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LL / CD swap


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Correct me if I am wrong, but I imagine that would really be a bad idea!

Dont LL have 4 packs a day as opposed to 3? Wouldnt that mean that you would be getting less of the nutritional content if you were using a LL pack to substitute a CD pack?
Hi Mandy

I'm on CD as well and used to do LL - I much preferred the LL bars (new ones only!) and I really miss the LL mushroom soup - the CD version is vile!
Sadly though you can't swap between the 2 as the calorie contents of the packs are different - if you were to swap a soup pack you wouldn't be getting enough calories or nutrients and the person you swapped with would have the opposite problem!

It is a shame though because I'd like to be able to swap between the 2 diets as well!

MM x


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Ive done it before, didnt make any difference, just helped me stay on the diet, by having packs that I liked.

The difference in packs is about 4calories as per the LL/CD site.
I am really going to put the cat amongst the pigeons here and say I did alternate days of 4 packs when I followed LL then 3 packs when I followed CD I never mixed in the same day, but I had loads left over from LL and then switched to CD. Did me no harm :) still lost my 6 stone
Hi My I lost weight on LL and have returned to CD to loose what I have put back on
My CD counsellor tells me LL buy their products off CD and it is the same product.

She did say there is slightly more product in the CD sachets than the LL which is why
CD have 3 and LL have 4. You could just use a little less product from the packet if you
wanted but I dont think it would make that much difference?

Good Luck - whatever keeps you going as its not that easy whichever you do it?

I dont find it easier either way x

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