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Ll Welcome Thread Sign In Thread 2008


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Is successful on the cambridge and Liptorim Boards, so lets have a NEW WELCOME LL THREAD FOR 2008.

I thought it may be a good idea to start a new one, stats included so that any newbies can always find someone who has "been there, done that"

I am Sun and successfully and quickly lost 3 stone last year it took me 8 weeks, I have completed management and am now going on holiday in 4 weeks time and I would like to lose another 10lbs so I dont have to worry about it on my jollies.

Good Luck everyone and any questions tips, please dont be shy, we want to hear from you.

Sun xxx
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Great idea Sun - thanks for starting this!

I am Leesy, and I have successfully lost 9 and half stones since May 2007 on Lighter Life. Have now started Route to Management this week, and am hoping to lose a further 6 pounds as a buffer for the real world!

Questions always welcome, and happy to help anyone I can achieve their goals!



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wow, you girls are truly inspirational, you should be so proud of yourselves and will indeed inspire any new members.

sun xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello! I started LL in August and so far I have lost 5 stones. I reckon I have another 2 or so to lose, but I am finding that my loss is slowing down a bit now, so it may take a while!

I am a dyslexia teacher with three children. I have always had a weight problem, but this is the easiest diet I have ever done. I've had no problem just sticking with it, and I'm absolutely delighted with the results!
Hi - I did LL last year and lost over 5 stone unfortunately I stopped in the late summer and have put some of that back on. However that was the past and now I'm fully focussed and aiming for goal :)



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There are many of you with lots of tips and inspirational stories, lets give all our knowledge to the new starters of 2008!

Hi, this is me -

I started LL at the end of May. I lost around 3.5 stones during the 100 day Foundation and apart from a couple of minor lapses, this was the easiest 'diet' I had ever done. It's was so exciting to lose the weight quickly that this kept me going :)

I started Development in September and then fell out of 'the zone', went on holiday and sort of messed around with the packs for a while... :eek:

However, I always knew there was no giving up this time and eventually managed to claw my way to where the goal is now in site.

Over Christmas I decided to eat, but also started doing some exercise for the first time in ages. I put on a few pounds when I got weighed in the new year and had a hormonal blip, but the extra pounds have now gone.

I have lost nearly 5 stone altogether and gone from size 20 to size 12 - I now need more wardrobe space for my new clothes! :D

On Thursday I'm going to start Route to Management. Wish me luck...!

All the best to anyone starting LL this year - if you hang in there it really is worth it.

Monkey x x


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All these stories... I started LL on 22nd november and am pleased with my 38lb loss since. I've had a birthday and of course the christmas spell and it's worked fine for me... I even managed a 7lb loss in christmas week!! such incentive...I have somewhere in the region of 9/10 stone to go but I finally feel the battle is in my control!!!! Man it feels good!!!:D
Hi I am supermum. I started this diet a year ago tomorrow and lost 4 stone in 13 weeks - I finished in April and since the summer I have put on about 21 pounds - eeeeek. Not one person has noticed or so they say - but I have and it feels horrible having a roll again ! and I refuse to buy bigger clothes !!!!!!!!

As of New Years day I have been back to it the full monty and I lost 12 pounds this week - more than my first week last time !!! I would like to lose another stone so that I give myself a buffer.

Unfortunatley my counseller was not great and I did not feel i got the full LL treatment but I am seeing a lovely lady now who is really helpful and I am reading my book again.

The diet works but you must keep on top of it for me as soon as I stopped going to be weighed I was not as careful as I had been. My tips are -

Absolutley DO NOT CHEAT - not even one morsel of food must pass your lips becasue otherwise it is a waste of money.

Drink more than 4 litres of water - about five and I am sure it made a difference.

Measure yourself and get yourself a book where you can stick your befroe and after pictures - i took my own as well as progress photos. Also keep a diary - you will forget how you felt fat and it is a great journey so you will want to look back on it.

Good luck


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fantastic stories ladies, thankyou so much and all of you deserve all that you wish for.

sun xxxxxxxxxx
Hi all, I am Tootsie..... (hi Sun & Net Net - must catch up soon!!!!)

Well my story...

I began LL on the 4th January 2007 and lost almost 4 stone, going from a size 18 to a size 10. I reached my goal in 9 weeks and followed management religiously. I maintained my weight until November when socialising and Xmas kind of made me loose track a bit. I have gianed 12 lbs in this time ( I thought it was only 8/10 but then I guess that is me weighing myself first thing with no clothes on LOL)

I have joined a new managemnt group as I have moved and met up with them last night. I did have some packs left over so began abstinence on Monday and am now fully in Ketosis, I am freezing!!
I am going to remain in abstinence until I get back to my goal weight, I started management with 7lbs to go last time but am going to go all the way this time.

This forum really helped so it's great to be back.

Good luck to all of you, it really is the best thing I have ever done..xxxxx


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Hi tootsie

Great to have you back, if it wasnt for you last year I would not have joined LL.

So a huge thankyou!

Speak and see you soon

sun xxxxxxxx
Hi everyone

I'm Laura. I started the programme on 17th April 2007 and lost just over 7 stone before started RTM in October. I managed to maintain my weight with a few yoyo's until December where I gave myself a little too much free reign!! I have just completed a week of abstinence and was overjoyed to lose 13lbs in a week!!

I went into RTM earlier than originally planned for various reasons but always intended to lose some more weight in the New Year once I had learned to hold my weight (most important part of the programme for me) so here I am about to start a Managment module called Balance (brand new) which is a combination of foodpacks and conventional food designed to help you lose approx 2lbs a week. I am hoping to lose somewhere between 8 - 15lb more.

I trained in November to be a LL Locum and now take classes on a weekly basis for my counsellor - I thoroughly enjoy the work (even though it is my second job) and can't describe to you how much more confidence I have since following the programme. The old Laura would have died before she stood up and took a class - what a difference a few months and a few stone makes.

To all who read this - go for it with all you have. You have nothing to lose but weight and insecurities!

Much love
I am brand new to the forum and brand new to LL today!
I am aiming to lose 3 stone and day no 1 is tough.
I have to cook dinner for my son and my husband and do all the food shopping. I am struggling.
My head is pounding and I am feeling a little bit grotty
Is this usual so early!
Its day 1
Would love to hear from people who have had success on the diet - to inspire me and so I can hear some success stories.
Love M


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Laura you're such an inspiration hun,

congratulations on your massive weight loss this week

sun x


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welcome mrs-p,

many congratulations for starting LL, whenever you need a rant, rejoice on a weightloss we are all here for you, dnt forget we,ve all started from the beginning.

Good Luck Hun x

welcome mrs-p,

many congratulations for starting LL, whenever you need a rant, rejoice on a weightloss we are all here for you, dnt forget we,ve all started from the beginning.

Good Luck Hun x

Sun, thanks so much
You have made me feel v welcome and I am so glad I joined!
I will be ranting and rejoicing soon I hope!

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