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lol Question Bout Poos


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lol. It's probably because you're having a lot more fruit and veg than before, there's more 'waste' after you've eaten it, plus if you're drinking lots of water, it will be diluted and look like more.
When i was doing SW with my dad years ago he always used to say that losing weight was simple maths - more had to come out than goes in! He always went out of his way to eat foods that were more likely to make him poop!

I have no idea of how the body actually processes fat that it's burning from the body's own reserves, but that may well add to the 'waste'.
your poo is about 80% water and then the rest is made up of waste, dead bacteria etc. It could be all the water that diets encourage us to drink having a bulking effect.
I actually have the opposite problem (while we're on the lovely subject of poo!) :)

I hardly ever go to the loo (as it were). I have an underactive thyroid, so I take thyroxine - which can make you constipated. So I'm just not getting rid of enough waste. You wouldn't believe the amount of water and fruit I eat every day. I have several glasses of various fruit juices every day too. Still nothing. Most people would be rushing to the loo every two minutes with that lot! :)

I've started having prunes and drinking prune juice each day (which is horrible stuff!). As they are the age old remedy for 'making you regular' so I'll see if they help. I think that's another reason why I'm not loosing weight very quickly - cause I'm storing up all my blooming waste!!!!! :(

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