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lolabee's food diary...... eep!

S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
going to start tracking food tomorrow :) actually a bit excited to get feedback on what I'm eating as I've a tendency to nibble through the day so maybe this will keep me good! :D
I shall be grocery shopping tomorrow so if anyone has any ideas for what to get let me know (I'm strict vegetarian so shall be keeping it green)
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S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
Up at 3am today..... My house isn't what you would call soundproofed and i live beside a pub so this is a regular thing :( had breakfast at 5, so worried I'm going to be starving during the day now I think this could be one of my downfalls..... lack of sleep! Here is the plan for today anyway.....

Breakfast- french toast with cinnamon, topped with a fat free activia, blueberries and strawberries, coffee (1/2 Heb)
Snack- two clementines, 1 alpen bar (1/2 Heb)
Lunch- sandwich with two slices bread (Heb) low fat cheese (Hea) quorn ham lettuce extra low fat mayo (1 Syn?) and a tomato, a tesco premade melon salad
Snack- an apple and a corn on the cob (strange combo but i love corn! :))
Dinner- 2 quorn burgers (1 Syn) with 1 small potato made into chips, mushrooms and beans
Snack- curly wurly (6 Syns)

Drinks- Tea with milk through the day (Hea) and water with sugar free robinsons

wish me luck :)
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
hey smileyjo :) thanks for the encouragment :D good luck to you too, I've been doing sw for two weeks now but only plucked up the courage to start posting here last night! Been stalking the forum posts like mad, there's some amazing ideas esp for desserts as i just can't do without them! :D options hot choc + a bit of light whipped cream= one happy lolabee! :D
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
woke up AGAIN at 3am! I have another few days of this to get through with Paddy's day today then the weekend, have started going to bed at about 7! Was going to go to a house party today but decided against it, heading out next weekend though as it's been waaaaaay too long, it'll be interesting to see how i deal with that while trying to stick to the plan, live next door to a pub and across the road from the best pizza shop possibly in the world! I think I might make a slow cooker to have when I get home, it's more realistic than thinking i'll be a complete angel and have a salad after my night out!
I made a few changes to what i had yesterday, for dinner i had smash, spinach. green beans, quorn burgers and a frozen mexican stir fry which is better than what i had planned, the superfree foods were piled high! for lunch i had a slice of melon as opposed to a prepacked salad, not much change and for my evening snack? Well i was walking through a supermarket and i spied some glenisk low fat rhubarb greek yogurts! they're 140 calories each so seven syns at most and WOW they are amazing! Had one with 3 strawberries instead of the curly wurly, so much better and so much healthier too :D

So far I've had breakfast, french toast again, with melon and strawberries, I shall do up my meal plan in a minute but first......
I have decided to count steps! I used to train hard and I mean HARD body building 4 times a weeks and an hour of running every morning, I did this from october till about three weeks ago when my knee went byebye so i'm still recovering :( I've always been a big fan of exercise regardless of whether it's for weight loss or not, it's very important to me so I shall be walking 70000 steps a week now which is supposed to be the number for good health :D by the way I wouldn't recommend anyone try doing what I was doing to start exercising, I've been a runner for years and still got a bad knee from it so be careful!

my plan for today:
Breakfast- french toast (1/2 heb) with cherry fat free activia strawberries melon and green tea (trying to change my morning coffee to green tea)
snack- 2 clementines (they're about to go off so have to eat them!) alpen bar (1/2 heb)
lunch- mexican stirfry with egg noodles and quorn chicken pieces
snack- homemade skinny latte (1hea) 2 apples
dinner- mushrooms, beans, 2 quorn sausages and 2 slices of toast, melon for desert.
snack- curly wurly :D (6 syns) and an chocolate brownie flavoured options (3 Syns)

drinks- sugar free robinsons and milk in tea (hea)

step counter!

those are yesterdays steps by the way incase you were thinking i had lost it and gotten that many in at 5am!
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
bright and early again :D
sipping on my coffee from breakfast still. Yeah i had coffee instead of green tea, I woke up in a horrible mood for some reason but am better now and if you take a look at my food plan for today you'll see why breakfast got me delighted!

Breakfast: french toast with activia, sugar free jam and strawberries..... one slight change to it though, i put a drop of vanilla essence into the egg mixture- AMAZING! was like eating cake toast for breakfast :D ,coffee (1/2 heb, .5 syns)

snack- melon (the last of the melon :( will have to go buy more today, i'm addicted!) alpen bar (1/2 heb)

lunch- beans on sweet potato with stirfry babycorn, spinach and green beans

snack-two apples

dinner- quorn chicken tikka ready meal :D no idea of the syn count on this but it's 260 calories so it's no more than 13 which i doubt it even is as it's mainly quorn and rice, mini corn on the cob, green beans and a pepper

snack- allbran (heb) and milk (hea)

Drinks- sugar free robinsons in water and tea/coffee with milk

steps so far:21475/70000
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
oooo that sounds amazing! I love fromage frais but nowhere around here sells it only petit filous :( you've given me a great idea though, sometimes i make my french toast mix with yogurt so i might try putting some options in the yogurt then into the egg mix, CHOCOLATE TOAST! :D I'm obsessed with french toast incase you can't tell!
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
yesterday i had the BIGGEST binge urge evver! :( it was friday and i'm used to having a bit of a splurge on fridays but time for me to feel smug as I just went to bed instead :D I had a few extras during the day (bit more melon, some strwberries, an activia) doubt that'll slow down the weight loss as they were all free and superfree so yahoo!

I tried the options french toast thing today, a bit diappointed :( the options wasn't nearly chocolatey enough, next time i think i'll try cocoa powder instead, it was still lovely though. had a big breakfast to keep me from feeling the binge urge, yum!

and now, the plan! :D

breakfast: 2 slices chocolatey french toast (1 heb, 3 syns) with melon strawberries and fat free activia and coffee (will start into the green tea again tomorrow i promise!)
snack: 2 apples
lunch: sausage sandwich :D with lettuce tomato and extra light cheese (1heb 1hea) green beans and pepper on the side if i'm hungry, which, no doubt i will be!
snack: 2 slices melon (ADDICTED)
Dinner: 2 quorn burgers (1 syn) smash, stirfry veggies and spinach and babycorn
snack: curly wurly (6 syns)

drinks: sugarfree squash, milk with tea/coffee (hea)

steps so far: 32627/70000
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
okay so yesterday was a bit unsteady but still kePt near enough to plan! dinner was quorn burgers smash the beggies and a mini corn on the cob then pineapple for after. I was huuuuungry so i guess it's good to eat pineapple and not something awful! I stayed up a bit later than usual as well and ended up having somestrawberries another activia and an options but i don't feel bad it's still within syns etc!
On the plus, has anyone else noticed their mood going sky high since starting sw? i don't know what it is but i've been walking on sunshine lately which is exactly what i need as i've had a tough few months, my ex died around halloween which brought on binge after binge, I was at goal before that but the weight piled on though thanks to all that cake and alcohol. I'm glad to be taking a step forward again :)

today's plan!:

breakfast- french toast!!!!! 2 slices bread (heb) with egg milk cinnamon andvanilla mix topped with pineapple and strawberries oh and i had coffee haha
snack- alpen bar (1/2 heb) and an apple
lunch- toast (1/2 heb) with light spread (1 syn) beans, a quorn sausage (or two!) mini corn on the cob, mushrooms and grilled tomato
snack- pineapple and homemade skinny latte (hea)
dinner-quorn tikka meal (13 syns MAXIMUM) stirfry veg spinach and green beans
snack- strawberries topped with activia

drinks- sugar free robinsons and milk with tea/coffee (1hea)

i feel like maybe i'm eating too much? please input to this as it seems a lot of food but i'm always hungry for it and it is mainly superfree!

steps so far-43652/70000 :D
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
okay yesterday was NOT according to plan :( I had loads of extra food, some smash with dinner, an extra activia and even though i was stuffed before bed i was in a horrible mood so had a massive fruit salad with activia. I guess it's better than stuffing my face with bad stuff but still i can't help feel a bit bleugh over it, I was supposed to meet my parents for coffee but was sitting there waiting for TWO HOURS before I got a text to say they couldn't make it. My steps weren't up to standard either :( i'm going to try and go for a walk or if not I'll have a private disco in the house, pretty embarrassing if i ever was caught but the best way to exercise in my opinion! ;)

Woke up today at 2am! Thank god it's monday and all the drunks will be gone for another week! I'm a bit worried over this week, it's my birthday and we're going for a big indian meal during the week and going out drinking on saturday..... I think i'll flexi syn the meal but go for low syn options even though my mother is constantly trying to keep feeding me and only have a few vodka and diet cokes though i know everyone will be trying to get me really drunk. I'll just have to keep on declining, I hate doing that though I don't know why I feel so guilty it's hard to keep coming up with excuses :(

Okay so the meal plan so far today.....

breakfast- french toast, 2 slices bread(1heb) eggs, milk, vanilla, vanilla ff activia, sf jam (.5 syns), raspberries
snack-apple, alpen bar (3 syns)
lunch- two slices bread (heb) quorn sausages, lettuce, tomato, lf cheese (hea), pineapple
snack-pineapple, apple
dinner- quorn sausages, beans, mushrooms, 1/2 a pepper, sw chips
snack- kitkat (6 syns)

drinks- sf robinsons, milk with tea/coffee (hea)
forgot to mention i'm just going to try to replace one cup of coffee with green tea a day, i really can't stomach green tea for breakfast

it's 7am and i've already had my first snack....... not sleeping is my downfall :(

steps: 49501/70000 (actually better than what i thought thanks to those extra steps during the week i'm less than 500 where i should be :D)

by the way i thought i should mention, one of my friends is a chef and used to make the most AMAZING mashed potatoes ever with tumeric and graham masala, I find if you add a bit of each to smash it won't taste so bland (it's actually really nice!)
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
hmmmm yesterday was a good and bad day, I'll explain it.....
I was so tired, around midday i just started eating to stay awake, i had el mayo with my sandwich instead of cheese (1syn) then used my hea for milk with a bowl of all bran covered in an activia and apple (3syns) i also had a curly wurly (6 syns) and an options (3syns) and by this stage i was just on the brink of a binge but...... i snapped out of it! I said to myself, binge now feel horrible later or go out, feel a bit tired now and feel saintly later! So i got dressed and went walking around until my binge urge went :D i also got my steps up, OVER what i had aimed for so although i had nearly all my syn allowance yesterday i didn't binge, a little bloated now though as i wasn't hungry eating but at least it was good food, i had tea with melon for after when i got back and some pineapple with activia before bed. I know it's probably too much food but it could have been WAY worse! I booked a hair appointment for tomorrow as well so now i have something to look forward to :D my hair grows like steam, over an inch a month believe it or not and i've really dark hair but like it blonde so i actually have very on trend blonde ends at the moment as my last colour was the start of december! I don't know why i'm telling you this but anyway.....

food plan!
breakfast- french toast again with jam (1heb, .5syn) and raspberries oh and a teaspoon of option sprinkled over (1syn)
snack- melon and an apple
lunch- stirfry with mexican veg, quorn pieces and egg noodles, green beans and pepper on the side
snack- apple and melon
dinner- 2 slices of toast (heb) with el butter (1syn) quorn sausages, beans, mushrooms and probably green beans and spinach (tomorrow is oaday so really whatever veg i have left!)
snack before bed - options (3 syns) with milk (hea)

drinks- sf robinsons and milk with tea/coffee(hea)

I'm going easy on the syns today as i have a big meal out tomorrow with birthday cake after :D going to look up the best options for an indian meal but i am having a starter and main and of course, i'm definitely having a slice of cake!

steps so far-60832/70000 :D today is the last day of it then have to start all over tomorrow! also DREADING weigh in tomorrow morning hopefully it will go well, a nice birthday present for me :D
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
happy birthday to meeeee :D
what a great start to the day as well, stepped on the scales to find out i'm a little under 142lbs! I know that looks like just over a pound lost but last week i weighed in at 147, I didn't change my details because it was totm and well i liked saying i was 143 instead of 147 haha plus the 142 was before i 'went' let's just say so i'm proper chuffed :D
I have dinner today in an indian restaurant to celebrate i'm going to go for vegetable samosa to start or salad if it's an option then vegetable curry with boiled rice and CAKE for dessert OOOOOOO I LOVE THE CAKE!

my ipod decided to die yesterday during my walk but it was at 8600 so i'm going to be nice to myself and say i got my 70000 steps in :D

the only bad thing so far is i haven't had french toast for breakfast, I ran out of eggs but i'll be up getting groceries when tescos opens so I can continue the habit tomorrow!

meal plan
breakfast- weetabix (heb) with milk (hea) beans on a slice of toast (1/2heb) I suck at coming up with non egg related breakfasts just so you know!
snack- melon apple banana
lunch- green beans andstirfry with egg noodles quorn pieces and roasted pepper
snack1- melon and apple
snack before indian- strawberries melon, activia and and alpen (1/ heb)
dinner- MEAL OUT :D

drinks- sugar free robinsons and milk with tea/coffee (hea)

I really hope I can stick it out for the meal, I found out yesterday they make pina colada cocktails in the place so that shall be dangerous!
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
updating at nighttime instead of the morning! so the meal went well-ish i had my starter and main and then of course cake for dessert (we just ordered desserts as we couldn't bring the cake in) but i also had a baileys coffee and shot of sambuca, oh and an after dinner mint (they were all complimentary would be rude not to ;) ) the reason i don't feel upset about it is because my brothers got me a caterpillar cake from tescos, you know the amazing ones that are just a chocolate caterpillar waiting to be transformed into a binge as opposed to a butterfly? Well i got home, kinda tipsy (lightweight!), sat down and had a mental debate whether to go for it or not and i can proudly say it's still in it's box! :D Saturday my friends will be around so I can share it then, I know if I'm by myself I'll eat it all! ;)

I've also decided to save up my unused syns over the next 6 days so I can be a bit more sociable on saturday, and a bit less hungover on sunday. I think it's a more reasonable option than trying to be perfect!

so here's what i had today:

Breakfast- french toast (heb) with an activia and strawberries
snack-melon and an alpen bar(1/2 heb)
lunch- green beans, mexican stirfry,roasted pepper, corn on the cob and quorn
snack- strawberries with activia
dinner- pasta with spinach, pepper, chopped tomatoes and low fat cheese (hea), side salad and melon
snack- skinny cow icecream (4.5 syns) options (2 syns) low fat greek yogurt (2syns?)

drinks- sf robinsons and milk wit tea/coffee (hea)


syns- 8.5/90
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
hey :(
I don't know why but i feel so fat or something today..... i ate and ate or so it seems and i know it's superfree for the most but i dunno i just feel flabby or something. It's horrible!
I both can't wait and fear tomorrow :S I have a really pretty dress for it and all but i'm so so scared of over doing it. I usually drink pina coladas, not all the time obviously but for special occasions they're my favourite so maybe sf pineapple squash and malibu as an alternative? 20 syns in a nagin of it so i could pre drink half a nagin then have two when i'm out? i'm putting my pedometer in my handbag as well, if i'm going to count the syns, i'll count the steps as well! ;)

so here's what i ate today:
breakfast: french toast (heb) with stawberries, sf jam (.5syn) and lf greek yogurt (2 syns)
snack: alpen bar (1/2 heb) strawberries with activia
lunch- stirfry veg with quorn, melon with activia, minicob
snack-melon, alpen bar (1/2 heb), apple
dinner- green beans, quorn burgers (1 syn) smash, mushrooms, 2 mini cobs, pineapple with activia
snack- skinny cow ice cream (4.5 syns) cp of warm milk (hea)
drinks- sf robinsons, milk with tea coffee (hea)

is this too much????? it feels like an awful lot and i'm worried :(

syns: 16.5/90

just to let you know (because i hae SO many people reading this!) I may not have time to update tomorrow or sunday but don't worry I'll definitely be on on monday!
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
and i'm back......
so about this weekend, saturday, i was an angel, managed to stick with what syns i set for alcohol, unfortunatly no one else did..... ended up having my house wrecked and just feeling fed up-literally. I was just so upset over the whole thing and there was the birthday cake which only hand bits taken out of it to be thrown around the place so i ate. I also found all the party food no one would eat and ate as well. It was just so horrible I was spending my birthday trying to calm everyone down I didn't even want people in my house but it all backfired. I'm still so upset about the way people acted. I don't even have a window in my room anymore that's how bad it was. today was hard to get back on track but i did it so I'm pleased with that but still have that horrible urge to reach for the cupboard :(

here's what i had today
breakfast- french toast (1heb) topped with ff fromage frais and strawberries
lunch- sandwich (1heb) with quorn sauages, low fat cheese (hea), spinach and roasted pepper, green beans and small bit of mexican stirfry on the side and a cup of highlights (2syns)
snack- apple and lf greek yogurt (2 syns)
dinner- sw chips with el mayo (.5 syn), quorn sausages green beans mushrooms and corn on the cob, melon with ff fromage frais and sf jam for after(.5 syn)
snack- melon with ff activia

drinks- sf robinsons and milk wwith tea/coffee (hea)
i also might have another cup of highlights in bed as i just feel blah, i'm going to shower now and get into comfy pjs, my steps were over 10000 today and saturday and saturday was syn free minus the alcohol it was only really yesterday, i just lay in bed eating :(


S: 13st11lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 2st2lb(15.54%)
Aw you poor thing. Hope your home gets back to normal soon. Well done for staying with the plan thorugh it all.
S: 13st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 3st4lb(24.34%)
thanks for the support knitter :) had a rough week last week but i'm back in top form again :D

skipped weigh in on wednesday because i had a massive slip up on tuesday but i won't dwell on it, onwards and upwards!

i can't remember what i had yesterday but i know it was on plan. accidently put my ipod into the washing machine so can't count my steps anymore- doh!
Today i went back to the gym for the first time since i had my rundown episode and loved it :D i'm going to go again on monday then might try for three times a week for an hour, i don't want to end up like last time!

here's what i had to eat:

breakfast-french toast (2 slices nimble heb, two eggs, strawberries and yogurt) and half a melon
snack- nectarine and a fibre plus bar (heb)
lunch- mexican stirfry veg(1 syn? came in a tiny bit of sauce) quorn and half a melon
snack- strawberries and lowfat greek yogurt (2 syns)
before gym- ff yogurt, ff laughing cow (hea)
dinner- green beans, mini cob, cous cous, pepper and quorn garlic fillet (3.5 syns)

drinks- milk with tea/coffee (hea) water, sf robinsons and cough syrup from the health food store (no nutritional info so giving it 1 syn if even)

total syns- 7.5

might have some pineapple or an otions before bed if i'm hungry but i doubt it as had a late dinner :)

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