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LL and cooking for a family - Help

Hello. This is my first post.

I am hoping to start LL in a couple of weeks. Seeing DR on Tuesday and then waiting.... for the lifechanging call

I have been reading all your stories for inspiration and research - amazing. How do you manage when you have to cook for husband and child (2). It's the main thing that is worrying me. Any advice appreciated. Thank you .
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Welcome to the boards,
Glad you're joining LL, its great, can't tell you how much difference its made to me in just 4 short months. Sorry can't offer you much advice as I live alone and now have practically no food in my house. All I can say is to try and make things as easy as possible for yourself and cook simple things. Cook things you don't like much, put washing up liquid on any leftovers and try to think of a mantra to recite in your head while you're around food. Mine is 'Its Only Food' and it seems to help. After the first couple of days, you'll be amazed at the lack of hunger and I've suprised myself by happily sitting in restaurants watching other people eat 3 course meals!! Good luck x


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Get help if possible, my hubby does a lot of cooking.I keep telling myself im doing this one time only, i can truley say it doesnt bother me at all.I was dreding it before i started but its not as bad as i thought.


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I cooked every day when on LL and used to get take out McDonalds etc for the kids without any problems. just make sure that you have your packs when you want them and drink the water and the will power you will find is shocking!

Its really weird but I found my increasd love for cooking once I went on LL.

I can't stop cooking now. It's like if I cant eat then I can have my love of food through cooking for the hubby and kids.

The first couple of weeks I couldn't do it but now just you try and keep me away! I cook it, put it out on the table and sit there with my shake whilst everyone tucks in!

Good luck, we are all here to help you



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I'm married with 2 kids, one 10 and the other 14, so I have no choice but to cook most days.

I have to say, after the first week on LL, when my hubby did the cooking, I have had no problems and actually like making a meal and watching the family enjoy eating it. It also makes me feel really good that I've cooked a meal and not picked whilst cooking it.

I'm lucky in the fact that hubby and oldest son are also happy with a few ready meals in a week, so the freezer is full of bits they can do themselves.

Good luck on your LL journey.
Only just worked out how to find my post and your answers!:eek:

Thank you for your advice. My daughter is 2 and if my husband cooked - I think she'd starve! The only thing he has ever made is toast. He is fab but just never cooked. I have cooked some food and frozen it, so will only have to defrost rather than cook from scratch. Love the washing up on leftovers idea

Still waiting for a start date. :wavey:

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