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Hi there,

Congrats on the birth of Ollie :)

As I understand it, if you follow the programme strictly then you can lose as much as a fully abstinent Lighter Lifer. The issue lies with the one meal a day. Some LLLers bend the rules quite and may eat a little more than they should do and do not stay in ketosis as much as they could do. This will mean that you do not burn the fat for energy as much as they could have done.

Generally speaking, its down to your BMI and how much you want to lose. LLL is generally available to people with a BMI of 25 to 29 who need to lose a couple of stone to reach a healthy weight range and LL is for those with a BMI of 30+ who need to lose over 3 stone.

Its probably best to check with your councillor to see what your options are.

I have only been on LLL for a few days - started on Sunday and went to first proper class on Wednesday and I lost 4lbs. That is quite likely down to it being my first few days and the loss of water etc, but its still very positive I hope! I've also been in ketosis from yesterday so it seems to be working!

Good luck with whatever you decide :)