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LL meeting cancelled

I was toying with the idea of not going anyway and may go to the pop in on Saturday. I already have 30 or so packs so.

I asked if I could just use those and not pay for this week but the helper said no, so I'll talk to my LLC at sone point (she told me at the christmas weigh in that I could).

If it turns out I can't, I will no doubt leave RTM early (not that I'm in it yet) because I cannot abide waste and certainly won't be throwing them away. Not their fault I haven't used them but then it is their fault that we've had several sessions wasted over the last 21 weeks (but I still have to pay full price for them).

I wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't feel they get anything from the counselling sessions anymore?.
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I haven't yet if I'm honest!
So far I think I've had 2 sessions where I have actually 'gained' something from them; 1 was going though the Johari Window sates (hidden, open, secret etc) and the other was going through the parent/child/adult mental states.

Other than that, each session has just been an informal chat about the week, so no great "leaps" in mental attitude coming from there; hence the reason I've done so much of it myself!!

It is a little dissapointing, each week I hope to go in and hope he is going to tell us about some more TA/CBT stuff, but since week 4 this hasn't happened.......
hey andy
i'm sure thats wrong, on ll you are suppose to pay for the packs not the sessions so if you dont need to buy any packs one week you should still be able to attend the sessions. i would have thought that your llc would be understanding especially as you havent always been well. i know what you mean about the sessions, i never did developers just went into rtm a fews weeks before i switched i have found these sessions much better
I dont go personally i have too much on but

Serenity are you saying they are making you buy packs to attend, that is daft and i would complain, i have 3 weeks worth and im not forced!
Yeah, they said that I have to pay regardless but my LLC did indicate I could squeeze a week in where I didn't take packs. So I'll talk to her privately (may be that her helper just didn't seem able to say).

I may end up misisng more sessions - especially now there are abotu 8 new guys

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