LOL, sorted that little madam out !!


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HA HA she thought she had won ....
daughter hid scales, so I couldnt weigh myself everyday...
mmmm, just dusted off the old WII fit board:D:D
had a go on it , totally knackered now -dont think its working right -
cos it says I have a body of a 55 yr old ...
er excuse me mr WII Im only 42, Its defo broken
Trouble is though I wont be getting that out everyday to weigh myself-
the family will think I'm really ill and get the doctor.

Oh god the other half is on the Wii- he dont half look funny :8855::8855:
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nearly wet myself laughing at my OH on the wii board, had a few guinness in him and was tryin to do the table tilt. hilarious!


soon to be skinny minnie
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Ha my oh is so funny on the wii fit too. When he is doing the running one, he tries to run on the spot but just can't, i don't know how many times he has tripped over the balance board