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LL done....now for my 'bucket list'

Now I've been maintaining for over a year (hooray!) I've decided it's time for some new challenges and to start to cross off the things on my bucket list (a list of things to do before I kick the bucket. I'm only 33 hopefully it's a way off yet!)

As some of you know, I began doing some running last year to raise money for the prostate cancer charity in memory of my Dad.

I did 152 miles in 30 days and it nearly killed me but I wanted some things to 'look forward to' this year too.

Here's what I've got so far. I'd never have considered any of these had it not been for LL!

1. Trip to Australia to see my sister. I go in three weeks. Would never have considered getting on a plane let alone wearing a bikini before LL!

2. The Manchester Great run. 10k. Hoping to complete in under an hour.

3. Hellrunner. A 10-12 mile off road race through bogs and up and down sand dunes through the woods in Mid November. I've secured my entry. Eek!

4. Run the London Marathon. Hoping to secure an entry for April '11. I have a provisional place at the moment (helps having three friends who work as entry officials!)

So, it's lots of running for me. I may not be able to do it for much longer due to a spinal condition. But as I'm not going to live forever, I plan to grab life and live it while I still can.

All thanks to LL.

Sorry for the ramble. Feeling inspired and hoping my post will help anyone who may be struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Life is what you make of it. Starting LL is a great way to get off the starting gate xx
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sounds great rachel
good luck with all your challenges and have a fab time in Oz
daisy x


Playing the Angel
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What a fantastic list and how wonderful to be heading off somewhere hot and sunny!! I hope you have the most fantastic time.

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I've just googled the hellrunner as hadn't heard of it, and i'm quite tempted myself. I run the Race for Life every year, and this year, especially with some of the weight gone, something harder is needed! Have a fab hol :)
yes, if you google hellrunner, and have a look at the video, you'll understand why I've oficially got a srew loose! I've got a couple of friends who did it last year. Looked so much fun and the atmosphere was incredible. Hope to be uber fit my November so I can get round without killing myself!
Wonderful Rachel. Have a fabulous time down under
It's inspirational to hear you being so athletic since doing LL. I wish i was brave enough to give it a go. I'm allergic to exercise!
I love the idea of a bucket list.


Happy in my own skin
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Hi Rachel,

They all sound fab. I'm really getting into my running too.

My list for this year is...

1. Do Edinburgh 10k in May. (Signed up)
2. Do Glasgow half marathon in September. (Not signed up yet, waiting to see how 10k goes)
3. Do sponsored walk on the Great Wall of China in September (one week after half marathon, I must be mad!, signed up)

I think it's important to have a mini adventure/maxi adventure/bucket list to inspire you to keep going.

I hope you have a fab time in Australia.
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Gosh, good luck! I don't know where you find the energy for all this running, I have never been able to manage it!
It's just like anything. You start small and keep building it up slowly. Then hey presto. Before you know it you're thin/running marathons/saving money etc.
I could only literally run a lamp post, then walk a lamp post to start with. It's taken 12 months but I now regularly run ten miles at the weekend with shoter runs in the week. Plus, with all the exercise, I can allow myself the odd (little) treat and the weight stays the same! part of my motivation for all the exercise if probably so I can eat a bit more and not feel guilty about it!
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I am also worried that running will ruin my knees... I know a lot of people who had to stop because they were actually negatively affecting their health by running...


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Blimey Rach! I'm knackerd just reading that!! I'll huddle up with SB and support from the sidelines.

Have a fab time in Oz. They were doing all sorts of whacky stuff when we were there in November. Point to point runs, Iron Man, Anaconda races. They love their sport.
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Well done you! I'm signed up for a few adventure races, the Dartmoor Mountain Marathon, and the Jersey Marathon. Also thinking of doing a Half Ironman Triathlon in August. And next year aim is to solo a coast to coast adventure race - non stop running, kayaking, mountain biking, open water swimming etc across yorkshire and lancashire.

Last April I did 30sec run, 90sec walk x 5 for my first session, almost killed me. But I've been upping the distance post RTM and prior to a 2 month rest after surgery was happily doing 25km trail runs. If you're worried about your knees get decent trainers, or consider trail running which uses all your lateral muscles and is generally a softer surface (and more fun IMHO!). You can also use gym classes like step, aerobics and combat to get your legs used to impact, and cycling is a fairly close exercise so you don't need to do all your exercise repetitively pounding the pavement. That's what causes people injuries.

Good luck with your list Rachel, sounds fab :)
I am also worried that running will ruin my knees... I know a lot of people who had to stop because they were actually negatively affecting their health by running...
There are a lot of people who get all sorts of injuries from doing all sorts of exercise. But it's not nearly as bad as doing nothing!
I have a spinal condition that means I shouldn't be able to walk, let alone run. I have a dodgy knee that hurts all the time but I'm just used to it. I have arthritis is my right hip.
But unless I do something NOW and feel I've really used the body god gave me, I'll be sat in a chair wishing my life away.

Running is one of the best forms of exercise but you need to be really sensible about it otherwise you can cause yourself an injury. My run is more of a shuffle but it's good for all the muscles in my body. Any even my saggy skin is so much firmer as a result.

Exercise is supposed to hurt a little bit. But as you improve, it'll get easier. Until you try iy you'll never know!

Sorry, I'll step off my soap box now!

Girloutdoors...your adventures sound amazing. I'd love to do an ironman but I'm rubbish at swimming. Maybe I'll have to do some with sharks in Australia. That'll soon get my speed up!

You've improved so much so quickly. I was amazed how quicly I improved with my running after the first two or three sessions.

(I sound like an ex smoker talking about the perils of smoking now. Sorry!)

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