Keep smiling your a star x
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Wonderful to see another maintenance diary. You sound so ready for the next stage of your journey and have done fantastically well on SS. I too moved up the plans earlier than I needed to and never had any regrets, it helped me to ease into maintenance gently and gave me time to learn.



Plod, plod, plod.....
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Porgeous;2005257 time to learn. xx[/QUOTE said:
This is what I need .
Welcome to maintenance, Lizz - your head is absolutely in the right place and you will achieve your goal! :)

I continued to lose steadily whilst on 810 and 1000... and a little is slipping away on 1200 (although this may be my new found - and deeply joyful - 'regularity'! That'll be the fruit then...). Your 10lbs will be gone in no time.


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
well today i did it! I finally reached a BMI of under 25 and am now medically classed as "normal" or "Healthy"!
I managed to lose 3lbs, even after chocolate-gate which i am amazed about!
I am not embarrassed to say that i cried my eyes out and jumped about like a loon!
I am now only half a stone away from goal and although i put in my first post that i was moving up to the 810 plan because i felt ready, i am now doing it becuase i HAVE to! lol! The Irony!

Today my DH is best man at our friends wedding, and my 3yr old DD is flowergirl! I cant wait to see them both in all their glad rags, and i have a beautiful Oasis silk dress to wear...size 10! This wedding was what made me lose weight in the first place as i was determined not to let DH/DD down on the big day by having to wear a tent! I just never dreamt i would come so far in such a short amount of time! :D
I know what the menu is...its prawn cocktail, chicken wrapped in panchetta with vegetables and potatoes, followed by summer fruit pavlova. There is also a buffet for the evening. I am going to eat, leave the potatoes where they are and be careful about my choices, but not let it take over the day. I also have my tetra's with me (the first ones i've ever had) so i can stick to plan. We're staying in the hotel but i'm not going to be bothering with breakfast as tomorrow is strictly back to 810. I'm comfortable with the idea of food being consumed and know that if i have a gain next week, then so be it but i hope there will be enough time to retify it between now and next saturday (i dont have scales at home so cant check).

So i will be away all day but will be back tomorrow to check everyones diary!

ooohhhh, i'm smiling ear to ear still! lol

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Huuuuge congratulations on getting to healthy BMI - what a huge huge huge milestone fore you, seriously well done!

I've done things a bit slower than you hun, starting at 17 stone in January, and still have a stone to go to healthy BMI, but I'm getting there bit by bit too. Have a fantastic day today, and enjoy 810 too xx


Cambridge Consultant
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Congratulations hon!!! I am soooooooo happy for you. Jump around Jump around as much as you like as you deserve to be jumping like a loon.
Well done....... you must be so proud.
You are going to look stunning in your size 10 dress and I cant wait to see the pics. (not wearing the tent that you so didnt want to be)
Hope you are having a wonderful day and I bet your little girl looks gorgeous.... and I am sure as a family you will all look fab........
Enjoy every minute of it hon you have done so well and deserve it...
You achieved what you wanted and that was to look fab at your friends wedding and I am sure you will.
Have a wonderful day.
xxxx Marissa xxx
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It's so lovely to "see" you happy again - the chocolate incident is clearly behind you and the future is happy days in a size 10!!!

Have a wonderful day and make sure you are in as many photos as possible (if you're anything like me you probably used to avoid the photographer at weddings LOL)!!
Hope the wedding went well what a wonderful weekend for a wedding, we need to see pictures!!!

Well done on getting to "normal" - huge achievement and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. Your determination and focus made you get here in the shortest time period possible. I am also sure that you get to target no worries!

I am sure you wore your size 10 Oasis dress with pride yesterday and looked wonderful (and I repeat - pictures please!!!)



WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
Phew! What a weekend!!!

I love that my last entry was saying about sticking to plan and taking the tetra's etc! Silly me!
Ok, so i took my tetra's with me, had one and HATED it!!! It was horrible! EUCH! but i forced it down!
The wedding was beautiful! Had a very emotional time and it was super!
Went to the reception with the intention to do whatever i felt like to be honest....i was on such a high that food wasnt a priority and i refused to let it control my day.
So....i had the starter of prawn cocktail with my first piece of bread for over 5 months! lol. I had 1 of the 4 small potatoes with my main, didnt finish it all becuase i wanted room for the dessert which was amazing and finished! I love italian cooking!!! :D
We then went and got checked into the hotel and i rammed another of those tetra's down (YUCK YUCK YUCK!) and then the drinking started. Didnt have loads and drank a LOT of water throughout the night! They had a pick n mix and i had some of that (and a doughnut opps).
The evening buffet, i was careful, but couldnt eat any of it as i started getting really bad stomach cramps becuase of the volume of food/carbs i'd consumed compared to usual. The cramps got so bad that i ended up going to bed which coinsided about the same time as the bacon butties which i completely ignored!
Had a super sleep and felt a lot better this morning after a toilet trip )(sorry TMI!).
I had a cooked breakfast this morning with toast, some fruit and a yogurt. Not massive portions but certainly enjoyed. Didnt have any lunch as still so full from breakfast and for tea my mum and hubby have had a chinese...so i had a salad with a chicken starter from the chinese restaurant which i thought was a better option...followed by sharing chocs with mum and hubby!

Ok, so i ate more than planned, but its ok as i'm going back onto 810 tomorrow and looking forward to getting back into a routine. Its not run having to "think" about food now! lol. Having cottage cheese and cucumber/rocket salad tomorrow for tea so i'm going to enjoy that!

The best bit is i feel no guilt!

I indulged. Enjoyed it immensly. Moved on!

All good!

Very happy at the moment! Not becuase of the food, but becuase i've enjoyed being with a lot of friends yesterday, and today had time with hubby and now with my mum! I miss her a lot and she goes back to brum tomorrow which always makes me sad, but it will restore routine in the house so its not all bad!

Still buzzing about being a healthy BMI, although i'm sure i will be well over that right now! lol. I will deal with the repercutions of this weekend at my next weigh in! Goal will still be there.....just might take me an extra week to get there that's all!

Hope everyone is fab...and at your requests....some photo's of the frock in my album although i do look quite chunky on the ones where you can actually see the dress! lol. LOVE the one of me with Cassie! Love how slender my shoulders/neck are now! :)

Cant stop smiling! :D

Looking good, Lizz! :)

Your approach and the way you feel about the experience of food at and beyond the wedding is just right - you have some amazing memories and BIG milestones in a short period of time. You deserved to enjoy yourself and I'm absolutely certain you'll be back on track exactly as you've planned, and without any lasting 'damage' whatsoever. Because your mind is in the right place!

Remember that I had a bit of a 'panic' when I first moved up to 810 (there's a thread somewhere with a whole lot of my paranoia and wobbles in it about moving up to 810 - I was almost hysterical, and had no need to be... although obviously didn't realise that at the time) - it took just a few days for my body to adjust, and then the weight loss got going (downwards!) again. Keep on with 810 and the dedication you've applied so far and you'll be just fine.

Oh, and keep on smiling :)


Cambridge Consultant
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It sounds like you had amazing day......... You looked stunning and so did Cassie to..
You should be so proud of yourself hon you really have done amazingly well in such a short time..
I am glad your day was perfect and I am pleased you ate what you ate and enjoyed your day....... and never felt bad about it as you shouldnt...
Keep smiling hon you really have done fab x


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
today has been a day back on plan which hasnt been as hard as i thought it would be. I find it quite odd that i'm able to have time off plan and then get back into my routine of Cd so easily?
So, today i have happily had:

A&C Porridge
Oriental Chilli Soup with 275g Quorn pieces, cucumber and rocket.
Butterscotch slush-puppy-shake
5l Water

I'd be lying if i said i hadnt craved chocolate today, but craving it and having it are two very different things! lol. Whether i will be able to lose any weight this Saturday is another matter but at least i had a good time! lol.

My mum went home this morning which was difficult. I hate not being local now! :( The good bit is that although my tablets are still making me woozy, its improving daily although my mood is still taking time to pick up!
Went into Sainsburys tonight and they had loads of their strawberries reduced to 30p a pack so i'm making some jam with DD & DH tomorrow which i've never made before so that should be a giggle but i cant wait! They also had a load of their Christmas stock in which got me really excited! Looking forward to it so much this year! :D

Not long now until Disneyland now either! :D:D:D



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Welcome over Lizz, great to see you here! The wedding sounds great, and the pics are fab... size b****y 10!!! Go you. I'm glad you had a great time and gladder still you are back on track - your can-do attitude and sensible approach is inspiring hon.

Well done & big hugs!



WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
your can-do attitude and sensible approach is inspiring hon.
not feeling this at the moment!
I'm having one of those days where all i want to do is eat! :(

We've just been out for lunch with the FIL and i had a prawn salad, no dressing, and only ate the lettuce. It wasnt big and there werent many prawns so i still have protein to eat later but i just seem to be hungering for EVERYTHING bad! Especially sweets/chocolates!

Really beating myself up over it and i'm miserable!

I'm still having a really hard time at the moment in general and i'm desperately hoping the prozac kicks in soon as my mood swings are driving me up the wall! On the outside i'm so bright and breezy, at home i'm a mess! :( and my food cravings are making me feel even worse!

Its making me wonder whether i should be doing a higher plan even than 810!

So confusing and i hate feeling so demotivated! I'm usually the one that helps everyone else, and now i feel like im turning into a wet lettuce! lol

The good bit of the day is that i have made my first ever batch of strawberry jam! Its been so successful that we're going to do mini home made hampers for everyone for Christmas and i seem to have a knack with salt dough making plaques so just waiting for that to dry out in the oven and then i can put my painting skillls to test and see if i completely butcher it! lol