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LL - the best option?


Gotta Make A Change
In ll you are paying more for the counselling side of things


I will do this!
for me the counseling has been crucial. I did CD 3 years ago, lost 3 stone, stopped and put it all on and more. This time with LL I have seen it through, lost 6 stone and feel so different, for the first time I feel I understand why I eat, when I ate and how to put strategies in place to prevent it. I did have a not so great LLC at first, so I swapped and love my new counselor. This is a change for life, and if you can learn new techniques, new habits, you can maintain a healthy weight.

Good luck whatever you decide, but this is far more of a mental issue than a physical one!
I agree with Gemma and LS. It's the psychology with LL that makes the difference.
All the factors need to be right.
Good counsellor. you have to really want to change your life. Your head has to be in the right place to start.
Doing LL has changed my life.
Good luck whatever you decide.
I think that you have to find something that works for you. Last year I did lipotrim, started at 21 stone and got down to about 16 and then put four of them back on again. Reason being that I didn't sort out my relationship with food. You could do another vlcd and pay for a counsellor seperately, but, it is pretty amazing having a group of people that you meet with week in and week out that are the same faces and pretty much on the same point of the journey that you are. At the beginning I felt terrible about group meetings, but by week two had totally changed my mind.
the counselling is definately worth it, plus ive lost 20lbs in 3 weeks :D

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